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Laundry detergents

Hygoclean's powerful heavy-duty detergents are available as washing powder and as liquid detergent. Both detergents are phosphate-free. Discover the detergents for professional applications here. 

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Laundry detergent
Vollwaschmittel von HygoCleanDas Vollwaschmittel eignet sich für alle Waschtemperaturen bis zu 95°C. Es sorgt für eine faserntiefe Reinigung und hygienische Sauberkeit. Das Waschmittel ist phosphatfrei und ist vor allem für jede Art von Wäsche außer für Wolle oder Seide geeignet.Zusatzinfo: made in germany
Laundry liquid detergent
Flüssiges Waschmittel von HygoCleanBei diesem Waschmittel handelt es sich um ein hochkonzentriertes Vollwaschmittel mit Enzymen. Es sorgt für eine faserntiefe Reinigung und einen frischen, angenehmen Duft. Es eignet sich für weiße, farbechte und waschbare Textilien und kann bei bis zu 95°C verwendet werden.Zusatzinfo: ph-Wert: 7-9 | made in germany
Kleen Purgatis Lavo Des 60 kompakt, laudry liquid detergent
Laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt from Kleen Purgatis The laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt successfully eliminates bakteria, fungi and virus and is suitable to wash and disinfect covers of damp or wet wipes. The detergent can be used on manual or automated dosing basis. The laundry liquid detergent gets rid of bad smell by washing with 30 °C, thanks to active oxygen. Lavo Des 60 kompakt washes, bleaches and disinfects without the addition of chorline or phosphate. Features of the laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt disinfects laundry chemothermically with 60° C successful against bakteria and fungi DGHM examination, upon chemical disinfection wash, bleach and disinfect phosphate-free and chlorine-free can be used for manual and automated dosing best results for washing and disinfecting covers of damp or wet wipes gets rid of unpleasant smell when washing with 30 °C effective against virus listed at RKI and VAH
Kleen Purgatis Prodil, stain remover
Kleen Purgatis Prodil, stain remover PRODIL is a mild-alkaline powder concentrate for washing power enhancement. It can be used in combination with a sole detergent for bleaching laundry cleaning. Properties of Kleen Purgatis Prodil, stain remover at a glance: targeted, highly effective washing power enhancement and stain removal in the washing routine in combination with a heavy-duty detergent without fiber damaging substances based on active oxygen

Premium laundry detergent from hygiene professional Franz Mensch

Hygienically clean and stain-free: that and nothing else is what you should expect from your laundry. For real and cleanliness and hygiene in your business, use detergents and washing powders for professionals.

Your advantages:

  • Highly effective: detergents and washing powders remove even stubborn soiling and ensure bright white laundry.
  • Skin-friendly: Despite their high cleaning power, our products are gentle on the skin and ideal for daily use.
  • Ecological and sustainable: We pay attention to environmentally friendly ingredients so that you not only protect your laundry, but also our planet.


Materials & Quality:

At Franz Mensch, we rely on first-class materials and strict quality controls. Our detergents and washing powders are made from selected, safe and effective ingredients. They are designed to meet the high standards of the industry and special requirements, such as in food areas or medicine.


Wide range of applications:

Whether you work in a hospital, a restaurant, a food processing plant or in industry - the highest hygiene standards are possible with Franz Mensch professional detergents.


Product tip: All-in-one - the professional washing powder for everything

Cleaning rags, cleaning cloths and work clothes requires an effective detergent that cleans deep into the fibres and is gentle on the textiles at the same time. Hygoclean's phosphate-free washing powder has been developed for use in professional washing machines. As a heavy-duty detergent, it is suitable for colourfast coloureds, whites, hot and low temperatures from 30°C to 95°C, synthetic fibres, cotton and mixed fabrics - in short, for everything except wool and silk. Hygoclean washing powder from Franz Mensch is made for professionals and is available in large 20kg bags.


Which detergent is best: liquid or powder?

Whether liquid or powder detergent is better depends on various factors. Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages, here is an overview:


Liquid detergent:


  • Dissolves quickly: Ideal for short programmes and low temperatures.
  • Free of bleaching agents: Gentler on coloured textiles and often better for dark laundry.
  • Less residue: Especially in regions with hard water, powder residue can remain on the laundry. This happens less often with liquid detergent.


  • Dosage: there is a risk of overdosing, which not only pollutes the environment but also ages the laundry faster.
  • Price: slightly more expensive than powder detergent.


Washing powder:


  • Contain bleaching agents: This makes them more effective at removing stains and ensures bright white laundry.
  • Price-performance: Powder detergents are usually cheaper than liquid alternatives.
  • Environment: Less packaging material and often lower transport costs as they contain less water.


  • Dissolves less easily: At low temperatures or short wash programmes, the powder may not dissolve completely.
  • Residues: With hard water, white powder residues can remain on the laundry.