The global company is one of the world's leading manufacturers
in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is particularly known for its protective gloves.

Highlight products of the brand Ansell

Ansell AlphaTec® 37-310, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-310 from Ansell AlphaTec® 37-310 chemical protection gloves are mad of nitrile, offer excellent comfort when worn and protect the wearer from weak acids. The chemical protection glove contains no latex or silicone and is food safe. The 0,2 mm thick material wall enables high sensitivity when touching and is at the same time extremely robust and hard-wearing. Oils, fats and liquids are successfully blocked out by the AlphaTec® 37-310. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-310 excellent wearing comfort repels weak acids made without latex & silicone food safe wall thickness: 0,2 mm high touch sensitivity robust & hard-wearing protection against oils, greases and liquids
Price reduced
Ansell VersaTouch® 92-200, nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves VersaTouch® 92-200 from Ansell The VersaTouch® 92-200 nitrile gloves are made from feather light and sensitive material, free of latex and silicone. The textured tips of the fingers allow the wearer a unique sense of touch. The quality of the nitrile glove's tear resistance and grip have been reworked and further developed, which also increases life expectancy. The VersaTouch® 92-200 is excellent for precision tasks and can come into contact with food. The features of the nitrile gloves VersaTouch® 92-200 at a glance: featherlight and sensitive material without latex and silicone excellent sense of touch due to structured surface refined tear resistance and grip security improved durability for tasks with precision food approved
Ansell HyFlex® 74-718, cut protection gloves
Cut protection gloves HyFlex® 74-718 from Ansell The cut protection glove HyFlex® 74-718 demonstrate innovative technology in the field of cut protection. It offers outstanding and reliable cut protection at level 5 through a technical yarn, and because the so-called Dyneema® Diamond technology has been applied to certain areas of the glove, the protection performance in high-risk areas is increased. In addition, the tiring of the hands is prevented. Likewise, the additional integrated technology Tuff Cuff™ II ensures that the anatomical fit to the hands is maintained after washing. Finally, the cut protection glove is made of modern technical fibers that support the regulation of moisture and hand temperature in both cold and warm work areas. As a result, the cut protection glove HyFlex® 74-718 offers unparalleled comfort and protection, making it a popular product especially for food processing. The features of the cut protection gloves HyFlex® 74-718: reliable cut protection (level 5) Increase of the protection performance  quick tiring of the hands is prevented anatomical fit after washing Supports the regulation of humidity and hand temperature  optimal wearing comfort
Ansell Microflex® 93-143, nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves Microflex® 93-143 from Ansell The nitrile gloves Microflex® 93-143 can be used nearly universally. The material of the nitrile glove is durable and offers an excellent grip, even on wet, dry or oily objects, thanks to the integrated structure on the inside of the hand. This makes the Microflex® 93-143 unbeatable for maintenance work or laboratory analysis. The features of the nitrile gloves Microflex® 93-143 innumerable application possibilities hard-wearing good grip due to structured palm area ideal for maintenance work or analyses in the laboratory
Ansell HyFlex® 11-919, mechanical protection gloves
Mechanical protection gloves HyFlex® 11-919 Ansell The HyFlex® 11-919 mechanical protection gloves are made of seamless, non-abrasive nylon. The textured nitrile top layer provides excellent grip and the finger sensitivity is ensured at all times. The material of the HyFlex® 11-919 is very elastic and repels liquids. The mechanical protection glove successfully wards off oil, dirt and grease and is safe in contact with food. The HyFlex® 11-919 mechanical protection glove is ideal for use in maintenance and construction work. The features of the mechanical protection gloves HyFlex® 11-919 made of elastic & seamless nylon high abrasion resistance structured surface for more grip perfect finger sensitivity provided hydrophobic outer layer oil, dirt and grease repellent harmless when handling food for maintenance and construction work
Price reduced
Ansell Microflex® 93-852, nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves Microflex® 93-852 from Ansell The nitrile glove Microflex® 93-852 is characterized by its functional and dirt-hiding black color. It is also latex and powder-free, which is why it protects the skin from type I allergies, irritation or dehydration. Its fully textured structure without foam cushioning provides a secure grip and allows the glove wearer a firm wet grip. It also provides optimum wearing comfort, as the hands can move freely. Compared to the ASTM D6319 and EN 455 standards, the nitrile glove Microflex® 93-852 has a higher tensile strength. This makes the nitrile glove suitable for a wide range of tasks such as working with cleaning tools and robotic equipment, changing oil, liquids and filters, repairing gearboxes, taking and processing samples, mixing, preparing solids and/or liquids, sampling raw materials in the automotive industry and automotive markets and machinery and equipment. The features of the nitrile gloves Microflex® 93-852: made of nitrile, black  non-foaming dirt-hiding skin-friendly firm wet grip optimum wearing comfort free movement of the hands tensile strength
Ansell AlphaTec® 37-510, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-510 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 37-510 chemical protection gloves, made of nitrile, are characterized by their 0,28 mm wall thickness and the excellent integration of UltraGrip™, the diamond-shaped structure on the palm-area. The AlphaTec® 37-510 is manufactured entirely without latex and provides excellent finger flexibility, even in an environment with lower temperatures. The chemical protective glove is food-safe and protects its wearer from mechanical hazards. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-510 from nitrile 0,28 mm wall thickness integrated UltraGrip™ without latex best finger flexibility, even in cold weather food safe protection from mechanical hazards
Price reduced
Ansell TouchNTuff® 93-250, nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves TouchNTuff® 93-250 from Ansell The nitrile glove TouchNTuff® 93-250 is made of a soft nitrile compound and guarantees a high wearing comfort over a longer period of time. As it does not contain latex proteins, Type I skin allergies are avoided and the glove adapts to the anatomy of the hands. In contrast to other disposable gloves made of Nirtil, this glove minimizes the effort required by the fingers and palm when gripping wet and dry objects. This also reduces hand fatigue and increases productivity. In addition, the disposable glove is silicone-free and no surfaces are contaminated by residues. Accordingly, the TouchNTuff® 93-250 nitrile glove is suitable for a wide range of tasks such as oil, fluid and filter changes, gear repair, spill clean-up, fluid transport or test procedures. The features of the nitrile gloves TouchNTuff® 93-250 at a glance: soft nitrile compound no triggering of skin allergies Reduction of the effort required for gripping increases productivity no quick tiredness of the hands  free of silicone
Ansell HyFlex® 11-423, cut protection gloves
Cut protection gloves HyFlex® 11-423 from Ansell The cut protection glove HyFlex® 11-423 features outstanding wearing comfort, excellent finger mobility and good abrasion and cut resistance. The palm shows a water-based coating produced using an environmentally friendly and innovative process. In addition, the lint-free glove is both silicone- and DMF-free and heat-resistant up to 100°C. Due to its versatile nature, it is ideal for use in the automotive industry, metalworking or machine work for handling sharp-edged parts or metal and assembly work. The HyFlex® 11-423 cut protection glove also has an orange indicator that indicates cut protection level 3. The features of the cut protection gloves HyFlex® 11-423:  seamless, water-based coating on the inside abrasion and cut resistant lint-free heat resistant up to 100°C silicone- and DMF-free suitable for metal and assembly work, handling of sharp-edged parts or adjustment and screwing of systems
Price reduced
Ansell VersaTouch® 92-205, nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves VersaTouch® 92-205 from Ansell The nitrile glove VersaTouch® 92-205 presents a thin and light protective glove that meets all requirements for contact with food. The glove is also suitable for handling all fatty foods. Textured fingertips provide excellent tactile sensitivity for precision work and finger mobility. Whether in dry, wet or greasy work areas, the nitrile glove VersaTouch® 92-205 offers a secure grip. This makes it the ideal protective glove for food processing. The features of the nitrile glove VersaTouch® 92-205: consists of nitrile  thin and light food safe  textured fingertips excellent tactile sensitivity and finger mobility secure gripping suitable for dry, wet and greasy working areas

Our partner Ansell

Ansell protects

The company began in Australia over 125 years ago. Today, Ansell is represented in large parts of the globe.Both in America, Asia and Europe, Ansell employs 13,000 people in over 54 different countries.

Over a hundred years of experience make Ansell the expert in professional occupational health and safety. Every day, Ansell protects 10 million people in 25 different industries, from the medical sector and the food industry to the automotive and metalworking industries.

DThat's why Ansell products stand for innovative protection solutions and the highest quality worldwide. Our partnership with Ansell now allows you to purchase Ansell branded products directly from Franz Mensch.

Innovation & Technology

In 11 research and development facilities around the world, Ansell is constantly designing new products and improving existing ones. In doing so, Ansell relies on the experiences of the people who are protected by its products every day.

The Worker Experience Innovation (WEI) program focuses on drawing technological conclusions from workers' everyday situations. In this way, Ansell develops gloves that offer maximum protection and a high level of wearer comfort.


As a global company, Ansell takes its responsibility to our environment extremely seriously.

Sustainability targets and projects show that Ansell protects people and the environment in which we live, and intends to continue doing so in the future. Ansell supports human rights and is committed to the communities in which you are present.

In addition, processes are continuously made more environmentally friendly, thus steadily reducing the company's ecological footprint.