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Wall holder

At Franz Mensch you will find suitable wall holders for knives, scissors or brooms. The shelves are space-saving, clean and very practical in everyday work. With wall holders, you can create much more order, cleanliness and speedy work processes with little effort. 

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Wall holder for canisters | stainless steel
Wall holder for stainless steel canisters from Hygoclean With these stainless steel wall holders, large containers such as canisters are neatly stored and always within easy reach in a fixed place. They are extremely stable and ensure that the canisters with cleaning agents or other liquids do not have to stand on the floor. This ensures safety and improves order in your business. The holders are ideal for all 10l canisters from Hygoclean. But canisters of other brands that comply with the dimensions 20 x 23.5 x 15.5 cm also fit into the wall holder. Stainless steel is insensitive, rustproof and easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. Therefore, the stainless steel canister holders can also be used for hygiene-sensitive production areas. Advantages of the stainless steel holders for stainless steel canisters at a glance made of stainless steel hygienic storage for large containers of cleaning agents, disinfectants and other liquids for all Hygoclean 10l canisters extremely robust
Broom holder "Eco Trio"
Das Besenbord besteht aus einer Kunststoff-Halterung aus Gummi. Das zu haltende Gerät wird mit dem Stiel zwischen die Rollen gepresst und von diesen festgehalten. Es ist in zwei Längen erhältlich. Das kürzere Besenbord kann ein Gerät halten, das längere hat Platz für drei Geräte.
Wall holder for cleaning papers | metal
Information about the wall holder for cleaning papers: Dimensions: 42 x 3 cm 4cm roll can be clamped (dispenser width 45cm) Suitable for the following articles: Cleaning paper, 2-ply (Art. No. 304420) Cleaning paper, 3-ply (Art. No. 30443) Fleece cloth HYGOTEX on roll (Art. No. 31700)
Wall holder for disinfectant wipes dispensers | stainless steel
Wall holder for disinfectant wipes tins, stainless steel by Hygoclean With these stainless steel dispensers, disinfectant wipes are neatly stored and always at hand - no more loose tins standing around. The disinfectant wipes are hygienically stored in the wall holder and can be removed individually. The wall holder is made of robust stainless steel and is therefore suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas. Advantages of the stainless steel wall holder for disinfectant wipes tins at a glance: hygienic removal at a fixed place stainless steel, robust and hygienic clean disinfection wipes dispensed refilled in a few simple steps these disinfectant wipes in a tin fit into the wall holder: art.-no. 34535 art.-no. 31536
knives board
Mit dem Messerbord haben sie ihre Messer immer griffbereit. Dieses Messerbord ist mit einem starken Magneten ausgestattet, der selbst schwere Berufsmesser und Hackbeile übersichtlich und dauerhaft hält. Dieser Magnet, der auch rostfrei ist, schont die Klingen ihrer Messer, da er fugenlos in schwarzen Kunststoff eingepasst ist. 
Wall holder for Hygowipe Bucket Dispenser | 6 litre
Wandhalter für Hygiene mit System: Der Wandhalter für den Spendereimer Hygowipe besteht aus Metall und bietet daher besonders hohe Stabilität und Sicherheit. passend für Spendereimer HYGOWIPE: Hygowipe Reinigungssystem (Art 31551) praktische und hygienische Aufbewahrung schneller Zugriff einfach zu montieren  
Bench mounting holder for medical sheets | stainless steel
Bench mounting holder for medical sheets made of stainless steel by Hygostar The stainless steel holder is used to attach couch supports to the patient couch and provides a stable hold during use. The individually adjustable length allows rolls with a maximum width of 1.100 mm to be attached. The couch rolls can be easily replaced and are suitable for use in medical or wellness areas. The features of the bench mounting holder for medical sheets at a glance: ideal benck mounting holder for medical sheets easy exchange of the rolls for a maximum width of 1.100 mm individually adjustable length for attachment to the patient couch
Wall holder for dispenser buckets | stainless steel
Wall holder for dispenser buckets | stainless steel by Hygoclean The wall holder for dispenser buckets is made of stainless steel and has a very high quality and easy to clean. It also provides practical storage on the wall and the bucket is easy to change. So the wipes are always ready to hand. Furthermore, this wall holder is adjustable from 145 mm up to 220 mm. You can also find the matching dispenser bucket in our assortment. Properties of the Wall holder at a glance: stainless steel bracket adjustable holder (145 - 220mm)  easy to clean cloths always ready to hand matching bucket  (article 31551) 

Wall holder

The various wall holders from Hygostar offer your business a clean and handy way to store a wide range of products. Whether for brooms, knives, scissors, buckets or kitchen rolls: You will definitely find what you are looking for here.


Highlights that keep things tidy

Broom holder

Whether you need space for just one broom or space for up to 3 brooms: Here you will find a large selection of broom holders that will make your business tidier and clearer. The aluminium rails with plastic clamping rollers can be easily mounted on the wall. Brooms and other equipment are simply pushed into the holder with light pressure.


Knives board

Thanks to the knife board, you always have your knives ready to hand and safely stored. With the help of a strong magnet, even heavy professional knives or cleavers hold reliably. In addition, the blade of the knife is protected because the magnet is seamlessly fitted into black plastic.


Wall holder for dispenser buckets

The wall holder for dispenser buckets is very high quality and hygienic because it is easy to clean. It is variable in size and can therefore be used for different dispenser buckets. This way, you always have the wipes in the bucket at hand and save a lot of time.