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Lining bags for E2-boxes | HDPE
Lining bags for E2-boxes | Hygostar Hygostar HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) lining bag is the ideal protection for the transport of food and for keeping food fresh and moisture. It is food safe, liquid-tight and odorless and tasteless, making it ideal for handling food. Its size is optimally matched to the classic E2 boxes.
Aluminium foil 11-14my | loose
Aluminium foil 11-14my (loose) | Hygostar The food grade aluminum foil from Hygostar is very tear-resistant. It prevents the spoiling of food and ensures a better heating. The aluminum foil is ideally suited for use in catering, for covering, keeping warm or cooking food. It is available in different thicknesses and widths.
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Covers | HDPE
HDPE covers from Hygostar The HDPE hygiene covers are available in 4 long sizes and safely cover tray trolleys, tray trolleys and all large shelf trolleys. Thanks to their length and large circumference, the trolleys are completely enclosed and your food stays fresh. The disposable protective sleeves are made of a transparent HDPE film that the contents are easily visible from the outside. HDPE is waterproof and very stable. This means that your food is reliably protected from moisture, dust and other contaminants. Thanks to an upper side gusset, the covers have the ideal rectangular shape and fit all your trolleys. Practical tip Sample service: Ask for your free product sample and test at your leisure on site which bonnet sizes you need. Features of the HDPE cover at a glance: large special size for complete wrapping transparent, lightweight HDPE film, approx. 15 my waterproof and stable very hygienic disposable cover, a fresh cover for every application in 4 sizes for trays of different heights and widths
for tray trolleys
Cup lid for drinkings straws | PS
Lid for drinking cup with perforation These drinking cup lids are particularly practical. They have an opening for drinking straws and are ideal for all to-go areas where disposable cups are used. Fit: - Lid 40031 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter - Lid 40051 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter Advantages of the lid for cup with perforation: practical protection for drinks Slit for straw Diameter: 8 cm or 9 cm made of polystyrene plastic food safe
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Tubular bag | PA/PE
Tubular bag made of PA/PE from Hygostar The tubular bag is made of a sturdy PA/PE film and is therefore particularly puncture and tear resistant. Due to the three closed sides, only one weld seam is necessary, which strengthens the stability and makes the entire volume of the bag fully usable. It is particularly cuddly and fits like a second skin to ensure an attractive presentation. The tubular bag is also very hygienic, as the inside of the bag does not need to be touched and at the same time preserves the aroma of the contents. The versatile tubular bag is thus ideal for vacuum packaging fresh foods such as cheese pieces, fresh meat, sausage, fish, snacks or soups, or can be used at the point of sale and in sales counters. It also fits all commercially available vacuum chamber machines. Features of the Tubular bag at a glance: made of sturdy PA/PE film, thus puncture and tear resistant fewer welded seams provide more stability and a space advantage protects the contents from loss of aroma very hygienic, as the inside does not have to be touched suitable for all common vacuum chamber machines like an invisible second skin for an attractive presentation for vacuuming fresh food

your brand - hotel articles

Through "your brand", selected hotel articles can be stitched or printed, which can continue to be used as advertising media even after a trip.
At Franz Mensch you will receive particularly favorable prices, individual design according to your specifications and high-quality, unique products.

Choose from the following printing techniques:

Screen printing:
Almost anything can be printed with a screen print. In this process, ink is printed through a screen onto a printed object. Therefore, this technique is particularly well suited for large quantities.

Offset printing:
In offset printing, colours are applied in individual printing processes. This printing is particularly popular and inexpensive.

Flexographic printing:
Flexographic printing is particularly suitable for cartons, paper and packaging of all kinds. It is odorless and is used at Franz Mensch especially for printing coffee mugs.

Broschures about HoReCa

Supplies for hotel, restaurant and catering


Hotel Care products and Guest Accessoires

A little attention to detail goes a long way to make your guests feel welcome and right at home. Your guests will be favourably impressed by carefully chosen details and service articles. With special hotel supplies you can turn their stay in your hotel, spa or wellness center into a truly exceptional wellness experience.


Slippers for Safety, Comfort and Hygiene

Franz Mensch offers a multitude of slippers in its wide range of hotel supplies. Among disposable or washable slippers, and open or closed designs, you are guaranteed to find the slipper you want for your hotel or wellness area. Slippers with a special non-slip sole make sure that your guests will walk safely even on slippery and wet floors. Soft and fluffy terrycloth or velour will pamper your guests with comfort and safety. In addition to that, slippers are an ideal advertising medium. Have your logo printed or embroidered onto the slipper in order to stay in your customers’ memory for a long time.


Hotel Supplies and Hygienic Laundry for Your Guests

Offer your guests the best possible comfort during their stay. For using the wellness area with massage, sauna, cosmetic treatments or swimming pool, disposable kimonos are useful, as well as disposable underwear like briefs, panties, or shorts. Specifically for your guests’ hair there are shower caps and hair bands. Do you offer a laundry service? Hygienic laundry bags from Franz Mensch are made of PP or PE. They can be used for dry and wet dirty laundry and they are very tearproof and robust. The laundry bags can easily be closed by means of drawing strings. PP bags, thanks to their breathable material, prevent the buildup of germs and odours. Laundry bags can also be customized easily and cheaply with an individual print. In order to protect your guests’ clothing, Franz Mensch recommends disposable bibs for children and adults. They provide excellent stain protection for clothes and are perfect for individualization with your printed logo.


For the catering industry: Professional kitchenware &  Table Products


Hygienic disposables in top quality

Kitchen professionals agree: Practical utensils such as piping bags, baking capsules and Passiertücher are indispensable in a catering kitchen. Because a professional kitchen is about absolutely hygienic work, perfect taste and a successful timing. High expectations that must be met. Hygienic disposable items that save time and enable precise work are our specialty. The Hygostar disposable piping bags, for example, are grippy in the hand, so that no drops go wrong. This is how you work quickly and precisely. Another example: the pass cloth FILTERSTAR for sauces or soups. As a disposable pass cloth it leaves no detergent residues in the food. You get 100% pure taste and work 100% hygienic.

The disposable kitchen utensils are specially designed for working under high pressure. The materials are particularly high quality, so that nothing tears, softens or goes wrong.


Advantage disposable

Disposable products can be easily disposed of after use. No annoying rinsing and drying. That saves time. Another advantage: disposable products are particularly hygienic because you always use a fresh product.


The gastro assortment of Franz Mensch at a glance:

  • Disposable piping bags: from the super-low-priced standard version to extra-grippy piping bags for even more precise work with desserts, tarts and pastries
  • Baking capsules: numerous colors and sizes, ideal for muffins, pralinees or tarts
  • Cake tips and plate paper: noble decoration for pies, cakes and buffet platters, also available as a greaseproof version
  • Passiertücher and filter cloths: the original pass cloth FILTERSTAR - unsurpassed quality for 100% pure taste
  • Poultry cuffs: hide unsightly bones in poultry dishes, ideal for buffets
  • Kitchen yarn: important helper for cooking, roasting and grilling
  • Table decoration: Stylish tablecloths made of PP, in many different colors, fabric quality
  • Baking paper: on roll or as finished blanks, with non-stick coating, certified quality
  • Foils: Cling film and aluminum foil, on a roll or in the practical cutter box