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Top seller organic disposable products

The NatureStar topseller range is made from renewable raw materials and is therefore particularly sustainable. The selected product highlights include skewers and disposable tableware for a wide range of applications.

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Organic coffee cups Only Paper | paperboard
Organic coffee cup Only Paper made of paperboard from Naturestar Drink, recycle, protect the environment. The sustainable organic coffee cup Only Paper belongs to a new generation of disposable cups made purely from natural materials. Now make your coffee to go business much more environmentally friendly and consciously offer your guests organic cups without plastic coating. The special feature: The organic coffee cups Only Paper are completely recyclable via waste paper - no residues, no plastic - just paper. The inside of the cups is sealed with a water-based protective coating so that the paper remains stable for a long time. The organic cups to go are made of renewable, fresh paper fibres that are particularly strong, dense and food-safe. The coffee cup Only Paper is a single-walled paper cup with good insulating properties. You can also find matching accessories such as sustainable lids, cup sleeves, drinking straws and napkins in the Franz Mensch online shop. Features of the organic coffee mug Only Paper at a glance: pure natural product made of paper sustainable recyclable material completely recyclable from waste paper water-based seal on the inside stable, leak-proof and food-safe made from renewable raw materials single-walled coffee mug standard printing with food-safe inks (flexo printing) good insulation ideal for sustainable coffee-to-go business for hot and cold drinks Recyclable waste paper: recycling instead of incineration The biggest problem with conventional paper cups is the plastic coating on their inside. This coating makes the cups leak-proof and food-safe. Unfortunately, however, it prevents the paper cups from being disposed of sustainably. Alternative organic coffee cups with a plant-based PLA coating are also produced in an environmentally friendly way, but have a similar disposal problem due to the lack of composting facilities. With a total annual consumption of 2.8 billion* cups in Germany alone, a better solution is needed. Products made from renewable raw materials are good and absolutely the right way to go. But sustainable action must not stop with the last sip of coffee. We have to think the process through further and enable environmentally friendly disposal. With the organic coffee cups Only Paper, this has been achieved for the first time. After use, they can be fed into the recycling loop via waste paper. This makes the coffee to go market much more environmentally friendly. *According to the Federal Environment Agency, source: Reusable instead of disposable for coffee and co. | Federal Environment Agency
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Organic menu boxes with hinged lid | bagasse
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid made of bagasse by NatureStar The square lunch boxes are the sustainable solution for all to-go meals, delivery service or for packing leftovers after a visit to a restaurant. The organic men's lunch boxes are made exclusively from natural sugar cane fibres, known as bagasse. Bagasse is a waste product that is inevitably produced during industrial sugar production and would have to be disposed of. As organic disposable tableware, the valuable, solid fibres are given a new purpose. The sugar cane fibres are processed into a pulp with the addition of water and binding agents. The mass is then pressed into moulds and dried. This produces very high-quality, white organic lunch boxes, plates, bowls or cups. Disposable tableware made from sugar cane is free of plastics or coatings and can therefore be composted industrially. NatureStar's organic lunch bowls comply with EN 13432 for guaranteed compostability. The organic food boxes with hinged lids are available in numerous sizes, colours and shapes. You can choose between four different volumes - from 450 ml to 1300 ml - and between white or natural brown colour in each case. The large undivided surface offers plenty of space for pasta, salads, rice dishes or your favourite curry sausage with chips. Transporting food with sauces or dressings is also possible with sugar cane boxes, as the material is very dense and stable. The hinged lid is easy to close and protects your food during transport. In addition, the menu boxes are heat-resistant up to 100 °C and suitable for both freezing and reheating in the microwave or oven. Features of the organic menu box with hinged lid at a glance: rectangular or square, undivided from sugar cane fibres, bagasse natural product made from vegetable raw materials compostable according to EN 13432 stable and very tight food-safe oil and grease resistant suitable for microwave and oven heat resistant up to 100 °C suitable for refrigerator and freezer stackable, very space-saving
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Organic hamburger boxes with hinged lid | bagasse
Environmentally friendly organic hamburger boxes from Naturestar The disposable food boxes are made purely from sugar cane fibres and are therefore particularly sustainable. They are plastic-free, do not require a plastic coating and can be industrially composted. The organic hamburger boxes from NatureStar are a high-quality packaging for to-go food of all kinds or for leftovers from a visit to a restaurant. The large size is ideal for burgers or sandwiches. Sugar cane dishes are stable, waterproof, grease-resistant and can even withstand freezing and heating. The great sustainability advantage of lunch boxes made from sugar cane is that a residual material is used for the production, which is produced in industrial sugar production anyway. This is the so-called bagasse. Bagasse is solid fibre from the sugar cane that is left over as a waste product and is normally incinerated. Far too bad! Together with water and binding agents, the fibres are turned into a pulp that is pressed into any shape and then dried. This is how the bagasse is made into beautifully shaped plates, hamburger boxes, bowls or cups. Not a single tree has to be felled for this organic tableware. Only existing materials are used and resources are noticeably conserved. The sugar cane hamburger boxes are available in two colours: bright white or natural brown. If the bagasse is bleached in an additional step, the end product is white; if it is used in its natural colour without bleaching, the look is natural brown. The burger boxes to go made from sugar cane are ideal for anyone who wants to make their takeaway business more sustainable. Show your guests that environmental protection is important to you and consciously use compostable organic packaging made from plant-based raw materials. Features of the hamburger boxes at a glance: rectangular, undivided pure natural product made from renewable raw materials compostable sugar cane fibres according to EN 13432 extra stable and dense food box food-safe oil and grease resistant, waterproof suitable for microwave and oven heat resistant up to 100 °C suitable for refrigerator and freezer stackable, very space-saving bulk pack with 10 x 50 pieces
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Organic paper straws Classic, striped | FSC®-mix
Organic paper drinking straws Classic, FSC® certified from NatureStar The striped paper straws are the plastic-free, sustainable alternative for all cold drinks and cocktails. The organic drinking straws are made purely from natural and renewable raw materials: Only paper, glue and water-based colours. The paper used comes from responsibly managed, FSC® certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources – according to the FSC® Mix label. The organic drinking straws are of course food-safe and consist of 3 layers of paper. This 3-layer processing makes the paper straws particularly dimensionally stable and durable. In addition, they have an intense colour that gives your drinks a great look. You have the choice between 7 different colours. The paper drinking straws are neutral in taste and ideal for all kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, milkshakes and soft drinks. They are colourfast and can also be used in combination with ice cubes. Buy your organic paper drinking straws from NatureStar and show your guests that you care about hygiene and sustainability. The organic straws are for single use and therefore very hygienic than comparable drinking straws made of stainless steel or glass.  Features of the Classic organic paper drinking straws at a glance: made of FSC®-certified paper, 3-ply made from renewable, natural raw materials and controlled sources sustainable and unbleached water-based colours food-safe free of PFAS (PFAS are industrial chemicals that we are happy to do without in our drinking straws). long-lasting and dimensionally stable neutral in taste hygienic disposable drinking straw made of paper, no need to rinse diameter: 0.6 cm length: 19.7 cm classic stripe pattern, 7 colours to choose from Bulk pack with 30 x 100 pieces   All paper drinking straws from one source - around 100 variations Whether it's a jumbo drinking straw, a short cocktail straw, with a bend or trendy black drinking straws: here in the shop you'll find almost 100 designs that you can use in a variety of ways for all your drinks. For example: art.-no. 42180: Jumbo straws for cocktails and shakes - long and thick art.-no. 421300: Black cocktail straws - short and thick art.-no. 421020: Plain organic paper drinking straws - also available in brown organic look  Tip: napkins, drinking cups and other accessories for your sustainable takeaway business can be found here. Can paper straws be printed individually? Yes, this is possible at Franz Mensch. We print drinking straws with up to four colours from a print run of 100,000 to 300,000 pieces. Important to know: Logos could be cut off during printing. Therefore, it is best to choose a continuous motif for printing.
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Organic wooden skewers
Organic wooden skewers from Naturestar The wooden shish kebabs with the professional long tip are high quality, sturdy and versatile for making food. They are ideal as meat skewers, barbecue skewers, shashlik skewer, vegetable skewers, fruit skewers, chocolate fruit and much more. The skewers are made of splinter-free and unbreakable birch wood. Birch wood is particularly stable and has a smooth surface. For an even more pleasant mouthfeel, the wooden skewers from NatureStar have an extra polished surface. The wooden skewers are equipped with a long tip on one side so that meat and other foods can be skewered perfectly. Wood is a sustainable and renewable raw material. Shish kebabs made of wood are biodegradable and a very hygienic alternative to skewers made of metal, which require extensive cleaning after use. The skewers are available in 5 sizes. Buy your wooden skewers here in 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm lengths. Properties of the organic wooden skewers at a glance: pure natural product made of wood made from renewable raw materials biodegradable sturdy birch wood with polished, smooth surface splinter-free, stable and unbreakable neutral in taste long tip on one side for easy impaling food-safe Wholesale pack for professionals, 10 x 1000 pieces Saving tip: Not bundled, in packs of 1000 and cheaper than wood are shashlik skewers made of bamboo (art.-no. 38914) Wooden skewers with a short tip or special skewers for machine processing are available on request. Send us your requirements by e-mail to verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Why wood is ideal for meat skewers? Wood is a very cheap, renewable raw material and completely biodegradable after use. It is the ideal material for anyone who values sustainability and hygiene. Wood can be used unbleached and is therefore a particularly natural, neutral in taste and, above all, food-safe material. Franz Mensch explicitly refrains from using wood from rainforest clearances. The wood and paper products are from ecological forestry and many are available as FSC®-certified variants. Birch wood is ideal for use with food because it is stable, even and splinter-free. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant mouth feel and the perfect enjoyment of your food. Wood products from NatureStar have a particularly high quality. A special drying process reduces the moisture content in the wood. This protects the wooden skewers from mould and ensures a long shelf life.
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Organic fingerfood skewers Loop | bamboo
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop made of bamboo by Naturestar Surprise your guests with these strikingly beautiful finger food skewers made of bamboo. The knotted loop at the top and the natural look present your food in a particularly stylish way. The bamboo skewers are among the best-selling skewers at Franz Mensch and are available in many sizes as well as two different colours. Buy these eco-friendly skewers conveniently here in the shop and use them, for example, as pickers for sushi, canapés, desserts, buffets and much more. The Loop finger food skewers are made exclusively from bamboo. Bamboo is a very economical and inexpensive organic material because it grows back particularly quickly. Furthermore, bamboo is tasteless and stronger than wood. Finger food skewers made of bamboo are therefore very stable and pleasant to the mouth. Especially at buffets or events, bamboo skewers help to grip appetisers and finger food in a hygienic way because the food does not have to be touched with the hands. The bamboo skewers are particularly easy to grip thanks to the knot at the top end. Therefore, especially for finger food buffets, work with hygienic and at the same time sustainable skewers made of bamboo. More sustainable: art.-no. 389661: Organic fingerfood skewers Loop in practical dispenser box Advantages of the organic finger food skewers Loop at a glance: pure natural product made of bamboo made from renewable raw materials biodegradable extremely stable and tasteless with knot end for hygienic gripping stylish presentation of food for parties, events, catering or barbecues 250 pieces packed in a hygienic bag True or not: Is bamboo harder than oak? Yes, that's right. In fact, bamboo is harder than the wood of an oak. There is a special measuring method that determines the degree of hardness of a wood. A steel ball is pressed into the wood with a certain force. The pressed-in area is then measured and it is calculated how hard the wood is. All tree species and also bamboo can be classified and compared in this way. The result: bamboo is harder than oak and many other woods. Bamboo is not even a tree. From a botanical point of view, it belongs to the grasses and has amazing properties. Bamboo is elastic and stable at the same time, which is why there are more and more products made of bamboo. These include, for example, parquet flooring, furniture, kitchen utensils and even bicycle frames. Furthermore, bamboo is ahead in terms of sustainability. It is the fastest growing plant in the world. What takes a tree decades to grow, a bamboo cane takes just 4 years. Bamboo grows up to 35 metres high in its first year and then hardens. This makes bamboo so ecological and also cheap to buy. Franz Mensch has had a versatile bamboo range in its programme since 2009: art.-no. 38971: bamboo skewers art.-no. 38922: fingerfood skewers art.-no. 38975: bamboo tongs There are always new product ideas made of bamboo.
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