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A sustainable bio-plastic can be produced from corn starch: PLA (polylactide) is obtained from corn starch and lactic acid. If talc powder is added to PLA, you get CPLA (crystalized PLA), which is more heat-resistant - ideal for hot beverage cups. Discover bowls, cups, gloves, aprons, bin liners and cloths made from PLA here. 

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Organic coffee cups Mocca | kraft paper/PLA, FSC®-mix
Organic coffee cup Mocca made of kraft paper/PLA, FSC® mix by NatureStar Organic from A to Z: The Mocca coffee-to-go cups are an all-round sustainable product. Both the cups themselves and the packaging are made from renewable and industrially compostable materials. The 1-walled organic paper cups are made of kraft paper - the most stable type of paper. Only FSC® Mix-certified paper from environmentally friendly sources is used to produce the coffee cups. To make the organic coffee cups leak-proof and wet-proof, they are equipped with a vegetable coating made of corn starch on the inside. This so-called PLA is plastic-free and the sustainable alternative to PE coating. In addition, the cups are packed in a hygienic organic bag made of PLA material. Advantages of the organic coffee cup Mocca made of kraft paper/PLA at a glance: Compostable according to EN 13432 FSC®-certified, high-quality paper cups in natural kraft paper look extra strong and stable made purely from vegetable materials with organic PLA coating on the inside, wet-strengthened packed in a bag made of PLA/corn starch for all hot or cold drinks to go
Organic lids for soup cups Minestrone | kraft paper/PLA
Organic lids for soup cups Minestrone made from kraft paper/PLA from NatureStar The industrially compostable organic lids close soup cups safely and hygienically. They fit perfectly with the Minestrone kraft paper cups. Particularly clever: Three cup sizes only need two lid sizes. This saves you storage space and logistical effort because one lid fits several sizes. The organic lids are made of kraft paper and are very sturdy. The inside has a layer of PLA (corn starch) so that the lids are liquid-proof and protected against soaking. The organic lids for soup cups are industrially compostable and sustainable. They comply with EN 13432 for compostability. Advantages of the round organic lids for soup cups made of kraft paper at a glance: compostable according to EN 13432 made from renewable raw materials: Kraft paper + PLA (corn starch) wet-strength and stable closes soup cups very tightly for clean transport of to-go food food-safe available in two sizes and suitable for the Minestrone kraft paper soup cups: small organic lid for the 200 ml and 500 ml soup cups (Art. 416235, 416250) and large organic lid for the 750 ml soup cups (Art. 416275)
Organic soup cups Minestrone | kraft paper/PLA
Organic soup cups Minestrone made of kraft paper/PLA from NatureStar The organic cups are great for soups, salads and other liquid dishes. The organic soup cups are made of sustainable kraft paper and are particularly durable thanks to PLA coating. PLA is an organic film made from vegetable corn starch. It optimally seals the inside of the organic soup cups against liquids and makes them wet-proof as well as stable. The disposable soup cups are made purely from renewable, plant-based materials and are industrially compostable. They comply with EN 13432 and decompose completely. Advantages of the round organic soup cups made of kraft paper at a glance: sustainable alternative for takeaway soups leak-proof and ideal for liquid dishes made of sturdy kraft paper wet-strength thanks to inner coating made of PLA (corn starch) purely vegetable, compostable according to EN 13432 food safe, made of pure fresh fibres hygienic transport with the matching lids made of kraft paper: organic lid small for the 200 ml and 500 ml soup cups (Art. 416210) or organic lid large for the 750 ml soup cups (Art. 416212)
Organic food trays Tasty| kraft paper/PLA
Organic food trays Tasty made of kraft paper/PLA from NatureStar These organic trays are ideal for serving food to take away. Whether hot dogs, waffles, chips, salads or pasta: the food trays are leak-proof, stable and can withstand even juicy or greasy dishes. So your guests can transport their food hygienically and cleanly. The organic trays are made purely from vegetable raw materials and are compostable according to EN 13432. The bio trays are made of kraft paper and have a PLA coating on the inside. PLA is a compostable organic film made from corn starch. It makes the food trays dense and wet-stable. Advantages of the compostable organic food trays at a glance: vegetable materials: kraft paper + corn starch (PLA) compostable according to EN 13432 very strong, stable paper wet-strength and grease-resistant thanks to PLA coating food safe, made from pure virgin fibres

Corn starch

Disposable tableware made from corn starch is a real innovation. It is made of so-called PLA. The short form stands for polylactide, that is lactic acid. These lactic acids are made from the starch of maize plants. The maize is treated by soaking, grinding and sieving so that the maize starch is laid down on large slates. Maize starch has become a particularly attractive organic raw material in recent years. It is a renewable, natural raw material and is suitable for the production of bio-plastics. For this purpose, the maize starch is processed into so-called PLA or C-PLA. In this way, compostable organic disposable tableware or organic disposable clothing is produced.


What exactly is PLA?

PLA is a purely plant-based material that is very similar in appearance and properties to products made of plastic. PLA is therefore often referred to as a bio-plastic. The main component is corn starch. In order to produce PLA, the starch is transformed into lactic acid through a fermentation process, which is processed into granules and then into films. These films are then used to make organic aprons, gloves or packaging.


Environmentally friendly

Every plant performs photosynthesis and uses sunlight to convert CO2 and absorbed water into glucose and oxygen. The waste sugar is stored as starch. This plant starch is important and forms the basis for the production of bioplastics. The starch comes from industrially grown plants, e.g. maize. In contrast to petroleum-based plastics, their production causes about 60% less CO2 emissions and uses 50% less non-renewable energy. Bio-plastics are used as an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene. At the same time, they have comparable properties such as being waterproof, food-safe and temperature-resistant.


How to waste the bioplastics?

The gloves or disposable tableware made of PLA can either be industrially composted, fermented or recycled. With industrial composting, the material decomposes into CO2 and water. Fermentation produces recyclable bio-gas. In the case of single-variety recycling, the used PLA can be collected again as raw material corn starch. In this way, new products can be made from bio-plastic in the next step.


Highlights from the corn starch range:

Bio gloves

Until now, plastic was often the only material for gloves and clothing in food areas for hygienic reasons. Until today. The PLA gloves are made of 100% biodegradable material. In their properties, the organic gloves are very similar to conventional PE gloves. They can therefore replace the petroleum-based standard gloves very well and are ideal as hygiene gloves, product protection and for preventing contamination in sensitive areas. The gloves are tasteless, odourless, water repellent and have a loose fit. They are ideal for anyone who needs disposable gloves due to hygiene regulations, but still values sustainability.


Organic aprons

Disposable and sustainable at the same time is no longer a contradiction in terms. The organic disposable aprons made from corn starch are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional PE aprons. They are made from plant-based renewable raw materials and are 100% compostable. The aprons are food-safe, odourless, hard-wearing and water-repellent just like conventional PE aprons.


Organic bowls and organic cups made from corn starch

What looks like plastic at first sight are disposable cups made of PLA. The transparent look and smooth surface make the organic cups made from corn starch a real alternative that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The organic bowls and salad boxes with lids also protect the environment and are made completely from natural raw materials.