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Bib aprons

Bib aprons ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Discover the different versions here: From solid bib aprons made of rubber, vinyl or PU, which are worn in meat or food processing, to fabric aprons and bistro aprons for catering and service.

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Rubber apron "Strong" | rubber
Rubber aprons Strong approx. 500 my made of nitrile/rubber by Hygostar The rubber apron made of nitrile rubber is a high-quality protective clothing that can be used in many areas. The nitrile rubber material makes the apron waterproof and resistant to oils and greases, making it ideal for use in the kitchen or in the industrial sector. In addition, the apron is rubberised on both sides and has a fabric insert, making it even more resistant and hard-wearing. Despite its robustness, the apron is light and comfortable to wear, which is particularly advantageous for longer periods of wear. Properties of rubber aprons strong at a glance:     material: nitrile rubber, approx. 500mµ comfortable to wear grease-resistant, oil-resistant rubberised surface for special hygiene extremely elastic, resistant to heat for meat processing, food industry, scullery packaging: 1 piece / bag 5 Stück / pack 25 Stück / carton
Bib aprons Flamestar | canvas
Bib aprons Flamestar made of canvas by Hygostar The bib apron Flamestar protects the wearer against contact with hot surfaces whose temperature does not exceed 50 °C and from minor superficial mechanical injuries. It is made of a canvas with a special coating and is filled a cotton-polyester mixture. The apron is robust, durable and wipeable. The Flamestar bib apron is particularly suitable for the kitchen and the gastronomy. The features of the bib aprons Flamestar at a glance: outside made of canvas with special coating robust and durable protection of the wearer from superficial mechanical risks  protects against contact with hot surfaces whose temperature is not higher than 50 °C
Bib aprons approx. 130 my | vinyl
Bib aprons approx. 130 my made of vinyl from HygostarThe bib aprons are strong and yet comfortable to wear. They consist of a textile carrier material that is coated with vinyl on both sides. This means that the bib aprons retain their lightness, but are very durable, waterproof and stable thanks to the vinyl coating. They are ideal as dishwashing aprons in the food industry or in large kitchens. They protect the clothing underneath from water splashes and are also resistant to acids and alkalis. The smooth surface is wipeable, so the vinyl bib aprons can be cleaned and used multiple times. The hygienic bib aprons are worn in many different industries. These include chemistry, cleaning, transport operations, waste disposal facilities, food sectors, catering and health sectors.Advantages of the vinyl bib aprons approx. 130 my at a glance:waterproof bib apron for industry and food processinglightweight and comfortable to wearpunched head openingtextile carrier material, with vinyl coating on both sideswaterproof, wipeable, tear-resistantacid-resistant, v. a. against hydrochloric acid 32%resistant to alkalis
Apron 150my | TPU
Apron 150my made of TPU by Hygostar This 150my strong apron is made of a waterproof TPU and and features a very smooth surface. Since the apron is made of one piece, the apron is particularly hygienic and can therefore be ideally used in meat processing, food industry or even in the scullery. The bib apron is also suitable for contact with food and is also resistant to animal oils and fats. The apron is very easy to clean and can be used several times, as it is washable up to 90°C. Features of the apron 150my at a glance:  waterproof TPU with very smooth surface hygienic since it is made of one piece and without eyelets, seams or hems food safe and resistant to aniaml oils and fats easy to clean because washable up to 90°C
Bip Apron | Cotton
Bistro apron | cotton
Sleeve aprons approx. 150 my | TPU, detectable
Sleeve aprons approx. 150 my made of TPU, detectable by Hygostar These aprons meet the highest hygiene requirements. The sleeve aprons cover large areas of the front, shoulders and arms and are therefore ideal for very sensitive hygiene areas such as the food industry and meat processing. The sleeve aprons are made of detectable TPU with a thickness of approx. 150 my. They are therefore detectable by detectors and contribute to safe production. The surface of the TPU aprons are particularly smooth and non-porous. No hooks, eyelets or seams in which contaminants could be trapped.  Features of the detectable TPU sleeve aprons at a glance: 3 in 1: shoulders, arms and whole front side hygienically covered detectable and ideal for food areas durable, strong material made of TPU resistant against animal oils and fats, as well as against liquids dirt-repellent, smooth surface waterproof and washable
Half apron | Cotton
Apron 350 my | PU

Reusable aprons from Franz Mensch

Aprons are a practical hygiene clothing for all areas where food is worked with: The bistro apron or the apron for the catering trade, the cotton cook's apron for the kitchen, the robust rubber butcher's apron for meat processing. At Franz Mensch you will find a wide range of aprons that are washable and therefore reusable. All aprons are food safe and approved for direct contact with food.

Aprons have two important tasks when processing food: On the one hand, they protect the clothing underneath from soiling or moisture. On the other hand, it is a matter of hygiene and bib aprons protect the food from contamination. This double protective effect makes bib aprons indispensable for food production and kitchens.


Areas of application of washable bib aprons

  • bistro aprons and aprons for service staff in the catering industry
  • cooking aprons, cotton bib aprons or black bib aprons for kitchen or catering
  • waterproof bib aprons for food industry
  • sturdy rubber aprons for butchers and the meat industry


Meat aprons and butcher aprons

Butcher shops and slaughterhouses are subject to strict hygiene regulations, because the processing of meat is extremely sensitive. Hygiene clothing and the wearing of rubber bib aprons effectively prevent the transmission of germs and infections. Franz Mensch offers food-safe, solid bib aprons especially for butchers and butchery. Their smooth surface is waterproof, durable, and offers no surface for pathogens to linger or spread. Meat aprons also withstand cold temperatures and contact with animal fats and oils very well.


Hygiene with a color system: butcher's aprons in white, black or blue?

The selection of colors is unique at Franz Mensch: Buy your butcher aprons and meat aprons here in up to 8 colors. The color selection is ideal for the use of a hygiene color system. Here, different hygiene and work areas are marked with different colored clothing. For example, slaughterhouse employees wear white bib aprons and the cleaning team wears blue. With a color system, you ensure clear guidelines and avoid cross-contamination. Another advantage with Franz Mensch: The butcher aprons are available in 3 sizes each, so that large sizes are also available here in the store.


Aprons for gastronomy and kitchen

The kitchen is also about hygienic preparation of food. Bib aprons made of cotton or cooking aprons made of polycotton have a great look and reliably cover the body. Buy your aprons, waiter aprons and bistro aprons in different colors at Franz Mensch. They are washable and therefore reusable several times. Especially for frying and grilling there is the temperature-resistant barbecue apron Flamestar - saves from splashes and protects the clothing underneath.


Bib aprons black - the cool version for the modern kitchen

Black bib aprons look especially elegant and classy. They are ideal for events, catering and modern restaurants. To make the look perfect, you will find a complete range of black hygiene and chef wear at Franz Mensch: disposable gloves, chef's hats, shuttles and cotton gloves.