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Portion bags & freezer bags

Franz Mensch portion bags and freezer bags make it easy to organise foodstuffs. Portion bags support your business in monitoring food portions and reducing waste. Recommendation: Order the matching daily labels at the same time for better identification of the food. 

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Freezer bags
Freezer bags Our odorless and tasteless freezer bags are made of extra strong (approx. 30my) and particularly tear-resistant elastic LDPE film. They have a labeling field as well as a closing clip.   The freezer bags are suitable for temperatures from -70°C to +70°C. The bags are available in the sizes 1L, 3L and 6L.
Portion bag "Friday"
Portion bag "Monday"
Portion bag "Sunday"
Dough bags | LDPE
Dough bags made of LDPE from Hygonorm The transparent dough bags are made of LDPE and are approved for use in food areas. They have a size of 120 l and can be used in many ways on production lines in the food industry or in the bakery trade. Dough bags can be used to hygienically freeze or refrigerate blanks and doughs. The dough bags are transparent so that the contents can be seen. Advantages of the dough bags at a glance: dough bags 120 litres 25 pieces on roll hygienic LDPE, approx. 45 my for cooling and freezing dough pieces food safe transparent so that contents remain visible ideal for bakers and food production
Dispenser for portion bag
Dispenser for portion bags The dispenser is made of acrylic and is particularly suitable for the use of weekday portion bags. As the dispenser is self-standing and the bags hang from the dispenser, hygienic filling is possible without touching the work area. Like the portion bags, the dispenser is certified according to the LME regulation. You can find the matching portion bags in our range.

Portion bags & freezer bags

Freezer bags are transparent foil bags that allow you to freeze food safely. They are made of sturdy plastic and provide a tight seal to prevent air and moisture from entering. This is crucial to preserve the freshness of the food and prevent freezer burn.

Freezer bags are available in different sizes so that you can freeze different large quantities. The most common freezer bag sizes are:

In addition to freezer bags, you can also find portion bags for food distribution and communal catering at Franz Mensch.


Portion bags: How to keep food portions under control

Work consciously with portion pouches to avoid food waste and significantly reduce costs. Because anything that is too much and you have to throw away only costs money. With portion sachets, you can measure out food precisely and pre-produce ready-to-eat portions in a targeted way. They can be labelled and are microwaveable. Each pouch has an imprint with a day of the week for easy control and clarity. Portion bags are ideal for food outlets, especially hospitals and nursing homes, to monitor food portions..

Tip: Order the matching dispenser for portion bags to fill the bags hygienically and more easily.


Other uses for freezer bags

Freezer bags store food very well and are also useful for marinating meat, portioning food for later use and organising the freezer. Their transparency also makes it easy to identify the contents.

Freezer bags are a practical addition to any kitchen and offer an efficient way to keep food fresh for longer. It is important to choose the right size according to the storage needs and type of food to achieve the best possible results.