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Work gloves

Work gloves from Franz Mensch stand for functional and tested safety at a very good price. They count as personal protective equipment (PPE) and fulfil EN 388:2016. High-quality materials, with studs or coated: With the right work glove, your hands perform better and stay healthy.

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Cotton gloves Nature
Cotton gloves Nature by Hygostar The cotton glove Nature is the perfect underglove. It is made of an unbleached, natural cotton mix. The glove is uncoated and can be worn on both the right and left hand. As it is suitable for contact with food, it is ideal for use in the food industry. Likewise, it is popular for packaging and sorting work. The features of the cotton gloves Nature at a glance: cotton mix, lightweight suitable for both hands suitable for handling food uncoated and flexible for low risk in easy mechanical work in dry and clean areas
Fine knit gloves Black Ace | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Black Ace with PU coating from Hygostar Black Ace coated fine knit gloves are the best-selling work gloves for crafts, repairs, assembly work, industry, warehouse and horticulture. As reliable CAT2 gloves, they protect against medium risks during mechanical and industrial work. They are tested and approved in accordance with the requirements of the PPE Directive. The PU coating on the palm and palm makes the work gloves particularly abrasion-resistant and resilient. This type of coating is called 1/4-coating, because in terms of surface area, around 1/4 of the upper side is coated. The base material of the Black Ace fine knit gloves is made of nylon. This material is very stretchy and provides a very good fit. The better the work glove fits, the more sensitivity and precision are possible. Nylon fine knit is also permeable to air and allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, these assembly gloves are very comfortable to wear even during longer work. The features of the fine knit gloves Black Ace at a glance: light and comfortable to wear palm and fingertips PU coated abrasion resistant and robust snug fit thanks to stretchy nylon fine knit with soft knitted cuff at the end of the arms air permeable material, allows the skin to breathe Very good drying grip versatile personal protective equipment (PPE) of category "CAT 2", for medium risks More Black Ace The Black Ace fine knit gloves from Hygostar are available in three variants with different types of coating: 3/4 PU coating: Palm and 3/4 of the back of the hand coated, more protection and coverage than with a ¼-coating Black Ace Touch: Palm and fingertips PU-coated (1/4) and additional carbon coating on the fingertips for operating capacitive touchscreens Why PU coated? PU is very durable and yet lightweight. PU coating does not weigh down the glove and allows a secure grip. Especially when working with dry objects on construction sites or in industry, the PU-coated gloves are very suitable.
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Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand, PU coating by Hygostar The fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand are made of nylon (13 gauge) and are coated with an air-permeable PU on the palm and fingertips. Due to the 1/4 coating, the gloves have a good dry grip and are abrasion resistant. As the name suggests, the Ultra Flex Hand fine knit gloves are very flexible and offer the user a very good fit as well as a comfortable feel. The Ultra Flex Hand is ideal for precise work, as the gloves ensure excellent tactile sensitivity. Thus, the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand can be used in a wide variety of industries, such as crafts, construction, automotive, etc. Ultra Flex Hand fine knit gloves can be used for medium risk in mechanical and industrial work with high demands to tactile sensitivity. Features of the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand at a glance: is made of nylon, 13 gauge and an air-permeable 1/4 PU coating coating on palm and fingertips for good dry grip and abrasion resistance ideal for precise work, because of excellent tactile sensitivity very flexible, very good fit and therefore comfortable to wear ideal for a wide range of applications, e.g. in the craft and automotive industry
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex | nylon
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex made of nylon by Hygostar The fine knit glove Ultra Flex is made of an abrasion-resistant nylon material. This makes the glove very flexible as well as comfortable to wear. It has an excellent fit and perfect tactile feeling, thus it is ideal for precise work. The Ultra Flex is used for low-risk mechanical and industrial precision work, with a focus on protecting the workpiece. Especially in dry conditions, for example packaging and sorting work as well as assembly work, the glove can be used optimally. Properties of the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex at a glance: robust, elastic nylon fine knit knitted cuff, 13 gauge flexible and optimum wearing comfort excellent tactile feeling ideal for precise work suitable for low risks in mechanical and industrial precision work with focus on protection of the workpiece
Cotton gloves Nature Long
Cotton gloves Nature Long by Hygostar The Nature Long is made of an unbleached cotton mix and is ideal as an underglove. It has an extended cuff that protects the wearer even beyond the wrist. Conveniently, it can be worn on either hand. Since the glove is food-safe, it can be used in the food industry. It is suitable for low risks in easy mechanical work in dry and clean areas and thus can be used in installation work, packaging and sorting work.  The features of the cotton gloves Nature Long at a glance: made of cotton mix in lightweight quality extended protection thanks to extended cuff unbleached and flexible ambidextrous fit suitable for handling food for low risk in easy mechanical work in dry and clean areas
Cotton gloves Blanc
Cotton gloves Blanc from Hygostar With their bright white colour, precise fit and high quality, the Blanc cotton gloves have been impressing our customers from a wide range of industries for several years. The medium-weight cotton gloves have a particularly fine and high-quality finish. The layered fingers and the inserted thumb ensure an anatomically exact fit, which is why the gloves fit perfectly and adapt very well to your hand movements. The Blanc cotton gloves are made from a blend of cotton and polyester. This combination combines the advantages of both materials: soft, durable cotton together with stretchy polyester. The Blanc fabric gloves are among Franz Mensch's top sellers. The features of the cotton gloves Blanc at a glance: made of cotton blend, medium weight version high quality and fine precise fit with layered fingers and inserted thumb very good tactile sensitivity extra white, bleached versatile ideal for low risk light mechanical work in dry and clean areas Even more from the Blanc range Cotton gloves Blanc Extra Long: extra long cotton gloves, 35 cm long Cotton gloves Blanc Doubled: robust cotton gloves with reinforced fingers and palm Cotton gloves Blanc | packed in pairs Cotton gloves Cotton Detect | detectable: for the food industry Cotton gloves Blanc Light: seamless, extra thin - ideal for underwear What exactly are Schichtel? Schichtel are the side inserts on the fingers and give the glove a high accuracy of fit. The aim is to precisely match the anatomical shape of the hand so that the glove fits very well at all times. Only very high quality crafted gloves have layered fingers. The thumb of the gloves is inserted separately and also supports the anatomical fit.
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Work gloves for touch screen "Cut Safe Touch"
Schnittschutzhandschuhe "Cut Safe Touch" von Hygostar Der Schnittschutzhandschuh CUT SAFE TOUCH ist aus einer Spezialfaser gestrickt und an der Innenhand und den Fingerkuppen mit einer Beschichtung aus schwarzem PU versehen. Diese Beschichtung macht den Handschuh sehr abriebfest und sorgt bei trockenen und leicht öligen Teilen für einen sicheren Griff. Der Handschuh ist atmungsaktiv und hat dadurch einen hervorragenden Tragekomfort. Drei Fingerkuppen sind zudem mit Kupfer beschichtet, wodurch der Handschuh ideal zum Bedienen von Smartphones, Tablets und Bildschirmen mit kapazitiven Touchscreens eingesetzt werden kann. Der CUT SAFE TOUCH ist für die Metall- und Glasindustrie, die Herstellung von Automobilen und Elektronikgeräten und für andere Arbeiten mit scharfkantigen Gegenständen geeignet. Schnittschutz der höchsten Stufe (Klasse 5).
Ansell HyFlex® 11-601, multipurpose gloves
Multipurpose gloves HyFlex® 11-601 from Ansell The multipurpose glove HyFlex® 11-601 is characterized by maximum finger mobility and tactile sensitivity, making it ideal for light and fine work. It fits like a second skin and thus enables comfortable and precise handling when handling small objects. Likewise, the multipurpose gloves leave neither fingerprints nor glove residue on products. This makes the multipurpose HyFlex® 11-601 the ideal product for the automotive industry, the machine sector or metalworking. The features of the multipurpose gloves HyFlex® 11-601:  Multipurpose glove maximum finger mobility and touch sensitivity suitable for light and fine work leaves no fingerprints, glove residues on products applicable in automotive industry, mechanical areas or metal processing
Fine knit gloves Ergo Flex | nitrile-PU coating
Fine knit gloves Ergo Flex, nitrile-PU coating by Hygostar The fine knit gloves Ergo Flex are made of nylon and have a knitted cuff. The 1/4 coating of sanded nitrile and PU covers the palm and fingertips, ensuring a good grip on wet and dry surfaces. The Ergo Flex gloves are durable, abrasion resistant and provide the user with good tactile sensitivity. The comfortable stretch quality of the gloves supports the good fit and gives them flexibility. The fine knit gloves are designed to provide medium risk protection for mechanical and industrial work, making them ideal for use in warehousing, assembly or the packaging industry. Features of the fine knit gloves Ergo Flex at a glance: made of nylon fine knit with 1/4 sanded nitrile-PU coating coating on palm and fingertips for good wet and dry grip hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant work gloves good sense of touch and pleasant wearing comfort comfortable stretch quality offers good fit and flexibility
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Finger | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Finger, PU coating by Hygostar The Ultra Flex Finger fine knit gloves are made of 13 gauge nylon fine knit and are coated with an air-permeable PU on the fingertips. Thanks to the material, the gloves have an excellent tactile feel and are therefore particularly suitable for precise work. Due to their very good flexibility and fit, the fine knit gloves offer the user a pleasant wearing sensation, which is additionally reinforced by the knitted cuff. The Ultra Flex Finger gloves are also abrasion resistant and have a good dry grip. The gloves are suitable for mechanical and industrial work with medium risks, where high demands are made on the sense of touch. Features of the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Finger at a glance: are made of nylon fine knit (13 gauge) with PU coating on the fingertips for precise work due to excellent sense of touch  are characterized by abrasion resistance and a good dry grip very good fit and flexibility offer pleasant wearing comfort ideal for a wide range of applications (e.g. fine assembly, packaging industry etc.)