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Patient blankets & pillows

Patient blankets and pillows for single use are particularly hygienic and ideal for hospital and nursing beds. The blankets, pillows and bed covers are made of high-quality PP fleece and feel pleasantly soft. 

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Patient blankets | PES filling, PP
Patient blankets, PP with PES filling from Hygostar These high-quality patient blankets with warming polyester filling are among the top sellers at Franz Mensch. Due to their high quality, they are ideal as disposable blankets for hospitals, patient transports or as warming blankets and ambulance blankets for rescue services. The disposable patient blankets are always needed when patients do not move or have to lie or sit for a long time and it is important to protect them from getting cold. The disposable blankets are made of soft PP fleece and have a warm polyester wadding (PES) filling inside. This filling gives the hospital blankets very good thermal properties and keep the body of your patients warm for a long time. The outside of PP is particularly soft, air-permeable and skin-friendly. All patient blankets are individually and hygienically packed in a polybag. This means they can be taken out fresh for each patient. The disposable blankets are available in differnet thicknesses: the heavier the blanket, the better the warming effect. Features of the disposable patient blanket at a glance: disposable blankets with very good thermal properties, keeps particularly warm prevents cooling of the patient filling 100% polyester wadding outer cover made of soft PP fleece pleasantly soft, air-permeable and skin-friendly very hygienic, individually packed in bags
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Patient blankets | PES filling, spunlace
Patient blankets with PES filling, spunlace by Hygostar Disposable blankets prevent patients from cooling down during examinations or before or during surgeries. Warming disposable blankets are also frequently used for patient transport, emergency services or disaster control. The patient blankets from Hygostar have very good thermal properties. They are made of soft spunlace fleece and have a warm PES filling on the inside. All disposable blankets are individually packed in bags and can therefore be stored or handed out hygienically.   Advantages of warm disposable blankets made from Spunlace at a glance: warm disposable blanket protects patients from cooling down thanks to very good thermal properties outer side made of spunlace fleece, breathable inside filled with 100 % polyester wadding very hygienic, individually packed in bags
Patient blankets | paper/PP
Patient blankets made of paper/PP by Hygostar The warm disposable blankets are ideal for protecting patients from getting cold during treatment or transport. The disposable blankets consist of several layers of tissue paper and an outer cover made of PP fleece. This material combination keeps patients nice and warm and ensures a high level of well-being thanks to its breathability and good thermal properties. The tissue paper core is absorbent and can absorb liquids very well. Choose between the 6-layer or the even more absorbent 12-layer version. The outside made of PP is pleasantly soft and skin-friendly. The disposable blankets are particularly used in the medical sector for patient transport, first aid or nursing measures as well as during medical treatments.   Advantages of disposable blankets with paper inserts at a glance: disposable blankets to keep patients warm good thermal properties outer side made of PP, skin-friendly and soft inside with multi-layer absorbent core made of tissue paper absorbs moisture and moisture very well breathable seperatly packaged 2 variants: art.-no. 5265: 12 layers (10 layers of tissue + 2 layers of PP) art.-no. 52659: 6 layers (4 layers of tissue + 2 layers of PP)
Disposable pillow | PP filling, PP
Pillow with PP filling, made of PP from Hygostar A hygienic disposable pillow is often used in hospitals, nursing homes and by emergency services to provide a comfortable bedding for a patient's head. The disposable pillows are made of soft PP fleece and filled with airy PP material. The pillows are individually packed and available in white and blue. The blue pillows are in a vacuum pack and therefore very space-saving. Important for you as a user to know: Open the packaging and wait briefly until the volume of the pillow has expanded completely, if necessary, shake it up a little.   Advantages of the disposable pillows made of PP nonwoven at a glance: pillow for single use soft outside made of PP fleece filling made of PP each pillow individually packed, very hygienic comfortable and air-permeable
Disposable pillow cases | PP
Disposable pillow cases made of PP by Hygostar The hygienic pillowcases are made of air-permeable PP fleece. They are pleasantly soft and skin-friendly. As a disposable cover, they are suitable for patients in the medical and care sector as well as in the cosmetic sector when a comfortable place to rest the head is required. The covers fit very well over the disposable pillows Art. 52559.   Advantages of disposable pillowcases at a glance: cover for disposable pillows soft, air-permeable fleece made of PP very comfortable and skin-friendly matching inlay: pillow art. 52559
Disposable blanket case
Mit Einweg-Bettwäsche sparen Sie sich aufwändiges Waschen, teure Reinigungsmittel und lange Lagerhaltung. Sparsam, hygienisch und praktisch - jeden Tag. , luftdurchlässig , sehr hygienisch, sofort einsatzbereit, allgeriefrei, verhindert das Einnisten von Milben , reißfest, auch für den mehrtägigen Einsatz geeignetMaterial: Weiches PP-VliesEinsatz: Besonders für Bereiche, in denen Betten häufig gewechselt werden müssen, wie in Krankenhäusern, Pflegeheimen oder auch in Katastrophen-Situationen, wo Sie schnell helfen müssen und Hygiene-Produkte zum Sofort-Einsatz gefragt sind.

Disposable blankets for emergency services and patient care


Patient blankets keep a patient warm during patient transport, treatment or surgery. Keeping the body warm with a blanket is an enormously important measure and can save lives under certain circumstances. A good patient blanket prevents a patient's body temperature from dropping. Without a warming patient blanket, this can happen quickly. If the patient lies or sits almost motionless, the body functions only run on low flame and the body temperature drops. Unfortunately, a cooled body is also more susceptible to infections. And in a person who is already ill or injured, an infection can pose a great danger. This is why keeping patients warm is so important. Disposable blankets have proven their worth in this area and are basic equipment in emergency vehicles, care facilities and hospitals. Disposable patient blankets are hygienically clean and also easy to dispose of.

Franz Mensch is a specialist when it comes to disposable products and hygiene. Disposable rescue blankets have been part of the medical range for many years. The proven HYGOCARE patient blanket is available in three different versions:

  • Patient blanket made of spunlace material with polyester filling: This disposable blanket is particularly soft and skin-friendly. The material is also moisture-resistant and breathable. These properties make the patient blanket a very high-quality product with which patients feel comfortable.
  • Patient blanket made of PP with polyester filling: Disposable blankets made of PP are slightly moisture-repellent, breathable and body-friendly. The polyester filling makes this patient blanket particularly nice and warm.
  • PP patient blanket with tissue layers: This disposable blanket is very absorbent, breathable and very economical due to the tissue layers. Particularly suitable as a summer blanket.

Tip: Use our selection guide and find your suitable patient blanket.


Areas of application for disposable patient blankets:

  • as a cover for patients in wheelchairs to keep their legs warm
  • during an infusion
  • during dialysis
  • during an operation to keep the body or parts of the body warm
  • as a cover for cold examination tables
  • in paediatrics to keep a baby warm