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Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaners must be particularly effective against limescale, soap, urine and grease residues. The bathroom cleaners from Hygoclean support you in effectively cleaning sanitary facilities. Discover the range for efficient bathroom cleaning here. 

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Toilet bowl cleaner
WC-Reiniger Gel "Zitrus" von HygoCleanDas WC-Reiniger Gel wirkt kraftvoll gegen Kalkrückstände, Kalkseifen sowie Wasser-, Urin- und Kesselstein. Der auf Zitronensäure basierende, dickflüssige  Reiniger  kann auch  verdünnt für Chrom und Edelstahl eingesetzt werden (nicht für Natursteinböden geeignet). Zudem verteilt er einen angenehm frischen zitronigen Duft.Zusatzinfo: Made in Germany | ph-Wert: 2-3"
Acid Foam Cleaner
Wichtige Information: Dieses Produkt zählt zu den Gefahrgütern. Gefahrgüter befördern wir nurinnerhalb des deutschsprachigen Raums und nur an per Schiene oder Straße erreichbare Adressen. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu auch unsere AGB (Abschnitt V.1).   Saurer Schaumreiniger von HygoClean     Dieser hochkonzentrierte saure Schaumreiniger ist kalk- und fettlösend und stark gegen Wasser-, Fett- und Rost-Ablagerungen sowei Urinstein. Verdünnt ist er zudem anwendbar auf Aluminium-, Plastik-, Edelstahl-, Messing- und Chromarmaturen sowie auf Glas, Plexiglas, Porzellan und säurefesten Emaille-Gegenständen (z.B. Tanks, Verrohrungen, Anlagen).   Dieser Saure Schaumreiniger eignet sich perfekt für eine großflächige Anwendung mit Profi-Druckschaumsprühern.     Zusatzinfo: Made in germany | ph-Wert: 1
Bathroom Cleaner "Ready to use"
Badreiniger "Ready to use" von HygocleanDer Badreiniger "Ready to use"  entfernt auf wasser- und säurebeständigen Oberflächen effektiv  Kalk, Schmutz und Fettrückstände. Er ist gebrauchsfertig und kann direkt verwendet werden. Den Badreiniger bieten wir als 1l-Flasche oder 1l-Kanister an.Zusatzinfo: Produkt Made in Germany | ph-Wert ca. 3
Kleen Purgatis Premium No.1 classic, Sanitary cleaner
Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic by Kleen Purgatis The Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic can be used on all acid and water-resistant materials, surfaces and objects in the sanitary area, such as wall and floor tiles, wash basins or toilet bowls. However, it is not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces. In our range it is also a descaler with a practicularly hygienic and lasting fresh scent. Thus lime soaps, urine stone, rust and grease stains are removed effortlessly and lime build-up is prevented with regular use. The Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic dries very quickly and leaves no streaks after cleaning. This is available in a 10l-canister as well as in a 1-bottle. Overview of the Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic: acidic sanitary Descaler with cleaner a practicularly hygienic and lasting fresh scent prevents lime build-up lime soaps, urine stone, rust and grease stains are removed leaves no streaks and dries very quickly
Kleen Purgatis Push WC cleaner
The WC cleaner Push from Kleen Purgatis The WC cleaner Push, which is based on fruit acid, is responsible for daily cleaning, cleanliness and hygienic freshness. Due to its good adhesion to the toilet bowl, it reliably dissolves limescale deposits and urine scale. The toilet cleaner Push is specialized for vertical surfaces, whereby these must not be sensitive to acid. It is therefore the ideal product to keep toilets clean and fresh. Overview of the WC cleaner Push: based on fruit acid adheres well to toilet basins solves calcification and urinals reliably especially for vertical surfaces
Kleen Purgatis Spontan Super, basic cleaner
Basic cleaner Spontan Super from Kleen Purgatis The Basic cleaner Spontan Super is a powerful cleaner for final cleaning, removal of cement film and residue on stainless steel surfaces. However it is practiculary suitable for the basic cleaning of all acid-resistant materials in wet rooms, whereby it is gentle on the material. He removes lime deposits, rust stains, urine and other residues on acid-resistant surfaces. Thus the acid and hydrochloric acid-free basic cleaner is a very popular product for swimming pool, sanitary and kitchen areas. Nevertheless, the basic cleaner Spontan Super can also be used for daily intermediate cleaning for example in bathrooms with high water hardness.  Overview of the Basic cleaner Spontan Super: acid and hydrochloric acid-free removes lime deposits, rust stains, urine and other residues on acid-resistant surfaces is gentle on the material suitable for swimming pools, sanitary and kitchen areas for daily intermediate cleaning (with high water hardness)
Kleen Purgatis Para Liquid, Descaler
Descaler Para Kalklöser from Kleen Prugatis The concentrated descaler Para Kalklöser is perfect to eradicate limescale, cement, remains of concrete and rust from objects. While producing only minimal amount of foam when used, it is also scent-free and produced without hydrochloric acid and complexing agents. Best to be used on hot water devices or containers. Features of the descaler Para Kalklöser concentrated descaler removes limescale, cement, remains of concrete and rust scent-free & foam-less no hydrochloric acid or complexing agents best results when used on hot water devices and containers
Kleen Purgatis Sanivex Multi Kleen Tab Pro, sanitary cleaner tabs
Sanitary Cleaner Tabs Sanivex Multi Kleen Tab Pro from Kleen Purgatis SANIVEX MULTI KLEEN TAB PRO is a weakly acidic tab concentrate for maintenance cleaning of acid-resistant surfaces and objects in sanitary areas. It removes mineral soiling and dries streak-free. EU Ecolabel certified.  Features of the Sanivex Multi Kleen Tab Pro sanitary cleaner at a glance: for cleaning surfaces in the hygiene area Trace-free cleaning easy to use simple dosing very gentle on materials
Scott® toilet seat and surface cleaner 6374
Scott® toilet seat and surface cleaner 6374When you're looking for reliability in busy washrooms that demand consistency, quality and value from one of the world's most trusted brands, choose Scott® Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner. Our toilet seat and surface cleaner is designed for exceptional efficiency, reliability and easy refilling. This cleaner delivers the transparent spray in controlled portions. The cleaner is the perfect complement to toilet seat covers and contributes to cleanliness and hygiene in washrooms and a pleasant and hygienic user experience. Hygienically sealed, with integrated pump; each sachet provides 2000 portions.Can be used with our Kimberly-Clark Professional™ toilet seat covers (item number TK6140). Compatible with the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner Dispenser (item number TK7135). The bags are designed for quick and easy installation with a simple push-in and snap-in action. When the pouch is empty, it can be squeezed to save space. Each pack contains 6 bags of 400ml. 6 x toilet seat and surface cleaner, refill bags, transparent, 400 ml (2,400 ml total).Properties of Scott® toilet seat and surface cleaner 6374 at a glance:6 x toilet seat and surface cleaner, refill bag, transparent, 400 ml (2,400 ml total)Hygienically sealed, with integrated pump. Each sachet delivers 2000 controlled portions of clear sprayKeeps your washroom clean and provides a more comfortable and hygienic feel for the userCan be used with our Kimberly-Clark Professional™ toilet seat covers (item number TK6140) Compatible with the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner Dispenser (item number TK7135)
Kimberly-Clark Professional™ toilet seat and surface cleaner dispenser 7135
Kimberly-Clark Professional™ toilet seat and surface cleaner dispenser 7135Kimberly Clark Professional™ stands for innovative solutions that deliver consistently high performance and quality on the go, contributing to your success. The Kimberly Clark Professional Surface Cleaner and Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser has a sleek, streamlined design. The Kimberly Clark sanitiser dispenser promotes hygiene and helps contain costs through controlled dispensing. This Kimberly Clark dispenser harmonises perfectly with the Scott® toilet seat cleaner and surface cleaner and is ideal for any washroom.Kimberly Clark dispenser dimensions: 20 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm (L x W x H). Compatible with item number TK6374. 1 x Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner Dispenser - White.Properties of the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ toilet seat and surface cleaner dispenser 7135 at a glance:Elegant, slim Kimberly Clark dispenser design, promotes hygieneThe surface cleaner dispenser helps reduce costs through controlled dispensingKimberly Clark sanitiser dispenser is compatible with item number TK6374

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning agents are strong against limescale, soap, urine and grease residues. They specifically remove stubborn dirt in toilets, washrooms, showers and other sanitary areas.


Discover the professional range for bathroom cleaning here.

At Franz Mensch, you will find a first-class selection of bathroom cleaners, sanitary cleaners and cleaning agents that are specially designed to transform your sanitary area into a radiant, hygienic place.

  • WC cleaner: thorough against limescale and urine scale
  • Foam cleaner: adheres to vertical surfaces and is ideal for cleaning tiles and large surfaces
  • normal basic cleaner: removes rust stains, urine and other residues from acid-resistant surfaces, ideal for swimming pools, sanitary and kitchen areas
  • Descaler against lime deposits, cement, concrete residues and rust, ideal for cleaning hot water appliances and containers
  • Bathroom cleaner "Ready-to-use": ready-to-use, simply use undiluted for cleaning water- and acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary rooms


Professional tips for bathroom and WC cleaning:

Regular cleaning routine: Rely on a regular cleaning routine to prevent stubborn dirt and deposits. This will keep your bathroom hygienic and clean at all times.

Observe exposure time: Allow the cleaner to work in sufficiently to effectively dissolve dirt. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product packaging.

Target sanitary areas: When cleaning, concentrate on sanitary areas such as toilets, washbasins, showers and taps. These areas tend to be particularly susceptible to limescale and dirt.

Don't forget grout care: Regularly clean the grout lines in your bathroom, as dirt and mould tend to accumulate there. Use a special grout brush or cleaner to remove debris.

Cleaning from top to bottom: Start by cleaning the upper surfaces, such as the shower walls, and then work your way down. This will help you avoid re-soiling surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Use microfibre cloths: Use microfibre cloths for cleaning. They are particularly effective, gentle on surfaces and leave less residue than conventional cleaning cloths. You can find a large selection of cleaning cloths here.

Ventilation and drying: After cleaning, ensure sufficient ventilation to reduce moisture and prevent mould growth. Dry surfaces thoroughly to avoid unsightly water stains.

Use professional cleaning agents sparingly: Follow the dosage recommendations on the products to avoid overdosing. Economical use not only increases efficiency, but also protects the environment.


The advantages of our bathroom cleaners at a glance:

Powerful cleaning: Our bathroom cleaners are highly concentrated and guarantee thorough cleaning with low consumption.

Gentle on materials: Our products are tailored to the special requirements of bathroom surfaces and are gentle on grout, tiles and fittings.

Pleasant fragrance: Enjoy a fresh scent after cleaning that leaves your bathroom not only clean but also refreshed.