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Household gloves

Household gloves are waterproof and versatile for general cleaning work in industry, kitchens, laboratories and households. As classic cleaning gloves or plastering gloves, they protect your hands from moisture. The ribbed surface ensures a good grip so that you can handle tools or work equipment safely.

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Household gloves Bettina | latex
Household gloves Bettina made of latex by Hygostar The household glove Bettina is made of latex and has a flocked cotton lining. The palm features a comb structure and gives the wearer a very good wet and dry grip. The household glove also has an extended cuff that provides protection beyond the wrist. Thanks to the rolled cuff, the elasticity of the glove and the very good fit, it also guarantees a very good wearing comfort. Furthermore, the Bettina glove is food-safe and liquid-tight and can be ideally used as protection against slightly aggressive detergents or longer contact with water as well as for low risks in easy mechanical work. The features of the household gloves Bettina at a glance: made of latex with cotton lining very good grip in wet conditions due to comb structure advanced protection thanks to extended cuff very good wearing comfort due to very good fit elastic, liquid-tight and food-safe
Household gloves Bettina Soft | latex
Household gloves Bettina Soft made of latex by Hygonorm The household gloves Bettina Soft show the light version of Bettina gloves and are made of latex. The glove is flocked with cotton inside and thus ensures that its user sweats less. Furthermore, the palm is provided with a comb structure, which is why the Bettina Soft has a very good wet and dry grip. The very good fit of the glove and the very good wearing comfort are also convincing here. In addition, an extended cuff provides protection for the forearms. With these inherent shades, the Bettina Soft is ideally suited for use in industry, cleaning, in the household, in the kitchen or even in the garden, especially as protection against slightly aggressive detergents or longer contact with water, as well as for low risks in easy mechanical work. The features of the household gloves Bettina Soft at a glance: made of latex, in light version inside flocked with cotton for less sweating comb structure for very good grip in wet conditions elastic, liquid-tight suitable for contact with food fit and wearing comfort are very good

Franz Mensch household gloves

Household gloves are waterproof rubber gloves, mostly made of latex, which are universally suitable for various activities. As classic cleaning gloves, they have a long cuff that covers the forearm far beyond the wrist. At Franz Mensch you can find the popular gloves in various colors and sizes. They protect your hands from splashes and wetness and are ideal for general cleaning work in industry, kitchen, canteen, laboratory and household.

Important properties of household gloves at a glance:

  • waterproof
  • ideal as cleaning gloves, dishwashing gloves and cleaning gloves
  • protect when handling liquids and cleaning agents
  • long cuff, so that the wrist and parts of the forearm are also covered
  • very good wet and dry grip thanks to honeycomb profile on the palm
  • with rolled rim that catches run-off drops when hands are raised


Household gloves in XL and XXL

As glove professionals, we know how important it is that a glove fits well. The right size is crucial for wearing comfort and safe working. For this reason, at Franz Mensch you will find the popular yellow household gloves in all sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. The better the glove fits, the easier and more accurate you will work in everyday life. Click here to go directly to the selection. 


Grip surface

The palm and fingertips of the household gloves are equipped with a special honeycomb profile. This surface structure provides you with a good grip at all times - especially important when working with wet or slippery objects. This allows you to safely guide tools or work equipment, for example. 


The comfort factor: flocked household gloves

Latex household gloves are the classic rubber gloves for cleaning work. To increase comfort and reduce sweating, the gloves are flocked with cotton on the inside. The cotton absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry and providing a soft comfort feeling. For non-flocked household gloves that do not have this cotton layer, it is recommended to use a thin cotton underglove - also available here in the store, eg. seamless cotton gloves Nature.


Household gloves in blue, yellow, pink

Use different colored household gloves to visually separate different work areas, e.g. blue for laboratory and yellow for kitchen. By hygiene with color system you prevent cross-contamination. For this reason, buy here in the online store household gloves in yellow, blue, pink or orange.