Our NatureStar disposable products consist of renewable raw materials that have been processed in an environmentally friendly manner
and are fully compostable after use.Thus they protect our nature in the long term.

Highlight products of the brand NatureStar

Paper drinking straw Cocktail dotted
Paper drinking straw Cocktail dotted by Naturestar The dotted drinking straw Cocktail are made of a FSC® mix paper and thus from renewable raw resources.They are unbleached, which is why they can be 100% composted and are therefore environmentally friendly. In addition, these dotted straws are extremely stable and durable, as they do not soften for up to 48 hours. Due to a thick diameter, the paper drinking straws Cocktail can therefore be perfectly used for cocktails and other drinks. Also available are these paper drinking straws with stripes (art. 42135). Advantages of dotted paper drinking straw cocktail at a glance: made of FSC®-Mix paper: very stable, durable very environmentally friendly, thanks to renewable raw resources 48 hours no soaking fully compostable, since unbleached food safe
Organic lids Minestrone | kraft paper/PE, FSC®-mix
Organic lids Minestrone | kraft paper/PE, FSC®-mix by NatureStar The organic lids Minestrone are made of kraft paper with a PE coating. The coating prevents the organic lids from being damaged when they come into contact with wet and greasy food. The resilient kraft paper ensures good stability as well as a sustainable modern look. The lids are suitable for contact with food because they are made of pure fresh fibres. The organic Minestrone lids are available in various sizes and are ideal for packaging and transporting soups, stews and pasta dishes. The organic lids are used especially in the areas of takeaways, caterers, fast food, food trucks, street food and snack bars. Tip: The organic Minestrone lids are suitable for both the organic Minestrone soup cups | kraft paper/PLA (art. 416250) and the organic Minestrone soup cups | kraft paper/PE, FSC® mix (art. 417235). Both articles are also available from us. Properties of the lid for soup cup made of kraft paper FSC®-mix at a glance: trendy brown design very resilient paper for contact with food with PE-coating FSC® certified paper suitable for soup cups Minestrone in different sizes as packaging and for transporting soups, stews and pasta dishes
Paper drinking straw "Flex" dotted | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straws "Flex" dotted, FSC®-certified by NatureStar The paper drinking straw "Flex" striped is made of very strong and high-quality paper, so it is a perfect and eco-friendly alternative to common drinking straws made of plastic. The drinking straw has beside its strength and durability a special dotted look. Furthermore, the drinking straw is produced with 100% renewable raw materials and is therefore very sustainable After the use, paper drinking straws are completely biologically decomposable and so there is a closed, eco-friendly material cycle. Properties of the paper drinking straw "Flex" dotted, FSC®-certified: made of FSC®-certified paper sustainable and unbleached food safe very stable and durable
Biodegradable lid covers for cups | CPLA
Biodegradable lid covers for cups This disposable lid by NATUREStar is particularly environmentally friendly because it was produced from renewable raw materials. The disposable lid is fully compostable. It consists of C-PLA. C-PLA is colloquially referred to as organic plastic, since it looks like conventional plastic at first glance. C-PLA is produced in contrast to plastic particularly environmentally friendly - 60% less CO2 emissions! Because C-PLA consists of corn starch. The abbreviation PLA stands for polylactides (lactic acid from corn starch). The "C" stands for "crystallized", i. PLA, which has been made particularly stable and heat-resistant by a special crystallization. The organic caps made of C-PLA are therefore ideal to cover hot drinks. They can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.   Fit - Lid 40076 suitable for cups with 6,2cm diameter (0,1l/4oz) - Lid 40026 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter (0,15l/6oz - 0,3l/12oz) - Lid 40046 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter (0,3l/12oz - 0,4l/16oz)   Properties of the compostable lid white C-PLA fully biodegradable with convenient drinking opening no spilling, no smudging keeps hot drinks warm longer perfect for on the go very stable and tasteless suitable for all cups with 6,2cm , 8cm and 9cm diameter
Bamboo skewers Nature
Organic bamboo spits by Naturestar These organic decorative picks are made of bamboo and therefore very hard and stable. They are also tasteless. The bamboo spits that are suitable for finger food are also very environmentally friendly, as bamboo grows back very quickly. Furthermore, they are 100% biodegradable and tasteless. These versatile spits are great for caterers, catering, butchers and kitchens. Features of the bamboo skewers Nature made from eco-friendly bamboo very hard & stable food safe tasteless fully compostable
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop in dispenser box | bamboo
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop made from bamboo by NatureStar The bamboo skewers are ideal for finger food and the stylish presentation of your food. The loop knot at the top is particularly decorative and makes it easy and hygienic to grab the snacks. The organic bamboo skewers are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic picks. Bamboo is a natural material and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. These properties make bamboo very sustainable and economical at the same time. In addition, the bamboo pickers are very stable and tasteless. They are also packed in a particularly environmentally friendly way in a cardboard dispenser box. Advantages of the organic finger food skewers Loop made of bamboo at a glance: pure natural product made of bamboo sustainably packed in a cardboard box biodegradable, stable and tasteless with knot end for easy gripping highlight for finger food and buffets available in 2 lengths
Coffee cups Only Paper | paperboard
Organic coffee cup Only Paper made of paperboard from Naturestar Drink, recycle, protect the environment. The sustainable organic coffee cup Only Paper belongs to a new generation of disposable cups that do completely without coating and plastic. Now make your coffee to go business much more environmentally friendly and consciously offer your guests plastic-free organic cups. The special feature: The organic coffee cups Only Paper are completely recyclable via waste paper - no residues, no plastic - just paper. The organic cups to go are made of renewable, fresh paper fibers that are particularly stable, dense and food-safe. An additional coating is not necessary. The coffee cup Only Paper is a single-walled paper cup with good insulating properties. Furthermore, you will find matching accessories such as sustainable lids, cup sleeves, drinking straws and napkins in the Franz Mensch online-shop. Features of the organic coffee cup Only Paper at a glance: pure natural product made of paper sustainable recyclable material completely recyclable through waste paper stable, leak-proof and food-safe made from renewable raw materials single-walled coffee cup standard printing with food safe inks (flexo printing) good insulating properties ideal for sustainable coffee-to-go business for hot and cold drinks Recyclable waste paper: recycling instead of incineration The biggest problem with conventional paper cups is the plastic coating on their inside. This coating makes the cups leak-proof and food-safe. Unfortunately, however, it prevents the paper cups from being disposed of sustainably. Alternative organic coffee cups with a plant-based PLA coating are also produced in an environmentally friendly way, but have a similar disposal problem due to the lack of composting facilities. With a total annual consumption of 2.8 billion* cups in Germany alone, a better solution is needed. Products made from renewable raw materials are good and absolutely the right way to go. But sustainable action must not stop with the last sip of coffee. We have to think the process through further and enable environmentally friendly disposal. With the organic coffee cups Only Paper, this has been achieved for the first time. After use, they can be fed into the recycling loop via waste paper. This makes the coffee to go market much more environmentally friendly. *According to the Federal Environment Agency, source: Reusable instead of disposable for coffee and co. | Federal Environment Agency
plastic free
Bamboo tongs
Bamboo disposable forceps This bamboo pliers are an excellent addition to your next finger food buffet. Quite simply small snacks or sushi can be picked up. The pliers are made of eco-friendly bamboo and therefore fully compostable. The bamboo tongs are extremely stable and tasteless. Features of the BIO Bamboo Pliers: Environmentally friendly, 100% bamboo fully compostable tasteless extremely stable
Paper drinking straw "Jumbo" unicolored | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straw Jumbo unicolored | FSC®-certified from Naturestar The paper drinking straws Jumbo have measure an above average width, with 8 mm in diameter. Jumbo is made of FSC®-certified material and can be used in combination with cocktails and lemonades, for example. The features of the paper drinking straw Jumbo unicolored extra wide 8 mm diameter made of FSC®-certified material for example for cocktails and lemonades
Price reduced
Tray Casa | sugarcane
Tray Casa made of sugarcane by NatureStar The organic tray Casa is made of sugar cane fibers and 100 % compostable. It is available in three different sizes with a filling quantity of 500 ml, 650 ml or a higher edge for 750 ml. Thanks to ist heat-resistance up to 100°C and ist oil- and grease-resistance the bowl is perfect for cold and warm greasy meals. Features of the tray Casa: •    perfect for meals for take-away  •    perfect for refrigerator/microwavable up to 100 °C •    stackable and therefore space-saving •    100% compostable corresponding EN 13432 •    made of renewable materials

Sustainability through NatureStar

As a manufacturer of disposables, Franz Mensch is aware of its special responsibility for the environment and its protection. And we know: disposables and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. With the green NatureStar brand, we actively promote more sustainable product alternatives - and have been doing so since 2016. They consist of traditionally sustainable materials such as wood or bamboo, as well as innovative raw materials such as kraft paper, corn starch or palm leaf.

NatureStar products are:
  • produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • made exclusively from natural raw materials
  • CO2-neutral and biodegradable
  • resistant to water and other liquids
  • suitable for oily and greasy food

We are FSC® certified (FSC® C146085)

The FSC® system and its standards ensure the use of forests in accordance with social, economic and environmental needs. For the production of FSC® products, compliance with the following requirements applies: Only FSC®-certified quantities from controlled timber sources or recycled material may be used.
In order for the end user to be able to actively choose a product that promotes responsible forest management, FSC® certified products are flagged. The label refers to the product or packaging components that come from the forest. Only certified companies are allowed to label their end products with FSC® materials. .


Our NatureStar products are made of various environmentally friendly materials: