Order important disposable products for the kitchen, bakery and food preparation from Franz Mensch. Discover straining cloths, piping bags, day labels and baking capsules here. All products have been specially developed for working under high pressure. So you can work quickly and precisely at all times.

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Pastry tubes Cool | LDPE
Pastry bags Cool, 3-ply, made of LDPE by Hygostar The disposable pastry bag for all cold fillings: The pastry bag Cool is made of a 3-layer, very tear-resistant LDPE special film and is one of the best-selling pastry bags at Franz Mensch. The sealing of the material is particularly stable, making the pastry bag very suitable for heavy masses and fillings. Thanks to the non-slip exterior, you have the pastry bag firmly and securely in your hand at all times. In this way, you work more precisely and simply faster, because every handle fits. Fine decorating or lettering is also easier and faster with an easy-grip pastry bag. Your big advantage: The pastry bag Cool is a disposable pastry bag that does not need to be washed. So time-consuming cleaning or residues from previous applications are not an issue. Don't compromise on hygiene and work with a new hygienic pastry bag every day. Hygiene guidelines according to HACCP also recommend disposable pastry bags to avoid contamination. The pastry bag Cool from Hygostar can be used with or without a spout. When used without a spout, you are completely free to choose the size of the opening at the top of the bag. You simply cut your desired opening individually. Features of the pastry bag Cool, 3-ply at a glance: made of tear-resistant LDPE special film, 3-ply very hygienic, since it is a disposable pastry bag suitable for cold, whipped fillings also for heavy masses, because of stable sealing non-slip outside for exact working easy filling thanks to smooth inside can be used with or without spout on roll, perforated for easy tearing off, 100 pieces per roll suitable for freezing down to -30 °C, for 48 hours packed in dispenser box ideal for decorating and preparing cakes, macarons, cupcakes, cream puffs, piped pastries, desserts, churros, eclairs and much more Work easier with the right accessories for pastry bags: art.-no. 6582: nozzle set, star tip made of stainless steel art.-no. 6581: nozzle set, round tip made of stainless steel art.-no. 88991: pastry tube holder made of stainless steel art.-no. 88990: pastry tube holder Profi made of stainless steel art.-no. 8885: pastry tube holder made of plastic art.-no. 88957: dispenser for pastry tubes made of rPET Which pastry bags are best? Professionals rely on disposable pastry bags made from films like LDPE - HACCP also recommends them. Because they are single-use, there is no residue from previous applications or detergent residue in the material. With a disposable pastry bag, you are guaranteed to work hygienically and save time-consuming, environmentally damaging washing. Make sure your pastry bag is made of a tear-resistant material with a good grip. With a grippy exterior, the bag will fit firmly in your hand and you'll guide it even more precisely - important for fine work. For heavy masses or doughs, a robust material with sturdy sealing of the seams is important. The Hygostar pastry bags from Franz Mensch offer you this security and have a high-quality finish. The pastry bags "Cool" have a non-slip exterior and the Hygogrip pastry bags almost achieve the haptics of cotton piping bags. How do you fill pastry bags? Professionals use so-called pastry bag stands. The piping bags are simply hooked into this device and thus held open. You now have your hands free and can fill the mass into the pastry bag. Then press the mass down, if necessary with a scraper, and twist the bag tightly closed at the top. Now you can use scissors to cut out the tip to the desired size and get started. If you are working with a spout, the spout must be inserted into the pastry bag before filling. There are special pastry bag stands (art.-no. 88990) for this that have a recess for the spout at the bottom. This makes it easier to fill the spout is placed correctly right away.
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Lemon serving cloths Lemon Wrap | cotton
Lemon Serving Cloths Lemon Wrap by Hygostar Use Lemon Wrap towel so that your guests can enjoy their food without any annoying pips. The small wrappers are ideal for all dishes that are rounded off with lemon juice. The lemon half is simply wrapped in the lemon wrap and tied with a ribbon. In this way, lemon pips or pulp remain in the cloth and do not fall into the food. Only the lemon juice passes through the fine lattice structure of the lemon wraps. Lemon wraps are extremely hygienic. The cloth prevents the lemon juice from splashing uncontrollably in all directions. In addition, the lemons do not have to be handled with the bare hands. This keeps your guests' hands pleasantly clean. This is how it works: Place lemon halves or lemon wedges in the centre of the cloth. fold all ends of the cloth upwards so that the whole lemon is covered. then simply tie it with the ribbon provided. Tip: It is especially decorative if you tie a bow.. The Lemon Wraps are made of food-safe cotton gauze. This loose, air-permeable fabric is also known as mull. Thanks to its specific, lattice-like structure, gauze is ideal for retaining lemon pips like a filter and letting only the lemon juice through. With the colourful lemon wraps, lemon halves look particularly decorative and give your dishes a stylish eye-catcher. By the way, it also works with limes. Properties of the Lemon Wrap at a glance: for wrapping and tying up lemon halves or lemon wedges prevents lemon pips from falling into the food the citrus juice is distributed on the food without splashing very hygienic, as your guests' hands stay clean food-safe not edible ideal for restaurants, upscale kitchens and hotels for serving tea or oysters, for example different colours available bulk pack for professional kitchens with 10 x 100 pieces Tip for those who want to save time: The Lemon Wrap is also available with an elastic band instead of a tie. Simply place the lemon half in the cloth and save tying: art.-no. 319600: Lemon Wrap "Lemon Stretch Wrap"
Pastry tubes Hot | LDPE
Pastry tubes Hot made of LDPE from Hygostar Disposable Pastry tubes for hot fillings: The piping bag HOT is ideal for hot or viscous fillings up to a temperature of 90 °C. It is made of 3-layer special foil and is very easy to handle. It is made of a 3-layer special film and fits very well in the hand. Its non-slip outer surface ensures precise and time-saving work. Another advantage: The HOT is a disposable piping bag. It does not need to be washed, is free of residues from previous applications and is hygienically fresh at all times. Advantages of the disposable pastry tubes at a glance: high-quality foil, 3-ply temperature-resistant and ideal for hot fillings up to 90 °C very stable and also suitable for heavy or viscous masses non-slip on the outside for quick and precise work easy to fill thanks to smooth inside on roll, with perforation for individual tearing off can be used with or without nozzle
Straining cloths Filterstar | special nonwoven fabric
Filterstar straining cloths made of special fleece from Hygostar The Filterstar straining cloth is characterised by its outstanding filtering properties. It consists of a special, very fine-meshed fleece that thoroughly filters out turbidity and suspended matter from your food - for particularly clear results and 100% pure taste. The worldwide unique straining cloth has been on the market for over 25 years and is used every day in Europe's professional kitchens and food production. The Filterstar straining cloths have two decisive advantages: best filtering performance: thanks to the extra-small meshes of the finely-structured fleece material, the Filterstar straining cloth filters much finer than a sieve or other comparable cloths. Thanks to its filtering properties, it is one of the best straining cloths on the market. The better the sieving capacity, the clearer soups and sauces will be. no contamination: The Filterstar straining cloth is for single use and therefore the hygienic alternative to cotton or linen straining cloths. It does not need to be washed. Consequently, there is no residue of detergents or other food from past uses in the cloth. Each straining cloth is hygienically fresh so that the full flavour of your dishes is brought out. The disposable straining cloths are versatile in food preparation and food production. They are especially often used as cheesecloths to separate the whey. But they are also ideal as straining cloths for clarifying sauces and soups, for straining juice, broth, liqueur, syrup, jelly, applesauce, almond milk or as hygienic dumpling cloths. The Filterstar straining cloths are tear-resistant and temperature-resistant, so they can also be used for hot, freshly cooked food. The straining cloths come loose on top of each other in a pack of 25. A single cloth is very large at 75 x 75 cm and is perfect for preparing large quantities in the professional kitchen. For smaller quantities and vessels, simply cut the straining cloth according to your needs. Features of the Filterstar straining cloths made of special fleece at a glance: extra fine-meshed special fleece for best filtering properties particularly hygienic, as disposable in accordance with the HACCP guideline no detergent residues as with cloth towels No change in taste of the food Hygienic alternative to cotton or linen recommended by top chefs tear-resistant and very temperature-resistant excellent for removing turbidity and suspended matter from liquids physiologically and toxically safe loose, laid on top of each other, bag of 25 can be cut to size as required   Buy your straining cloths and sieving cloths conveniently here in the shop. art.-no. 31905:Straining cloths on roll art.-no. 31901: Straining cloths in a small pack of 10 art.-no. 31909: Straining cloths Light made of PP as a cheaper alternative What is a straining cloth? With the help of a straining cloth, liquids such as sauces, soups or juices are freed from turbidity and suspended matter. The liquids are pressed or sieved through the cloth. Larger, coarse particles get caught in the fine meshes of the filter cloth. The result is a clarified liquid without pieces. Straining cloths are often used in cheese production to separate the cheese from the whey. But professional chefs also use straining cloths for making clear soups, broths, sauces, jelly, syrup, liqueur, vinegar and nut milk, for straining juices or as dumpling cloths. Straining cloth: Which material is the best? Especially when it comes to food and food preparation, disposable materials such as fleece or PP are ideal. Unlike straining cloths made of cotton or linen, disposable straining cloths do not need to be washed. This means that neither detergent residues nor residues from previous uses are in the cloth and can contaminate your food. Especially with delicate foods like cheese, it is enormously important to pay attention to hygiene and residue-free work utensils. With disposable straining cloths, you are guaranteed to always have a hygienically perfect cloth to hand. Another advantage: the fine-meshed fleeces sieve particularly well. So with only one straining you have a clear result with 100 % pure taste. The raw materials used for the Filterstar straining cloth are strictly controlled. Therefore, the cloths are physiologically and toxically safe, food-safe and approved for all types of food.
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Pastry tubes, blocked | LDPE
Pastry tubes blocked made of LDPE from Hygonorm Disposable pastry tubes - extremely hygienic: These pastry tubes are very sturdy and suitable for every purpose in the bakery and kitchen - whether garnishing desserts or decorating cakes. The pastry tubes are supplied with a closed tip and can be cut open individually - you decide how fine the opening should be. Another advantage: as a disposable pastry tubes, it does not need to be washed, saves water, is hygienically fresh every day. Advantages of the disposable pastry tubes blocked box at a glance: disposable piping bag made of LDPE, 1-ply, approx. 70 my easy removal, blocked in the bag very hygienic and stable closed tip, can be cut open as required can be used with or without nozzles food-safe filling can be easily seen from the outside, as it is transparent different sizes available
Pastry tubes Hygogrip | PE
Pastry tubes Hygogrip made of PE from Hygostar The Hygogrip pastry tubes are made of a special film with a good grip, the outside of which lies particularly well in the hand. Even with wet or greasy hands or gloves, you can hold these piping bags very well and work both quickly and precisely. The material is a 4-layer PE film for hygienic single use. Buy the professional piping bags with non-slip outer surface and save noticeably more time in your everyday work. Advantages of the disposable pastry tubes Hygogrip at a glance: precise work thanks to non-slip outer surface easy filling thanks to smooth inside can be used with or without nozzle microwaveable up to 100°C suitable for use in the freezer down to -30 °C easy to take out because on a roll different sizes and colours
Pastry tubes | LDPE
Pastry tubes made of LDPE from Hygonorm Universally applicable, stable and favourable: The 1-layer piping bags are suitable for all fillings and are packed particularly practically in a dispenser box made of cardboard. The cardboard box has a removal opening and stores the pastry bags on a roll both neatly and within easy reach. The piping bags can be used with or without a nozzle. Simply cut the bottom end of the bag to the desired size. Advantages of the disposable pastry tubes in the dispenser box at a glance: very hygienic, due to single use stable and elastic LDPE film 1-ply, approx. 70 my on roll with tear-off perforation packed in dispenser box can be used with or without a nozzle
Paper baking tin white
Backing cases "Weiß" by Hygostar Hygostar's baking cases in classic white are made of high quality, grease proof and baking resistant parchment substitute. Due to their food authenticity, they are great for baking muffins, cupcakes as well as for decorative serving of other sweet specialties. The baking capsules are available in different colors, patterns and sizes.
Paper baking tin white | small package
Paper baking tins "White" small package by Hygostar These white paper baking tins by Hygostar are finished in white for a classy, classic look. The paper capsules are made of baking-resistant parchment substitute. The material is also greaseproof and is ideal for baking muffins, cupcakes, or for decoratively serving other sweet specialties. The white paper baking tins are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes.
Straining cloths Light | PP
Straining cloths Light | PP The disposable straining cloth is made of white polypropylene. It is therefore not suitable for extremely hot food. This straining cloth is cheaper than the fleece version and ideal for simple, short use, e.g. for very liquid products. A good grip is guaranteed even with greasy hands. The worldwide unique straining cloth is tear-resistant and can be cut to size as required. This straining cloth is environmentally friendly and economical because it is not washed and therefore there are no washing costs or environmental pollution caused by detergents. In addition, there is no detergent residue in the straining cloth that could cause changes in taste or contamination of the food. The straining cloth is ideal for clarifying soups and sauces. But it is also suitable for making flavoured vinegar, for pressing or for making juice and cheese. Properties of straining cloths Light made of PP at a glance: polypropylene fleece simple quality loosely packed very hygienic 80°C temperature resistance tear-resistant as well as tasteless
Baking cases brown
Backing cases "Braun" by Hygostar Hygostar's plain brown paper backing cases are made of high quality, greaseproof parchment substitute. They are of course food safe and are excellent for baking muffins, cupcakes and for serving other sweet specialties. The back capsules are available in different colors, patterns and sizes.
Pastry tubes Cool Light | LDPE
Pastry bags Cool Light made of LDPE These 3-ply pastry bags supplied on a roll are perfect for professional pastry chefs, bakers and anyone who values cleanliness, precision and a great price. The pastry bags are made of a lightweight LDPE film and are especially hygienic because they are designed for single use. This means you avoid residue from past applications and work hygienically fresh at all times. Thanks to the non-slip outside, you can work with the Cool Light piping bags particularly precisely and decorate cakes, cupcakes and other creations very quickly. The smooth inside ensures easy filling with cold or whipped fillings. Another advantage: the pastry bags are suitable for freezing down to -30 °C. Simply close the pastry bag together with the filling and place it in the freezer. This way, you can conveniently plan and prepare your baking projects in advance. Properties of the disposable pastry bags Cool Light at a glance very hygienic, as they are disposable made of LDPE, 3-ply light quality, favorable price on roll, in bag suitable for freezing up to -30 °C, for 48 hours non-slip outside and smooth inside can be used with or without spout for cold or whipped fillings