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Hygiene bags

For the hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene articles: Favourable hygiene bags made of PE or environmentally friendly paper. Hygiene bags from Franz Mensch safely enclose waste and are ideal for hotels or shared toilets. Matching wall holders and dispensers are also available here.

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Hygiene bag | HDPE
Hygienebeutel aus HDPE von Hygostar Hygienebeutel aus HDPE sind besonders günstig und dicht. HDPE ist ein sehr stabiler PE-Kunststoff und ideal für die kleinen Beutel zur hygienischen Entsorgung von Damenhygieneartikeln. Verstauen Sie die Hygienebeutel besonders sauber in einem passenden Wandhalter. Die formschönen Edelstahlspender oder die günstigen Kunststoffspender finden Sie ebenfalls hier bei Franz Mensch. Vorteile der Hygienebeutel aus HDPE-Folie im Überblick aus HDPE, wasserdicht stabil und reißfest 30 Stück in einer Box aus Pappe Maße Beutel: 80 x 240 mm ideal für gemeinschaftlich genutzte Toiletten passender Wandhalter aus Edelstahl (art.-no. 88968) günstige Spender aus Kunststoff für Hygienebeutel (art.-no. 88845)
Hygiene bag | recycled paper
Hygiene bag made of recycled paper from Hygostar Paper hygiene bags are the sustainable solution for hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products. Hygostar hygiene bags are made exclusively from recycled paper. They are produced in a resource-saving and plastic-free way. The paper bags have a blue, multilingual print with instructions for use and are universally recommended for all shared toilets. The paper hygiene bags are threaded with a string and are very easy to hang on the wall as a bundle. The hygiene bags are even cleaner and more stable when stored in the matching wall holder. Advantages of hygiene bags made from recycled paper at a glance made from recycled paper plastic-free and environmentally friendly threaded, ideal for hanging Bundle with 125 pieces bag dimensions: 280 x 120 x 30 mm multilingual, blue print suitable dispenser for paper hygiene bags: art.-no. 88847: Dispenser for hygiene paper bags
Hygiene Bag Dispenser | Plastic
Dieser Spenderhalter dient der Aufnahme von Hygienebeuteln aus PE-Folie. Er ist aus weißem PVC und wird an der Wand befestigt. Passend für folgenden Artikel: Hygienebeutel HDPE (Art. Nr. 32287)  
Dispenser for hygiene paper bags | plastic
Dispenser for hygiene paper bags made of plastic The dispenser for paper hygiene bags is made of high quality plastic. With the help of the paper hygiene bag dispenser, your hygiene bags are always stored hygienically, which is why the dispenser is often used in sanitary areas. Favored by the simple wall mounting, the paper hygiene bags are always at hand and can also be easily refilled. Due to the simple design of the dispenser, it fits exactly into any interior. Your advantage: Only with us you will find the matching paper hygiene bags for your dispenser: art.no. 32288 The features of the dispenser for paper hygiene bags at a glance: dispenser consisting of plastic hygienic storage of the hygiene bags  uncomplicated refilling of the dispenser suitable for any interior, thanks to its simple design possibility of wall mounting, so that the hygiene bags are always at hand suitable paper hygiene bags: art.no. 32288
Hygiene bag | LDPE
Hygiene bag made of LDPE from Hygostar These hygiene bags made of LDPE are individually packed. So they are ideal for hotel rooms and bathrooms. The hygiene bags are made of waterproof LDPE material. They are stable, tear-resistant and thus ensure hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products.  Advantage for wholesalers: The hygiene bags are packed in a tray and thus extra ttractive for your sales shelf. The features of the hygiene bag made of LDPE in individual packaging liquid-tight and robust LDPE
Dispenser for hygiene paper bags | stainless steel
Paper hygiene bag dispenser | stainless steel The paper hygiene bag dispenser is made of high quality stainless steel. By using our dispenser, your paper hygiene bags are always stored hygienically. In addition, our dispenser has the option of wall mounting, which means that the hygiene bags are always at hand. In addition, you can easily refill the dispenser with paper hygiene bags. Due to the high hygiene standard of the dispenser, it is often used in sanitary areas and fits there, because of its simple design, to any interior. Your advantage: Only with us you will find the matching paper hygiene bags to your dispenser: art.-no. 32288 The features of the paper hygiene bag dispenser: paper hygiene bag dispenser made of high quality stainless steel paper hygiene bags are stored hygienically and are always at hand due to simple design suitable for any interior wall mounting of the dispenser possible easily refillable with matching paper hygiene bags: art.-no. 32288
Hygiene bags dispenser | stainless steel
Hygiene bags dispenser made of stainless steel by Hygostar The hygiene bags dispenser is made of high-grade stainless steel, which makes cleaning very easy and also fits well to any interior. With the help of the hygiene bags dispenser, these bags can be stored and distributed easily at any time. Through the front opening on the housing, the bags can be removed individually, the back is designed for wall mounting. Filling is very easy and you can also get the corresponding bags from us: art. 32287. The features of the hygiene bags dispenser made of stainless steel: plain stainless steel housing accessible storage and dispensing of hygiene bags wall mounted single removal of the bags easy refilling

Hygiene bags and matching wall holders

Order plastic or paper hygiene bags easily and conveniently here in the online shop. Franz Mensch offers you permanently favourable prices and fast delivery. Sanitary bags are small, tear-resistant bags that are designed to hold used sanitary products. The great advantage of sanitary bags is that they enable clean disposal of tampons and pads and minimise odours. They are particularly important in public toilets, businesses, hotels or medical facilities where many people have access to the sanitary facilities.


Sanitary bags at a glance:


Material and advantages

Made from robust materials, our hygiene bags guarantee odour-inhibiting and resistant disposal. Thanks to their high quality, these products offer a reliable solution for hygiene issues. Choose hygiene bags from Franz Mensch now and raise the standard of your company hygiene to a new level.


How do you dispose of hygiene bags?

Sanitary bags should always be disposed of responsibly to ensure hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.

  • Do not throw them down the toilet: Sanitary bags should never be thrown down the toilet as they can cause blockages and environmental pollution.
  • Use the bin provided: There are often special bins for feminine hygiene products in toilet facilities. Sanitary bags should be thrown in these bins and not in the regular waste.
  • Seal sanitary bags: Before disposal, sanitary bags should be carefully sealed to prevent odours and the spread of germs.
  • Empty the containers regularly: The containers for feminine hygiene products should be emptied regularly to guarantee hygiene and avoid unpleasant odours.
  • Hand hygiene: After disposing of the sanitary bags, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly to ensure personal hygiene.


What is the purpose of sanitary bags in hotels?

The main purpose of sanitary bags in hotels is to provide guests with a discreet way to dispose of tampons and sanitary towels. This contributes to cleanliness and comfort in the hotel rooms and at the same time prevents drains from becoming blocked due to improper disposal. Sanitary bags are therefore an important part of the service offering and emphasise the hotel's commitment to guest comfort and hygiene. Particularly in today's world, where guests are placing increasing value on hygiene and cleanliness, such details are of great importance for customer satisfaction and the quality image of the hotel. Franz Mensch offers individually packaged hygiene bags especially for use in hotel bathrooms. These can be easily and hygienically laid out in the bathroom.