Multi-purpose cloths

Multi-purpose cloths are ideal for general cleaning, dishwashing or floor care. At Franz Mensch you will find all-purpose cloths, dishcloths and cleaning cloths in various qualities made of viscose or viscose blend. You can also order innovative, sustainable multi-purpose cloths made from a mix of viscose and vegetable corn starch here. 

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Floor cleaning cloth "HEXA"
Das Bodentuch HEXA-ORANGE wird aus einer speziellen Textilfaser, die aus Viskose und Polypropylen besteht, gefertigtDieses Bodentuch ist sehr saugstark und strapazierfähig. Es lässt sich zudem bei bis zu 95°C 6 mal auskochen. Ohne zu fusseln nimmt es groben und feinen Schmutz sehr gut auf. Das Bodentuch HEXA-ORANGE ist für alle Reinigungsarbeiten geeignet, nicht nur für den Boden.
Multi purpose cloth set "Tetra Premium"
Das Mehrzwecktuch TETRA ist aus einem dicht genadelten Vliesstoff, der es sehr strapazierfähig macht. Das TETRA ist sehr saugfähig und es fusselt nicht. Dazu ist es noch bis zu 8 mal kochfest. Es eignet sich besonders zur Vermeidung von Kontaminationen und Kreuzkontaminationen auf Oberflächen,die mit Lebensmitteln in Berührung kommen, da es in fünf Farben verfügbar ist. Das Tetra eignet sich für alle Reinigungsarbeiten in Küche, Hotelräumen, Krankenzimmern und im Labor.
Multi-purpose cloths Tetra Premium | viscose/PP
Tetra Premium multi-purpose wipes made of viscose and PP from Hygoclean These premium cleaning cloths are versatile, absorbent and extremely tear-resistant. With the multi-purpose Tetra Premium wipes, you can clean various surfaces particularly thoroughly, lint-free and free of streaks. Even stainless steel surfaces quickly become hygienically clean again with the Tetra wipes. The great strength of these non-woven wipes lies in the material combination of viscose and PP. This mix gives the cleaning cloths a unique quality that you notice immediately. They consist of 80% viscose, which is why the cleaning cloths are extremely absorbent and absorb liquids very well. In addition, there are 20% fibres made of polypropylene (PP for short), which give the cloths a very tear-resistant, robust quality. The absorbent, soft viscose together with the resilient, solvent-resistant PP ensure convincing cleaning results. Tetra premium multi-purpose cloths are ideal for cleaning work in kitchens, hotels, sickrooms, laboratories or as polishing cloths for stainless steel and other demanding surfaces. Material mix at a glance Viscose textile character extremely absorbent pleasantly soft Polypropylene (PP) robust hard-wearing solvent-resistant   Your savings advantage: Can be used again and again Tetra cleaning cloths are tightly needled non-woven cloths with a textile character. Thanks to their durability, they are anything but disposable. The cleaning cloths can be boiled up to 8 times and are ready for use again after washing. The multiple use of the cloths is easy on your budget and the environment. 5 colours: how to separate different hygiene areas easily The Tetra Premium multi-purpose wipes are available in five colours. This makes it suitable for use as part of a hygiene colour system. Each hygiene area has its own colour, e.g. red = kitchen, blue = production, yellow = sanitary. A simple system that prevents confusion and thus cross-contamination. For professionals: Rely consistently on a hygiene colour system and equip your business with coloured work utensils and hygiene clothing. At Franz Mensch you buy a complete range from head to toe. Properties of Tetra Premium multi-purpose wipes at a glance: non-woven cloth made of 80 % viscose and 20 % polypropylene high quality, approx. 145 g/m2 fabric-like quality highly absorbent for thorough results tear-resistant and reusable boil-proof, up to 8 times very tightly needled and hard-wearing lint-free 5 colours available versatile for all cleaning jobs also for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel What is Viscose? Unlike polyester or PP, the raw material for viscose is plant-based. Viscose is made from cellulose, which is extracted from wood. In a chemical process, the cellulose is processed into fibres and thus counts as a semi-synthetic material. The great advantage of viscose: it is able to absorb and temporarily store moisture to a very high degree - for fast and thorough cleaning results. Besides, viscose has a textile character and is particularly soft. These properties also make viscose a popular material for garments. Clothing made of viscose convinces with a very pleasant body climate and its breathability. Viscose is also very suitable as a material for cleaning cloths, because viscose cloths clean particularly effectively and thoroughly thanks to their enormous absorbency.
Multi-purpose cloth Tetra Light
Multi-purpose cloth Tetra Light by Hygoclean The multi-purpose cloth Tetra Light is characterized by a light, very tightly needled nonwoven fabric and thus consists of 65% viscose, 20% PP as well as 15% polyester. Thanks to the material it is very durable and absorbent. It can be washed up to 60°C and can be used several times. With this cloth, especially stainless steel can be cleaned without streaks. Thus, the lint-free multi-purpose cloth Tetra Light is ideal for all cleaning work in kitchens, hotel rooms as well as in the hospital room or in the laboratory. The features of the multi-purpose cloth Tetra Light at a glance: needled very tightly: very hard wearing possible multiple use because washable up to 60°C free of lint specialized in streak-free cleaning of stainless steel