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Medical couch covers

Medical couch covers are a quick, clean and hygienic underlay for examination and massage couches. The medical couch covers are available on a roll and in various sizes - also suitable as a medical crepe for your practice.

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Couch paper on roll
This couch cover roll consists of two layers of pure tissue and is not coated. The couch cover roll has a perforation for easier demolition. Demolition length: 38 cm (Art. 5354), 35 cm (Art. 53551) The couch cover roll serves as a fast, clean and hygienic underlay for examination and massage tables, etc.
Medical crepe paper on roll | PE-coating
Medical couch cover rolls made of paper, PE coating by Hygostar Medical crepe on a roll These paper underlays are used as hygienic covers for examination tables, couches in treatment rooms or for massage tables in the cosmetic sector. The cover rolls are made of 1-ply paper and are coated with PE on one side. The coating makes the medical paper water-repellent and protects the table from soiling.  The medical couch covers are particularly practical and easy to use daily because they are on a roll. Simply unroll it to the desired length, tear it off and place it directly on the table. Thanks to the perforation - always after 38 cm - the medical paper can be torn off cleanly and always looks tidy.   Advantages of the medical couch cover rolls, PE coated at a glance: medical couch covers made of paper on roll for quick removal made of 1-ply tissue paper underside coated with PE, prevents soiling perforated, 38 cm tear-off length as a hygienic underlay for couches and examination tables

Medical crepe and table covers on a roll

Table covers serve as a quick, clean and hygienic underlay for examination and massage tables. Couch covers are offered on rolls and are available in various sizes. They are also ideal for use as medical crepes in medical practices. Thanks to their easy handling, they offer an efficient solution for maintaining hygiene standards in medical facilities. They are ideal for use in doctors' surgeries, hospitals, physiotherapy centres and wellness facilities.

The table pads are usually made of soft, absorbent paper. On the one hand, the material is protective for the underlay and at the same time skin-friendly and comfortable for the patient. There is also water-repellent medical crepe, which effectively protects the table from liquids and soiling. These properties make them an ideal choice for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority.

In addition to their functionality, the table pads also contribute to patient comfort. They are soft and pleasant on the skin, which is particularly important during lengthy examinations or treatments.

The cost-effectiveness of table covers is also an important aspect. In the long term, the covers are more cost-effective than the regular replacement of textile covers, which have to be cleaned.


Practical tip: How mattress toppers work

The use of lounger pads is simple and quickly explained. Here are the basic steps on how to use them:

  • If you have a wall holder or dispenser: Place the roll of lounger pads in the holder provided or near the lounger. Many holders allow easy and quick unrolling.
  • Unrolling the mattress topper: The mattress topper is unrolled along the length of the mattress base. Care should be taken to ensure that the cover covers the entire lying surface and possibly protrudes slightly over the edges to ensure maximum protection.
  • Tearing off: The paper cover can simply be torn off or cut off at the desired point along the perforation line.
  • Positioning the patient: Once the overlay is correctly positioned, the patient can lie down on it. The overlay serves as a hygienic barrier between the patient and the table.
  • Disposal after use: After use, the used mattress topper is simply removed from the lounger and disposed of.
  • Cleaning the table: Although the table pads absorb most of the dirt, it is advisable to clean the table briefly after each use to ensure optimum hygiene.
  • New surface for the next patient: A new overlay is then unrolled for the next patient and the table prepared accordingly.

This ease of use makes table pads a practical and hygienic solution in medical and therapeutic facilities. They make a significant contribution to preventing cross-contamination and maintaining a clean working environment.

To summarise, table pads are an essential part of any facility that values hygiene, patient comfort and cost-effectiveness. They offer a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for maintaining hygiene standards while creating a pleasant atmosphere for patients and customers.