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Protection gloves

Your hands deserve special protection: buy protective gloves from Franz Mensch to reconcile all the requirements of legal specifications, comfort feeling and, last but not least, the price. Here you will find protective gloves according to different protection classes and standards - tested quality for maximum safety.

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Oven gloves Shark | silicone
Oven gloves Shark made of Silicon by Hygostar The oven glove Shark is made of an unlined silicone and is resistant to contact heat up to 250°C. It is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, as it has no inner lining and is liquid-tight. The palm is equipped with a ribbed profile, which allows the glove to provide its user with a secure grip. In addition, it has a practical hanger and can be worn on both the right and left hand. With the Shark you get a hygienic and easy to clean oven glove for the kitchen. The features of the oven gloves Shark at a glance: made of silicone, unlined ribbed profile for good grip suitable for dishwasher, liquid-tight resistant to contact heat up to 250°C for private use food-safe, durable
Chemical protection gloves Super High Risk | nitrile
Chemical protective gloves Super High Risk made of nitrile by Hygostar When handling chemicals and biological hazards, you need protective gloves you can rely on. The nitrile gloves Super High Risk they are tested Cat 3 protective glove strong, resilient and safe. At the same time, they fit very well on the hand and offer a lot of sensitivity for precise work. Here you buy high quality chemical protective gloves made of strong nitrile for single use. Nitrile is chemical resistant, resistant to oils, greases and tight against microorganisms and other biological hazards. With the extended cuff, the gloves are approximately 30 cm long overall, providing protection beyond the wrist. This provides even more protection when handling splashes or liquids. The chemical protection gloves are elastic and fit like a second skin. In addition, the textured surface facilitates gripping so that you simply work more quickly and accurately. Thanks to these features, the Super High Risk gloves are best suited for laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, emergency services, hospital, nursing, food industry and industry. They are the top seller among chemical gloves at Franz Mensch and have proven themselves for over 15 years. The properties of the chemical protective gloves Super High Risk at a glance: strong nitrile, very robust and tight powder-free, no contamination of samples or food by the powder non-slip thanks to textured surface 30 cm long, protection beyond the wrist very robust, durable good sense of touch, suitable for fine work flexible and elastic for a very good fit food safe with rolled edge that catches run-off drops latex free left-right portable
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Oven gloves Heattec | silicone
Oven gloves Heattec made of silicone by Hygostar The Heattec glove shows the ideal oven glove for the kitchen. It is made of silicone and resistant to contact heat up to 50°C. Since it is lined with cotton on the inside, it is very comfortable to wear. A structured surface provides a firm grip. These features make the Heattec not only hygienic and easy to clean, but also durable. To provide its wearer with protection beyond the wrist, the Heattec oven glove is also available with a cotton cuff. The features of the oven gloves Heattec at a glance: made of silicone, very durable and liquid-tight comfortable to wear thanks to cotton lining resistant to contact heat up to 50°C firm grip thanks to full-surface ribbed profile ambidextrous carrying possible easy to clean, hygienic for private use
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Ansell AlphaTec® 87-195, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 87-195 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 87-195 latex chemical protection gloves are perfectly suitable for wearers getting allergic reactions to conventional gloves. When worn, the chemical protection glove provides an unadulterated sense of touch, with a wall thickness of 0,35 mm. The inside of the AlphaTec® 87-195 has a pleasant flocked finish and the outer material is robust, making it suitable for light loads. The entire AlphaTec® 87-195 is safe for contact with food. The AlphaTec® 87-195 chemical protection gloves are best used, for example, during cleaning operations or in building management. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 87-195 made of latex suitability for otherwise high tendency to allergic reactions genuine sense of touch 0,35 mm wall thickness flocked interior for more comfort withstands light loads harmless contact with food use for cleaning or building management