Medical practice supplies

Here you will find inexpensive consumables for your medical practice needs: swabs, patient napkins and wooden mouth spatulas. With these products you will always work hygienically, quickly and economically. 

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Mouth spatula in a dispenser | Birch wood
Wooden mouth spatula in dispenser by Naturestar These wooden mouth spatulas are made of environmentally friendly birch wood. The wood has a smooth surface and rounded edges for a pleasant application. The material is very stable and shatterproof. The mouth spatula is fully compostable and comes in a handy dispenser. Features of the wooden mouth spatula in the dispenser: made of sturdy birch wood smooth surface 100% biodegradable food safe shatterproof & rounded edges
Cellulose swabs - on roll
Cell pads - ready to use. Especially practical: The swabs are pre-punched and on a roll. So they can be torn off quickly and easily. 12 layers of cellulose pre-punched, 500 pieces on a roll dimensionally stable and abrasion resistant very absorbent also suitable for cosmetics
Mouth spatula | Birch wood
BIO Mouth spatula by Naturestar The wooden mouth spatulas are made in splinter-free quality. They also have a smooth surface and are rounded at the edges. The Mundspatel are made of sturdy, splinter-free birch wood and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Characteristics of the wooden mouth spatula: made of birchwood rounded ends stable, smooth and shatterproof Environmentally friendly food safe
Dispenser for cellulose swabs | plastic
Hygostar dispenser for swabs on a roll made of plastic This dispenser keeps your swabs handy and protected from dirt. The cellophane box is made of solid acrylic plastic and has four non-slip knobs on the bottom for a particularly firm stand. You can easily remove the swabs via a slot on the front. Thanks to the transparent lid, the filling quantity is visible at all times and refilling is also quickly done via the removable lid. The cello box is ideal for swabs or cello on a roll. Suitable rolls are available here. Advantages of the plastic cello box at a glance: made of high quality acrylic for hygienic storage of swabs can also be used for cell pads in cosmetic areas firm stand thanks to anti-slip studs transparent lid, filling quantity visible at all times protects swabs from dirt and contamination dimensions: 23.5 x 12.5 x 20 cm matching swabs on a roll are available here
Patient napkin
Patientenserviette von HygostarDie Patientenserviette ist aus 2 Lagen Zellstoffvlies und einer Polyethylen-Folie hergestellt. Das Material gewährleistet einen zuverlässigen Schutz für die Kleidung des Patienten. Das Zellstoffvlies mit seiner speziellen Prägung sorgt dafür, dass Flüssigkeiten aufgesaugt werden. Die Polyethylen-Folie verhindert das Durchsickern von Flüssigkeiten auf die Kleidung des Patienten. Durch diese Eigenschaften ist die Patientenserviette besonders für Krankenhäuser und Zahnarztpraxen geeignet.