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Pre-soaked disinfectant wipes are ready for immediate use. They are reliably effective against a wide range of the most common bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms. Discover the range of disinfectant wipes for effective hand and surface disinfection here. 

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Surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU | Cellulose
Surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU | Cellulose The surface disinfection wipes BetaGuard RFU made of cellulose show are free of alcohol and aldehyde. Thanks to the production from cellulose they are 100% compostable. They are therefore suitable for disinfecting all wipe-resistant surfaces and objects. The wipes are especially used in medicine as well as in industrial and food areas. Furthermore, they are marked as ready for use and are therefore ready for use at any time. When the surfaces dry off, no adhesive residues remain, as the disinfection wipes are extra low-foaming. They also show a high material compatibility. A lockable plastic lid ensures that the wipes do not dry out. Thus the disinfection wipes BetaGuard RFU are hygienically stored and immediately ready to hand. The features of the surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU: made of cellulose: completely compostable free from aldehyde and alcohol immediate application do not stick after drying good material compatibility extremely low foaming
Disinfectant wipe alcoholic | PP
Disinfectant wipe alcoholic made of PP from Hygoclean The disinfection wipes are alcoholic and are made of a polypropylene fleece. Due to this PP material they can be completely recycled. They are immediately ready for use because they are pre-soaked with a double active disinfectant solution. They reliably combat 99.9% of the most common bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms. These include gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as salmonella, listeriosis, E. coli, TB, HIV and MRSA. The wipes are also extremely absorbent and tear-resistant. Furthermore, they do not stain and are lint-free and food safe. This ensures a good skin compatibility and can also be used without gloves. Finally, Hygoclean's alcohol-based disinfecting wipes are ideal for quickly disinfecting hard surfaces, work surfaces, equipment in the food industry and medical areas. They are available either in a dispenser box with 70 or 200 wipes or in a bucket with 500 wipes. In these practical dispenser boxes, the disinfecting wipes are always ready to hand, stored hygienically and are also ideal for travel. When used properly, the disinfectant wipes are not dangerous. The wipes should be tightly closed and stored upright in a dry, cool place. The features of the disinfectant wipe alcoholic | PP: blue, PP disinfection wipe no rubbing off 100% recyclable very absorbent and tear resistant lint-free especially skin-friendly and can also be used without gloves ideal for easy and fast disinfection of hard surfaces, objects and small devices prevent contamination quickly and reliably suitable for medical purposes and food areas (food safe) User-friendly, as no spray mist is created that can be inhaled Effectiveness confirmed according to EN 1276, EN 13624, EN 165, EN 1374 and EN 14476 as dispenser box with 200 wipes (Art.31536) in 500 bucket (Art.31546) order refill pack (Art.31549)
Desinfectant non-alcoholic | PP
Desinfectant non-alcoholic made of PP from Hygoclean The disinfection wipe is alcohol-free and consists of a polypropylene fleece, also called PP. Thanks to this material it can be completely recycled. The disinfection wipe can be used immediately, as it is ready to use and pre-soaked. It complies with the effectiveness according to EN 1276, which means it is effective against gram-positive and negative bacteria and micro-organisms. The disinfectant wipe is most effective at low temperatures (5-10°C) and extreme soiling. Due to the low salt content there is a low risk of corrosion for surfaces. After disinfecting, this cloth leaves no residues and does not require rinsing. It also proves to be extremely absorbent in case of cross-contamination. This makes the alcohol-free disinfection wipe made of PP particularly suitable for medical areas as well as in kitchens and food industries. The range offers the disinfection wipe in the small dispenser box with 200 wipes or as a bulk pack in a 500 bucket, so that the wipes are immediately ready to hand. The refill packs are also available from Franz Mensch. The features of the desinfectant non-alcoholic made of PP: made of PP, alcohol-free completely recyclable immediately ready for use, pre-soaked kills gram-positive and negative bacteria and microorganisms high efficacy at lower temperatures and dirty conditions fulfilled EN 1276 minimal risk of corrosion extreme suction power as small dispenser box with 200 cloths bulk pack in a 500 bucket refills  ideal for medical areas as well as in kitchens and food industry
Dispenser for flowpack | stainless steel
Dispenser for flowpack made of stainless steel The flowpack dispenser is a hygienic wall holder for disinfection wipes in a flowpack. It is made of stainless steel and is of very high quality. An automatic pressure transmitter makes the removal easier, because it pushes the wipes upwards. Due to the shape and material, the flowpack dispenser can be easily cleaned. This makes it ideal for hospitals and many other hygiene areas. Of course you will find the appropriate disinfection wipes for hands or surfaces in the assortment. The features of the dispenser for flowpack | stainless steel: made of stainless steel high quality, hygienic easy to clean for disinfection wipes in flowpack easy removal of the wipes art. 31521: Hand disinfection wipe OpSept Basic art. 31531: Surface disinfection wipe SprayIn QF art. 31541: Surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU  
Surface disinfection wipe SprayIn QF | Cellulose
Surface disinfection wipe SprayIn QF | Cellulose The surface disinfection wipes SprayIn QF made of cellulose contain alcohol and are therefore ideal for cleaning and disinfecting alcohol-resistant surfaces. Because they are made of cellulose, the wipes are fully compostable. They are especially popular in industrial and food areas as well as public facilities. The wipes are ready to use, which means that they can be applied immediately. Thus they act quickly and comprehensively within 60 seconds against contaminations such as bacteria, fungi or viruses. At the same time, the disinfection wipes show a pleasant and neutral smell. In addition, they dry off without leaving any residue. Furthermore, they guarantee a very good material compatibility even with sensitive materials. In order to be able to use the surface disinfection wipes SprayIn QF reliably, we recommend to be careful with alcohol-sensitive surfaces. The features of the surface disinfection wipe SprayIn QF: made of cellulose, contains alcohol completely compostable immediately ready for use acts quickly and comprehensively (in 60 seconds) against bacteria, viruses and fungi leaves no residues during drying pleasant and odorless very good material compatibility Caution with surfaces sensitive to alcohol
Wall holder for disinfectant wipes dispensers | stainless steel
Wall holder for disinfectant wipes tins, stainless steel by Hygoclean With these stainless steel dispensers, disinfectant wipes are neatly stored and always at hand - no more loose tins standing around. The disinfectant wipes are hygienically stored in the wall holder and can be removed individually. The wall holder is made of robust stainless steel and is therefore suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas. Advantages of the stainless steel wall holder for disinfectant wipes tins at a glance: hygienic removal at a fixed place stainless steel, robust and hygienic clean disinfection wipes dispensed refilled in a few simple steps these disinfectant wipes in a tin fit into the wall holder: art.-no. 34535 art.-no. 31536

Disinfection wipes from Franz Mensch

Disinfection wipes are part of the basic equipment for all those who work in hygiene-sensitive areas. Ready-to-use, soaked disinfectant wipes are an ideal solution when things have to be done quickly. They are ready to hand immediately, can be used without preparation time and are child's play to apply. No mixing of solutions, no additional accessories required. Simply open the lid and off you go.

The disinfectant wipes are impregnated with a very effective disinfectant solution. The broad spectrum of activity includes gram-positive and -negative bacteria as well as the most common viruses, fungi and other microorganisms including salmonella, listeriosis, E. coli, TB, HIV, MRSA. In contrast to cleaning, which "only" washes away germs, disinfection kills the germs. A disinfection is therefore a very effective germ stop and contributes to a high degree to a functioning infection protection. HYGOSTAR disinfection wipes are impregnated with a solution that can kill 99.9% of all germs - for absolutely hygienic results.

Disinfection wipes are particularly practical for disinfecting surfaces, objects and equipment. They are also very pleasant to use, as there is no spray mist, as is the case with many disinfectant sprays.

The pre-soaked disinfection wipes are available in three different sizes:

  • Disinfection wipes 7 x 13 cm: small size for disinfection of small devices and objects, especially handy and practical in the dispenser box with 70 wipes, also suitable for on the go
  • Disinfection wipes 20 x 20 cm: medium size for the disinfection of small surfaces and objects, in the practical dispenser box for single removal, inexpensive refill pack (Art. 31539) available
  • Disinfection wipes 20 x 23.5 cm: large wipes for efficient disinfection of hard work surfaces and large surfaces, available in dispenser bucket with 500 wipes, stock pack for high consumption, inexpensive refill pack (Art. 31549) available