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Cutlery pouches

Cutlery bags look decorative and save time. They can be stocked in advance and are then immediately ready to hand when your guests arrive. Discover many different variants at Franz Mensch - always including a matching paper napkin. Tip: The cutlery bags can be printed with your logo - just ask us.

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Cutlery Pouches "Classic" | Paper, FSC®-certified
Cutlery Pouches Classic made of paper, FSC®-certified from Hygostar The cutlery pouch Classic is suitable for any occasion thanks to its timeless design. You can choose from different combinations of the differently colored paper pouches and two-layer napkins. The features of the cutlery pouches Classic made of paper, FSC®-certified timeless and always suitable design choice of different color combinations between pouch and napkin two-ply cellulose napkin FSC®-certified paper pouch
Cutlery Pouches "Eleganza" | Paper, FSC®-certified
Cutlery Pouches Eleganza made of paper, FSC®-certified from Hygostar The cutlery pouch Eleganza has a black body made of FSC®-certified paper and is printed with chic accents. The aesthetic design is suitably complemented by the black two-layer napkin. The features of the cutlery pouches Eleganza made of paper, FSC®-certified FSC®-certified paper pouch chic black design with print accents matching black, 2-layer cellulose napkin
Cutlery napkins, 40x33cm, 1-ply, 1/8 fold | airlaid, FSC®-mix
Cutlery napkins made of airlaid, FSC®-mix These cutlery napkins are a particularly hygienic and time-saving solution for the catering industry, they are 2 in 1: cutlery pocket and high quality napkin in one. The cutlery napkins are ready folded and can be filled directly with your cutlery. So you save time-consuming napkin folding. Simply insert your knife, fork and co. into the opening and you're done. There the cutlery remains hygienically stored and is immediately ready for use when your guests need it. The cutlery napkins are made of high-quality airlaid, which is made of FSC®-certified cellulose. Airlaid is a fabric-like material. It is soft, absorbent and durable - hardly distinguishable from real cloth napkins. The napkin bags can be used in many ways in the catering industry, such as outdoor catering, events and catering. Features of the airlaid cutlery napkins at a glance: 2 in 1: napkin and cutlery pocket - ready folded cutlery hygienically stored time-saving table setting high-quality, fabric-like airlaid, 1-ply FSC®-certified and made in Germany soft, colourfast, stable and absorbent open size: 40x33cm, folded: 20x8,5cm, 1/8-fold made in Germany different colours available
Cuterly Pouches "Design" | Paper, FSC®-certified
Cuterly Pouches Design made of paper, FSC®-certified from Hygostar The cutlery pouch Design is made of paper that complies with FSC® guidelines. The outside of the bag has a fresh design and is available in various combinations with the colored, double-layer napkins. The features of the cutlery pouches made of paper, FSC®-certified FSC® guidelines compliant paper bag refreshing exterior designs different two-ply colored napkins
Biodegradable cuterly pouches | Paper, FSC®-certified
Biodegradable cuterly pouches made of Paper, FSC®-certified from Naturestar The biodegradable cutlery pouch is made of FSC®-accredited and recycled paper, for more sustainability. The organic cutlery bag is completed with a two-layer napkin, also made of recycled elements. The features of the biodegradable cutlery pouches made of paper, FSC®-certified bag made of FSC® certified and recycled paper sustainable alternative to classic cutlery pouches 2-layer napkin made of recycled elements
Cuterly Pouches "Line H" | Paper, FSC®-certified
Cuterly Pouches Line H made of paper, FSC®-certified from Hygostar Our white cutlery pouch Line H is made of FSC®-certified paper and contains a two-layer napkin in black. The features of the cutlery pouch Line H made of paper, FSC®-certified white paper pouch includes a black, 2-ply napkin

Cutlery bags at Franz Mensch - noble design with FSC® certification

Cutlery bags at Franz Mensch are made of FSC® certified papers and are characterized by modern, classic as well as elegant designs. So these are especially attractive for gastronomy, hotel, buffets or restaurants.


Advantages of cutlery bags:

  • ensure greater hygiene thanks to clean storage of cutlery
  • very practical: cutlery as well as napkins do not lie loose on the tables
  • offer stylish covering for appealing effect on your customers
  • enable quick and easy clearing and setting up of the service staff

Your special advantage at Franz Mensch: All cutlery bags have been awarded FSC® certification.


Hygiene with style - cutlery bags from the range at a glance:

Our classics: Cutlery bags "Line H" and "Classic":

  • Cutlery bag "Line H"
    This cutlery bag is the classic cutlery bag, as it is traditionally found in our assortment in a white presentation and with a black two-ply napkin.
  • Cutlery bag "Classic"
    Thanks to a timeless design through different color combinations of bag and napkin, this cutlery bag is suitable for any occasion.


Our eye-catchers: "Cutlery bag "Design" and "Eleganza":

  • Cutlery bag "Design"
    If you want something more modern, then you will make exactly the right choice with the cutlery bag "Design". This one has a modern and fresh design and includes colored napkins.
  • Cutlery bag "Eleganza"
    As the name suggests, chic patterns give this cutlery bag an aesthetic and elegant character. It is characterized by a black body and is equipped with a two-layer napkin, also black.


Our environmental friend: organic cutlery bag:

  • The organic cutlery bag offers sustainability thanks to its production in FSC® certified and recycled paper and has a two-ply napkin also made of recycled elements.

Find the cutlery bags to match your decor in this wide assortment from Franz Mensch.