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Coffee cups Only Paper | paperboard
Organic coffee cup Only Paper made of paperboard from Naturestar Drink, recycle, protect the environment. The sustainable organic coffee cup Only Paper belongs to a new generation of disposable cups that do completely without coating and plastic. Now make your coffee to go business much more environmentally friendly and consciously offer your guests plastic-free organic cups. The special feature: The organic coffee cups Only Paper are completely recyclable via waste paper - no residues, no plastic - just paper. The organic cups to go are made of renewable, fresh paper fibers that are particularly stable, dense and food-safe. An additional coating is not necessary. The coffee cup Only Paper is a single-walled paper cup with good insulating properties. Features of the organic coffee cup Only Paper at a glance: pure natural product made of paper sustainable recyclable material completely recyclable through waste paper stable, leak-proof and food-safe made from renewable raw materials single-walled coffee cup standard printing with food safe inks (flexo printing) good insulating properties ideal for sustainable coffee-to-go business for hot and cold drinks Recyclable waste paper: recycling instead of incineration The biggest problem with conventional paper cups is the plastic coating on their inside. This coating makes the cups leak-proof and food-safe. Unfortunately, however, it prevents the paper cups from being disposed of sustainably. Alternative organic coffee cups with a plant-based PLA coating are also produced in an environmentally friendly way, but have a similar disposal problem due to the lack of composting facilities. With a total annual consumption of 2.8 billion* cups in Germany alone, a better solution is needed. Products made from renewable raw materials are good and absolutely the right way to go. But sustainable action must not stop with the last sip of coffee. We have to think the process through further and enable environmentally friendly disposal. With the organic coffee cups Only Paper, this has been achieved for the first time. After use, they can be fed into the recycling loop via waste paper. This makes the coffee to go market much more environmentally friendly. *According to the Federal Environment Agency, source: Reusable instead of disposable for coffee and co. | Federal Environment Agency
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Biodegradable plate "Single" round | sugarcane
Biodegradable plate "Single" round | sugarcane by NatureStar The plate is on the one hand very stable and on the other hand oil and grease resistant, as well as waterproof. These properties are given to the plate by its special material. It consists of sugarcane fibers, a waste product of sugar production. This makes the disposable dish heat resistant up to 100° C and is therefore suitable for the microwave and the refrigerator. In addition, the plates can be very space-saving stow or store, since they are stackable. Features of the Biodegradable plate "Single" round | sugarcane: 100% sugarcane fiber environmentally friendly & food safe 100% compostable stackable and therefore very space-saving suitable for the microwave and the refrigerator up to 100° C heat resistant in different Sizes available
Paper drinking straw "Flex" dotted | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straws "Flex" dotted, FSC®-certified by NatureStar The paper drinking straw "Flex" striped is made of very strong and high-quality paper, so it is a perfect and eco-friendly alternative to common drinking straws made of plastic. The drinking straw has beside its strength and durability a special dotted look. Furthermore, the drinking straw is produced with 100% renewable raw materials and is therefore very sustainable After the use, paper drinking straws are completely biologically decomposable and so there is a closed, eco-friendly material cycle. Properties of the paper drinking straw "Flex" dotted, FSC®-certified: made of FSC®-certified paper sustainable and unbleached food safe very stable and durable
Coffee cup "Mocca" | kraft paper FSC®-certified
Coffee cup "Mocca" - FSC®-certified by NatureStar The coffee cup "Mocca" is made of an extra strong, stable FSC®-certified paper and has a inner PLA-coating (cornstarch). The cup is wet-strength, suitable for coming in contact with food and 100% compostable and recyclable. The coffee cup "Mocca" is a must-have must-have for food trucks, street food, modern gastronomy and high-quality food to take away. Properties of the coffee cup "Mocca" - FSC®-certified: made of strong and stable FSC®-certified paper food safe with PLA-coating wet-strength recyclable and compostable
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments | bagasse
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments by NatureStar The organic menu boxes are made of sugar cane fibers, which are produced as waste during sugar production. Thus, the boxes are fully compostable and temperature resistant up to 100°C and suitable for the microwave. Furthermore, they are foodsafe and are also suitable for oily or fatty foods. The organic menu boxes have 2 compartments. Advantages of the organic menu boxes with hinged lid: Made of environmentally friendly sugar cane fiber 100% recyclable water, oil and grease resistant, foodsafe suitable for the microwave and the refrigerator heat resistant up to 100°C stackable and therefore very space-saving 2-parts for individual filling with food
Foodbox "Menu" | kraft paper
Foodbox "Menu" made of kraft paper by NatureStar The foodbox "Menu" made of kraft paper is a very stylish and natural packaging for food. Kraft paper, as the name suggests, is the most stable type of paper and consists of pure fresh fibers. Therefore it is suitable for coming in contact with food and is a must-have for food trucks, street food, for french fries, waffles and other snacks. Thanks to the natural colour, your customers will immediately recognize that the packaging is very sustainable and eco-friedly. Properties of Foodbox "Menu" made of kraft paper: extra strong, stable paper  food safe, made of pure fresh fibres  100% compostable and recyclable wet-strength thank to PLA-coating (cornstarch) more favourable than dishes made of sugarcane or wood
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Organic stirrers, single wrapped | wood, FSC® 100%
Organic stirrers, single wrapped made of wood, FSC® 100% from NatrueStar The organic stirring sticks are made of 100% FSC®-certified birch wood. The sustainable organic chopsticks are very stable and splinter-free thanks to their untreated, smooth surface. In addition, the sticks are tasteless and odourless, so they do not distort the taste of the beverage when stirring coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Thanks to the practical individual packaging, the organic stirring sticks are hygienically packed and are therefore ideal for coffee shops, canteens, office cafeterias and transport catering. Properties of the organic stirrers, single wrapped made of wood, FSC® 100% at a glance: hygienic individual packaging stable, splinter-free untreated, smooth surface  tasteless and odourless FSC®-certified birch wood sustainable, renewable raw material for stirring coffee, tea and hot chocolate
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Organic wooden skewers
Organic wooden skewers from Naturestar The wooden shish kebabs with the professional long tip are high quality, sturdy and versatile for making food. They are ideal as meat skewers, barbecue skewers, shashlik skewer, vegetable skewers, fruit skewers, chocolate fruit and much more. The skewers are made of splinter-free and unbreakable birch wood. Birch wood is particularly stable and has a smooth surface. For an even more pleasant mouthfeel, the wooden skewers from NatureStar have an extra polished surface. The wooden skewers are equipped with a long tip on one side so that meat and other foods can be skewered perfectly. Wood is a sustainable and renewable raw material. Shish kebabs made of wood are biodegradable and a very hygienic alternative to skewers made of metal, which require extensive cleaning after use. The skewers are available in 5 sizes. Buy your wooden skewers here in 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm lengths. Properties of the organic wooden skewers at a glance: pure natural product made of wood made from renewable raw materials biodegradable sturdy birch wood with polished, smooth surface splinter-free, stable and unbreakable neutral in taste long tip on one side for easy impaling food-safe Wholesale pack for professionals, 10 x 1000 pieces Saving tip: Not bundled, in packs of 1000 and cheaper than wood are shashlik skewers made of bamboo (art.-no. 38914) Wooden skewers with a short tip or special skewers for machine processing are available on request. Send us your requirements by e-mail to verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Why wood is ideal for meat skewers? Wood is a very cheap, renewable raw material and completely biodegradable after use. It is the ideal material for anyone who values sustainability and hygiene. Wood can be used unbleached and is therefore a particularly natural, neutral in taste and, above all, food-safe material. Franz Mensch explicitly refrains from using wood from rainforest clearances. The wood and paper products are from ecological forestry and many are available as FSC®-certified variants. Birch wood is ideal for use with food because it is stable, even and splinter-free. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant mouth feel and the perfect enjoyment of your food. Wood products from NatureStar have a particularly high quality. A special drying process reduces the moisture content in the wood. This protects the wooden skewers from mould and ensures a long shelf life.
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Lid with drink opening | sugarcane
Lid with drink opening by NatureStar The lid with drink opening is made of sugarcane - a 100% renewable raw material. The lid is compostable and thanks to its opening it is perfect for take-away. Furthermore it is compostable and is certified for coming in contact with food. Fit: article 401101 is perfect for cup article 401100 article 401201 is perfect for cup article 401200 Properties of the lid with drink opening: made of sugarcane - a 100% renewable raw material food safe compostable

Bio disposable products made from various environmentally friendly materials

5 good reasons for organic products from Franz Mensch

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With around 450 organic products, you will find an unique selection of sustainable consumer goods at Franz Mensch. Your big advantage: You only need one supplier for all your needs. And if it should be more than the standard? With pleasure! As a manufacturer, we quickly turn your special requests into reality.

Of course, our organic products meet all the required norms and standards (e.g. EN 13432, food safe). At Franz Mensch you receive certified goods.

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At Franz Mensch you buy more than just disposable products. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and benefit from an unique inclusive service. From storage via call-off orders and distance delivery to the complete logistics: We do it. Quick, reliable and convenient for you.

Strong brand
NATUREStar is the sustainable alternative when it comes to disposable products. The range offers compostable products made from 100% renewable raw materials. The aim is to make disposables as environmentally friendly as possible. NATUREStar's top products are compostable tableware, accessories and even disposable clothing made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, corn starch or sugar cane.

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No matter which brand product you decide on: At Franz Mensch, the price-performance ratio is right. Your price will be even lower if you use the savings scale. Order more items and receive the better graduated price for ALL articles.

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Sustainability through NATUREStar

Franz Mensch GmbH has been consistently committed to environmental protection for years. A healthy nature is indispensable for humans and animals - and to survive it needs our protection. Environmental awareness and disposable products do not represent a contradiction.

On the contrary: NATUREStar products are made from sugar cane, kraft paper, cellulose, palm leaf, bamboo, wood or corn starch. All made from 100% sustainable raw materials, therefore CO2-neutral and biodegradable.

With the green product line NATUREStar, our company actively promotes sustainable product alternatives and thus conserves fossil raw materials - and has been doing so since 2016.