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Organic materials

NatureStar offers you disposable products made from high-quality organic materials. Whether plates or lunch boxes: the materials used are natural and meet the requirements of EN 13432 for compostability. Choose the organic materials that suit your needs here: Sugar cane, kraft paper, wood, bamboo, palm leaf or corn starch. 

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Paper drinking straw "Classic" unicolored | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straw Classic unicolored | FSC®-certified The Classic paper drinking straws are made of FSC®-certified material and have not been treated with bleaching agents. The paper straws have an outstanding stability and are excellent for cocktails, lemonades and any soft drinks. The features of the paper drinking straw Classic unicolored made from FSC®-certified paper untreated and natural free of PFAS (PFAS are industrial chemicals that we are happy to do without in our drinking straws). high stablility supplement to cocktails, lemonades and any soft drinks
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments | bagasse
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments by NatureStar The organic menu boxes are made of vegetable sugar cane fibres, which are a by-product of sugar production. The boxes are fully and industrially compostable according to EN 13432. They are ideal for all takeaway meals and food of all kinds. Thanks to the hinged lid, the lunch boxes are easy to close so that you can transport your food hygienically. In addition, sugar cane boxes are temperature-resistant up to 100°C and suitable for the oven and microwave. So you can comfortably heat up your food in the box. Organic menu boxes they are food safe, waterproof and grease resistant. The two separate sections are particularly practical if you want to pack a side dish or dessert as well. Advantages of the organic menu boxes with hinged lid: made from environmentally friendly sugar cane fibres industrially compostable and biodegradable water, oil and grease resistant, food safe suitable for the microwave and refrigerator heat resistant up to 100°C stackable and therefore very space-saving 2-sectioned for individual filling with food
Organic dressing cup, round | bagasse
Biodegradable dressing bowl, round, made from sugar cane by NatureStar These organic bowls are ideal as a small dip bowl for finger food, as a dressing cup for salads or simply for the ketchup to go with your fries. The sustainable organic bowls are made from sugar cane and are therefore industrially compostable. They are water-resistant, leak-proof and very stable. The organic cups can also withstand hot temperatures of up to 100 °C very well. They are suitable for all types of food and resistant to fats and oils. The sustainable dressing cups are stackable and therefore space-saving in the warehouse. Order the organic dressing cups for your to-go area and serve sauces, dips and co. both sustainably and hygienically. Tip: For safe and hygienic transport of takeaway dishes, there are matching lids for the dressing cups. Order them here: made of sugar cane (art.-no. 41100) or PET (art.-no. 411410). Advantages of the compostable organic dressing bowls at a glance: ideal for small quantities of sauce, dressing or for dips compostable according to EN 13432 purely vegetable from sugar cane fibres stackable and space-saving very stable, water resistant, oil and grease resistant heat resistant up to 100 °C matching sugar cane lids, white (art.-no. 41100) or PET, transparent (art.-no. 411410)
Organic plates, round | bagasse
Organic round plates made from sugar cane by NatureStar The round organic disposable plates are among the top sellers from the NatureStar range and are made from environmentally friendly sugar cane fibres. They are industrially compostable and biodegradable. Sugar cane is the main raw material for industrial sugar production. The by-product that remains is the so-called bagasse. This fibrous part of the sugar cane plants is a valuable organic raw material and can be processed into beautifully shaped plates, bowls, dishes or cups. Organic disposable tableware made from bagasse is stable - even when wet, oily or greasy. It is temperature-resistant, so you can store your food together with the tableware in the freezer or refrigerator. Heating in the oven or microwave is also feasible. The organic disposable plates are versatile for all types of food and ideal for events, takeaways, catering or leftovers from restaurant visits. Make a conscious decision to use sustainable organic plates and make your to-go business more environmentally friendly. Advantages of the round organic plates made of sugar cane at a glance compostable according to EN 13432 oil and grease resistant as well as water resistant up to 100°C heat resistant made from environmentally friendly sugar cane fibres microwave safe round organic plates for single use natural brown or brilliant white - choose your colour different sizes available matching accessories such as napkins, bowls and cups - buy here in the shop
Paper plates round | cardboard
BIO paper plates - round by Naturestar The paper plates (made from 100% virgin fibers) are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic plates. They are food safe and very stable. They are ideal for dry food and are often used because of their simple appearance. food safe white, round optics ideal for dry food firm and stable 100% virgin fiber
Organic toothpicks, individually wrapped in paper | wood
Organic toothpicks wood, individually wrapped in paper from NatureStar Hygienic and sustainable: The organic toothpicks are individually packed in a paper sleeve. This makes it possible to hand out the toothpicks to your guests in a very hygienic way, because the toothpicks are only unwrapped and touched with the hands by the user himself. The paper sleeve as well as the organic toothpicks themselves are made of natural, renewable raw materials. Thus, the wooden toothpicks are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic toothpicks or toothpicks that are packed in plastic films. Advantages of the wooden toothpicks wrapped in paper at a glance: hygienic individual removal, as each toothpick is packed in a paper sleeve environmentally friendly, as they are made purely from renewable raw materials toothpicks made of natural birch wood polished, smooth surface 2 tips, can be used on both sides stable and tasteless 1,000 pieces in dispenser box dispenser box with window and chute