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Poultry cuffs

Poultry cuffs are ideal for buffets, banquets and other celebrations. They cleverly conceal the ends of roasted poultry. Another advantage: they make gripping the food much more hygienic and prevent greasy fingers. The poultry sleeves are available in different sizes.

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Hygiene and elegance: poultry cuffs in many sizes

Poultry cuffs are stylish little paper sleeves that are pulled over the ends of roasted poultry. In this way, unsightly bones are concealed and at the same time fingers are protected from fat when gripping the drumsticks. Poultry sleeves make gripping the drumsticks more hygienic and prevent sticky fingers. They are made of food-safe, white paper and present your meat dishes in a particularly high-quality way - a real highlight for upmarket buffets, banquets and other celebrations.


Why choose poultry sleeves from Franz Mensch?

Premium materials: The poultry sleeves are made of high-quality, food-safe paper that meets the highest hygiene standards. They are lightweight and conveniently stored in a dispenser box.

The application is very simple. The poultry cuffs can be put on in just a few simple steps. You can choose between different sizes so that the casings fit well and are versatile for ribs or chicken.

All poultry cuffs from Franz Mensch have an elaborate, round crown made of delicate paper strips and look particularly beautiful. The paper used is bright white and shows at first glance that great importance is attached to hygiene.

Hygienic gripping: Poultry cuffs ensure hygienic serving and gripping of poultry dishes. This is especially important in dining environments where cleanliness is a top priority.

Avoiding greasy fingers: The cuffs keep your guests' fingers free of grease and oil. This not only contributes to your customers' positive experience, but also makes it easier to eat without leaving annoying residue.


Who are poultry cuffs ideal for?

Gastronomy: Whether you run a cozy restaurant or offer event catering, our poultry cuffs are the ideal choice for presenting your dishes in style.

Buffets: Make a statement at your next banquet or buffet. Our cuffs give your food that certain something and an extremely hygienic appearance.

Fine dining: In fine dining, both the taste and the overall experience count. With poultry cuffs you can add an additional accent that will impress your guests.


Order poultry cuffs now – quality that impresses!

Order your poultry cuffs from Franz Mensch today and experience the perfect combination of high-quality materials, easy application and versatile uses. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and rely on a reliable partner when it comes to hygiene and protection.