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Our NatureStar disposable products consist of renewable raw materials that have been processed in an environmentally friendly manner
and are fully compostable after use.Thus they protect our nature in the long term.

Highlight products of the brand NatureStar

Organic toothpicks | bamboo
Organic toothpicks bamboo from NatureStar The organic toothpicks are made of bamboo and are particularly sturdy. Bamboo is an ideal organic raw material because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can be used in its natural form. Bamboo toothpicks are smooth and have two tips, so they can be used on both sides. They are stored loose in a sustainable cardboard dispenser box. The dispenser box is equipped with a viewing window and a practical removal chute. Advantages of the bamboo toothpicks loose in dispenser box at a glance: made of bamboo, purely vegetable and natural loose in dispenser box, 1.000 pieces 2 tips, can be used on both sides polished for a smooth mouth feel stable and tasteless
Organic sporks | wood FSC® 100%, wax coated
Organic spork made of wood, FSC® 100%, wax-coated by NatureStar The organic spoons are made of FSC®-certified birch wood. The spoons are coated with vegetable carnauba wax. This gives the tasteless organic spoons a particularly pleasant mouthfeel. The environmentally friendly fork and spoon combination is hygienically packaged in a kraft paper sleeve. Features of the wax-coated organic sporks at a glance: Combination of spoon and fork made of birch wood with FSC® certification individually wrapped in kraft paper coated with natural wax pleasant mouthfeel
Organic knives | bagasse
Organic knives made of bagasse by NatureStar These eco-friendly and stylish organic knives enhance your takeaway food while having a positive impact on our environment. The organic knives are made from pure sugar cane fibres, a renewable resource that grows back quickly and is particularly environmentally friendly. The organic knives are easy to grip, fat-resistant, stable and cut very well. They are temperature-resistant and therefore ideal for cold or hot dishes. The sugar cane knives are biodegradable and can be composted industrially - guaranteed by EN 13432. Properties of organic knives made of bagasse at a glance: biodegradable and compostable, confirmed by EN 13432 made from 100 % sugar cane, renewable and purely plant-based stable waterproof, grease-resistant food safe, tasteless matching: art.-no. 411857: spoon art.-no. 411856: fork
Organic spoons | wood FSC® 100%, wax coated
Organic spoons made of wood, FSC® 100%, wax-coated by NatureStar The organic spoons are made of birch wood with FSC® certification. The spoons are coated with natural wax. This gives the organic spoons a particularly smooth surface and splinter protection. The environmentally friendly spoons are individually packed in a kraft paper sleeve and are therefore ideal for the take-away sector. Features of the wax-coated organic spoons at a glance: made of birch wood with FSC® certification individually wrapped in kraft paper splinter protection due to wax coating sustainable
Organic coffee cups Kraft | kraft paper/PE, FSC®-Mix
Organic coffee cups Kraft made of kraft paper/PE, FSC®-Mix by NatureStar The sustainable organic coffee cups are made of sturdy kraft paper and are suitable for both hot and cold drinks to-go. Whether it's coffee, tea or a soft drink, the organic cups made of kraft paper are very durable and wet-proof thanks to the inner PE coating. The kraft paper used comes from responsible forestry - confirmed by the FSC® Mix label. Order matching accessories here in the shop and convert your entire to-go area to sustainability. For example, with the matching organic lids made of vegetable CPLA (corn starch: art.-no. 40026) or the compostable sugar cane lids (art.-no. 401101). Properties of organic coffee cups kraft made of kraft paper/PE at a glance: natural brown colour very sturdy kraft paper, FSC®-mix material durable thanks to PE coating on the inside of the cups coffee-to-go cups available in 200 ml or 300 ml for hot drinks, cold drinks and environmentally friendly to-go business order matching lids: art.-no. 40026: Organic lids made of CPLA (corn starch) art.-no. 40036/40033: standard plastic lids art.-no. 401101: compostable organic lid made of sugar cane
Paper drinking straws "Cocktail" striped | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straws "Cocktail" striped - FSC®-certified by NatureStar The paper drinking straw "Cocktail" striped is made of very strong and high quality paper, so it is a perfect and eco-friendly alternative to common drinking straws made of plastic. The drinking straw has beside its strength and durability a special striped look. Furthermore the drinking straw is produced with renewable raw materials and is therefore very sustainable. Advantage: After the use, paper drinking straws are biologically decomposable and so there is a closed, eco-friendly material cycle. Properties of the paper drinking straw "Cocktail" striped - FSC®-certified: made of FSC®-certified paper sustainable unbleached and free from PFAS (PFAS are industrial chemicals that we do not need in our drinking straws). very stable and durable
Organic chopsticks | bamboo
Organic chopsticks made of bamboo from NatureStar Traditionally, Asian food is eaten with chopsticks. NatureStar's chopsticks are particularly environmentally friendly, as they are made of bamboo and packed in pairs in a paper sleeve. Thus, the organic chopsticks are made of renewable, natural materials. They fit very well in the hand and allow you to grip sushi and other food safely. Advantages of the Organic chopsticks at a glance: pure natural product made of bamboo packed in pairs in the paper sleeve very hygienic very stable, food-safe and tasteless for precise and safe gripping of the food
Organic forks | wood FSC® 100%, wax coated
Organic forks made of wood, FSC® 100%, wax-coated by NatureStar The organic forks are made from FSC®-certified birch wood. The forks are wax-coated, which gives you a more pleasant mouthfeel compared to uncoated disposable tableware. The forks are individually packaged in a kraft paper sleeve, making them ideal for the take-away sector. Features of the wax-coated organic forks at a glance: made of birch wood with FSC® certification individually wrapped in kraft paper coated with wax sustainable
Organic menu tray, 4-compartments, rectangular | bagasse
Biodegradable tray, 4-compartments, rectangular from sugar cane by NatureStar The industrially compostable organic trays made of sugar cane are the environmentally friendly and practical solution for canteen, aeroplane, catering and much more. With their four separate compartments, these trays offer a perfect solution for serving, preparing and storing different types of food. The disposable trays offer space for multi-course menus with main course, side dishes and dessert. Made from sustainable sugar cane fibres, these trays are environmentally friendly as well as robust and very dense. Even soups and succulent dishes can be served hygienically and cleanly with these organic trays. They are also water-resistant and resistant to oil and grease. These disposable trays are suitable for the refrigerator and microwave and can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C. This means they can be used for storing cold food as well as for heating meals. Advantages of the organic trays made from sugar cane at a glance organic tray made from sugar cane purely vegetable and compostable according to EN 13432 4 chamber and ideal for menus with different courses and side dishes stable and high-quality, resistant to moisture, oil and grease approved for all types of food also suitable for high or low temperatures: for refrigerator and microwave resistant up to 100°C stackable for space-saving storage
Organic lids for trays Takeaway | rPET
Organic lids for trays Takeaway made of rPET by NatureStar These lids close the organic takeaway trays made of kraft paper very well - for a hygienic and clean transport of your food. The lids are sustainably produced and made of recycled PET, the so-called rPET. This material is significantly more resource-friendly than a standard plastic. In addition, rPET is 100% recyclable and can easily be fed into the recycling system. Another very economical advantage: one lid size fits all Bio Trays Takeaway made of kraft paper. The trays differ only in height. The dimension of the opening is the same and therefore the organic lid fits all sizes. This is easier in everyday life, saves space and money, because you only need to order one item. Organic trays with organic lid made of rPET are ideal for various takeaway food, such as take-away, catering, fast food, food trucks, street food, kiosk and snack bars. Properties of organic lids for trays Takeaway made of rPET at a glance: Savings advantage: one lid fits all organic takeaway trays made of kraft paper clean and hygienic: closes very tightly environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic food-safe beautifully presented: transparent lid, food very visible

Sustainability through NatureStar

As a manufacturer of disposables, Franz Mensch is aware of its special responsibility for the environment and its protection. And we know: disposables and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. With the green NatureStar brand, we actively promote more sustainable product alternatives - and have been doing so since 2016. They consist of traditionally sustainable materials such as wood or bamboo, as well as innovative raw materials such as kraft paper, corn starch or palm leaf.

NatureStar products are:
  • produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • made exclusively from natural raw materials
  • CO2-neutral and biodegradable
  • resistant to water and other liquids
  • suitable for oily and greasy food

We are FSC® certified (FSC® C146085)

The FSC® system and its standards ensure the use of forests in accordance with social, economic and environmental needs. For the production of FSC® products, compliance with the following requirements applies: Only FSC®-certified quantities from controlled timber sources or recycled material may be used.
In order for the end user to be able to actively choose a product that promotes responsible forest management, FSC® certified products are flagged. The label refers to the product or packaging components that come from the forest. Only certified companies are allowed to label their end products with FSC® materials. .


Our NatureStar products are made of various environmentally friendly materials: