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Dish towels

Durable and absorbent tea towels belong in every kitchen. They can be used several times and dry both dishes and surfaces thoroughly. Discover the selection of classic tea towels and pit towels - many colours and designs.  

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Dish towel "Standard"
Das Grubenhandtuch / Touchon besteht aus 100% Baumwolle. Hochwertige Halbzwirnqualität. Das Handtuch ist sehr saugstark und trocknet schnell. Darüber hinaus ist es sehr strapazierfähig. Das Touchon ist bis 60°C waschbar und kann gebügelt werden. Dieses Grubenhandtuch ist nicht nur für den Einsatz in Küchen bestens geeignet.
Dish towels Karo | cotton
Dieses Handtuch besteht aus 100% Baumwolle. Es ist sehr saugstark und trocknet schnell ab. Das Geschirrtuch ist waschbar bis 60°C. Verwendet wird es zur Trocknung des Geschirrs. Ein Beutel enthält: 3 x rot, 3 x grün, 2 x gelb, 2 x blau
Dish towels half-linen | cotton, linen
Das Geschirrtuch Halbleinen wird aus einer Mischung von Leinen und Baumwolle (55% Leinen und 45% Baumwolle) hergestellt. Diese Materialien werden besonders dicht gewebt, wodurch ein hochwertiges Tuch entsteht. Dadurch wird das Geschirrtuch äußerst strapazierfähig und lange haltbar. Es ist außerdem sehr saugstark und waschbar bis 60°C. Verwendung findet das Geschirrtuch aus Halbleinen vor allem in Küchen zur leichten Trocknung des Geschirrs.
Dish towels | cotton
Dieses Handtuch besteht aus 100% Baumwolle. Es ist sehr saugstark und trocknet schnell ab. Das Geschirrtuch ist waschbar bis 60°C. Verwendet wird es zur leichten Trocknung des Geschirrs.
Barleycorn towels | cotton, barleycorn weave
Das Gerstenkorn-Handtuch besteht zu 100% aus Baumwolle und ist in der Gerstenkornbindung hergestellt. Aufgrund dieser Herstellung ist das Handtuch sehr griffig und robust. Das Gerstenkorn-Handtuch ist sehr saugfähig und kochfest. Es wird zur leichten Trocknung des Geschirrs verwendet.
Dish towels Landhaus | cotton
Dieses Handtuch besteht aus 100% Baumwolle. Es ist sehr saugstark und trocknet schnell ab. Das Geschirrtuch ist waschbar bis 60°C. Verwendet wird es zur Trocknung des Geschirrs. Es besitzt ein Teekannen-Design und ist immer als 3er Pack verpackt.
Pit terry towels | cotton
Das Grubenfrottiertuch besteht zu 100% aus Baumwolle. Dieses Frottiertuch verfügt über eine sehr hohe Saugkraft und ist bis 60°C waschbar. Das Gruben-Frottiertuch ist nicht nur für den Einsatz in der Küche bestens geeignet.

Dry, polish, inspire: dish towels that impress catering professionals

Tea towels are more than just a practical tool for your kitchen. They are the key to a hygienic and efficient working method, specially designed for professional use in catering, commercial kitchens and the food industry

The kitchen towels impress with their durability and absorbency. Selected materials such as pure cotton and robust half-linen guarantee outstanding quality. The cotton tea towels are particularly absorbent and easy to care for, while the half-linen tea towels impress with their durability and quick-drying properties.


Advantages of the materials for tea towels

  • Cotton tea towels: Cotton towels are soft, absorbent and durable. They are ideal for everyday use and are easy to machine wash.
  • Half-linen tea towels: This is a blend of linen and cotton. Half-linen combines the robustness and quick-drying properties of linen with the softness and absorbency of cotton.

The choice of material depends on personal preference and the specific requirements in the kitchen. Cotton and half-linen are particularly popular in professional kitchen environments due to their absorbency and durability.

The tea towels and kitchen towels are designed for intensive use and can withstand heavy use.


Absorbent and time-saving: only good tea towels can do this

Absorbency is a decisive criterion for tea towels. This is because it determines how effectively the cloth can absorb moisture and water. A highly absorbent tea towel makes it easier to dry crockery, cutlery and glasses without leaving streaks or water stains. This is particularly important in the catering industry, where shiny, stain-free crockery makes a professional impression. A good drying result ensures that crockery and glasses are ready for use without additional polishing. You save yourself further work steps and therefore work more quickly.

A tea towel that dries quickly avoids the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odours that can occur if moisture remains in the cloth. In addition, cloths that dry quickly can be used again more quickly, which is particularly beneficial in a busy environment such as a professional kitchen.

Let the quality of our products convince you and experience how the professional tea towels make your everyday work easier. Order today and benefit from our expertise in hygiene and protection. Franz Mensch - your partner for a clean and safe environment.


Frequently asked questions and answers about tea towels

Which tea towels are better: cotton or half-linen?

The decision as to whether cotton or half-linen tea towels are better depends on your specific needs and requirements.

Cotton tea towels are extremely absorbent and therefore ideal for absorbing large amounts of moisture. They are soft, which is particularly useful when polishing crockery and glasses to avoid scratches. Cotton is also very easy to care for and can withstand frequent washing at high temperatures, making it a good choice for areas where hygiene is a top priority.

Half-linen, a blend of linen and cotton, offers a unique combination of the best properties of both materials. It is more durable than pure cotton and is characterised by a faster drying time. Half-linen is also absorbent and durable, making it suitable for intensive use in professional kitchens. In addition, half-linen retains its shape better and is less likely to shrink or warp with frequent use.


Which tea towels are lint-free?

Dishcloths that are lint-free are typically made from materials such as linen or high-quality, tightly woven cotton. Tea towels made from half-linen, a blend of linen and cotton, are largely lint-free.The combination of the two materials means they combine the strength and durability of linen with the softness and absorbency of cotton.They are therefore very suitable for drying crockery and cutlery, as they leave hardly any fluff that would be visible on crockery or glasses. This makes half-linen a popular choice in the catering and hotel industry, where a flawless drying result is important.


What is the best way to wash tea towels?

Cotton tea towels can usually be washed at high temperatures (up to 60°C) to remove bacteria and ensure the towels are thoroughly cleaned. Linen, on the other hand, should be washed at lower temperatures to prevent shrinkage.

An intensive spin programme helps to remove excess water and shortens the drying time. Tea towels should be dried thoroughly after washing. Cotton and half-linen tea towels can be tumble dried, while linen should be left to air dry to protect the material.