Disposable washing gloves

Disposable washing cloths are ideal for patient care, baby care or cosmetic treatments as they are rub-resistant and soft. The microfibre flannels are a cheap and hygienic alternative to conventional flannels.

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Washing gloves Soft | spunlace
Washing gloves Soft from Spunlace from Hygostar The Soft wash gloves have been impressing nursing staff and patients for many years. The particularly soft, fluffy surface feels very pleasant when in direct contact with the skin. In addition, you clean thoroughly and efficiently with these disposable washcloths. Thanks to the honeycomb structure on the outside, soiling is quickly absorbed and remains in the washcloth. Disposable non-woven washing gloves are especially recommended for use in medical areas. They are very hygienic, as each patient always receives a fresh wash mitt and the spread of germs is prevented. Soft wash gloves are made of a high-quality, soft spunlace nonwoven. Spunlace is a textile-like material consisting of highly absorbent viscose fibers. It is particularly resistant to wetness, rubbing and therefore ideal for use as washing gloves, which you can of course use together with water and skin care products of your choice. The Soft washcloths from Franz Mensch are very affordable, machine-made and ultrasonically welded. They do not require any additional adhesives and are therefore particularly kind to the skin. Disposable washcloths are versatile for patient care in hospitals, in nursing homes or also for care services in the field of outpatient or home care. But disposable washcloths are popular for baby care in infant wards, in hotels, in wellness and cosmetic areas, when traveling and for hygienic cleaning on the go. Features of the washing gloves at a glance: soft and extra soft skin feeling very pleasant for patients high quality spunlace fleece absorbent, rub-resistant and wet-strengthened with honeycomb structure for best cleaning results Extremely hygienic, as it is for disposable use very skin-friendly: free of perfume and adhesives welded with ultrasound, machine made 50 pieces in hygienic PE bag Can also be used with disposable gloves
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Disposable washing gloves for the care ofpatients are soft, comfortable, fluffy and very absorbent.

The wash-up shoes are made of rub-resistant viscose nonwoven or airlaid and are very suitable for washing patients in nursing and hospitals.