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Kleen Purgatis Blue Star Ocean, multipurpose cleaner
Multipurpose cleaner Blue Star Ocean from Kleen Purgatis The Multipurpose cleaner Blue Star Ocean, from our partner KLEEN, is an allrounder when it comes to coated and uncoated surfaces. "Blue Star Ocean is ECOLABEL certified and with it's highly effective combination of active ingredients it is ideal for wet & damp wiping. Blue Star Ocean is safe to use with any common surface disinfectant and can even be used to treat stubborn stains by simply applying it undiluted. The multipurpose cleaner comes in a refreshing fragrance. The features of the multipurpose cleaner Blue Star Ocean: optimized combination of active ingredients for more effectiveness perfect to use for wet and damp wiping can be applied on coated and uncoated surfaces safe to combine with common surface disinfectants use undiluted to remove rubber, ballpoint pen or ink stains refreshing fragrance preventing the buil-up of layers DIN 18032-3 & ECOLABEL certified
Kleen Purgatis Purina alkaline, Fatsolvents | canister
Fatsolvents Purina alkaline from Kleen Purgatis The fatsolvents Purina is alkynic and is suitable to clean any type of filthy surface caused by grease, egg white and oil. The fatsolvent only produces a minimal amount of foam when used, which makes it perfect to treat machines. It is best to be used for the cleaning of greasy floors, surfaces and cooker hoods. Additionally, Purina can be also be utilized for automated dosing, e.g. foam cannon. Features of the fatsolvents Purina alkaline alkine fatsolvent use to successfully clean filthy surfaces caused by grease, egg white or oil treatment of machines possible due to minimal foam-development effective for wiping greasy floors, surfaces and cooker hoods
Kleen Purgatis Para Liquid, Descaler
Descaler Para Kalklöser from Kleen Prugatis The concentrated descaler Para Kalklöser is perfect to eradicate limescale, cement, remains of concrete and rust from objects. While producing only minimal amount of foam when used, it is also scent-free and produced without hydrochloric acid and complexing agents. Best to be used on hot water devices or containers. Features of the descaler Para Kalklöser concentrated descaler removes limescale, cement, remains of concrete and rust scent-free & foam-less no hydrochloric acid or complexing agents best results when used on hot water devices and containers
Kleen Purgatis Orosept K, Surface disinfactants
Surface disinfectants Orosept K from Kleen Purgatis The surface disinfectant OROsept K is used for successful cleaning and disinfection in the kitchen area, swimming pool, hospital, retirement home, etc. The QVA-based surface disinfectant combats bacteria, yeasts, fungi and HIV- and HBV-viruses and is listed by the IHO. The feature of the surface disinfectants Orosept K for effective surface disinfection and cleaning safe to use in kitchens, swimming pools, hospitals, retirement homes and doctor's offices aldehyde-free listing with IHO elimination of gram-negative and -positive bacteria eliminates yeast- and fungi-residues and HBV/HIV viruses
Kleen Purgatis Premium No.1 classic, Sanitary cleaner
Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic by Kleen Purgatis The Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic can be used on all acid and water-resistant materials, surfaces and objects in the sanitary area, such as wall and floor tiles, wash basins or toilet bowls. However, it is not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces. In our range it is also a descaler with a practicularly hygienic and lasting fresh scent. Thus lime soaps, urine stone, rust and grease stains are removed effortlessly and lime build-up is prevented with regular use. The Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic dries very quickly and leaves no streaks after cleaning. This is available in a 10l-canister as well as in a 1-bottle. Overview of the Sanitary cleaner Premium No.1 classic: acidic sanitary Descaler with cleaner a practicularly hygienic and lasting fresh scent prevents lime build-up lime soaps, urine stone, rust and grease stains are removed leaves no streaks and dries very quickly
Kleen Purgatis Lavo Des 60 kompakt, laudry liquid detergent
Laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt from Kleen Purgatis The laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt successfully eliminates bakteria, fungi and virus and is suitable to wash and disinfect covers of damp or wet wipes. The detergent can be used on manual or automated dosing basis. The laundry liquid detergent gets rid of bad smell by washing with 30 °C, thanks to active oxygen. Lavo Des 60 kompakt washes, bleaches and disinfects without the addition of chorline or phosphate. Features of the laundry liquid detergent Lavo Des 60 kompakt disinfects laundry chemothermically with 60° C successful against bakteria and fungi DGHM examination, upon chemical disinfection wash, bleach and disinfect phosphate-free and chlorine-free can be used for manual and automated dosing best results for washing and disinfecting covers of damp or wet wipes gets rid of unpleasant smell when washing with 30 °C effective against virus listed at RKI and VAH
Kleen Purgatis Gastro Kleen, surface cleaner
Surface cleaner Gastro Kleen from Kleen Purgatis The surface cleaner "Gastro Kleen" is an excellent choice when it comes to professional cleaning, especially in the food sector. Impurities such as fat and sugar are removed from surfaces without any effort. In addition, the surface cleaner dries extremely fast and does not require any rinsing or neutralization afterwards. Furthermore, "Gastro Kleen" is HACCP safe and dries fast. The features of the surface cleaner Gastro Kleen for professional cleaning in the food industry easy removal of soiling no rinsing or neutralization necessary HACCP safe dries fast
Kleen Purgatis Copelia Gastro, Soap Cream
Soap Cream Copelia Gastro by Kleen Purgatis The soap cream Copelia Gastro is excellent for hand and body cleaning and can be used in hotels and restaurants, industrial companies, office buildings and washrooms for all refillable Euro dispensers. It cleans deep into the pores and is both odorless and pH-neutral. The Creme maintains the skin's natural moisture and protects the skin, which is why this washing cream is hand mild and skin friendly. Of course the mild soap cream Copelia Gastro is available in two different sizes. Overview of the Soap Cream Copelia Gastro: is mild to the hand and skin friendly maintains the skin's natural moisture pore-deep cleaning odorless and pH-neutral suitable for all refillable pressure dispensers
Kleen Purgatis Vanulan, dishwashing agent
Dishwashing agent Vanulan from Kleen Purgatis The dishwashing agent Vanulan is particularly skin-friendly and gentle on materials. The strong grease-dissolving power of the dishwashing agent enables effective cleaning, only requiring small doses. No drying is necessary after rinsing, as even air-dried results shine without e.g. water stains. Vanulan comes with a pleasant scent and is easy on the drain. The features of the dishwashing agent Vanulan skin-friendly gentle on materials strong grease-dissolving power only small doses necessary for excellent results no additional drying needed pleasent scent
Kleen Purgatis Trymat Ultra, dishwashing agent tabs
Dishwashing agent tabs Trymat Ultra from Kleen Purgatis The 18 gram, concentrated dishwashing agent tabs Trymat Ultra clean your dishes alkaline and highly effective, without using chlorine and without wearing off glass surfaces. Even stubborn stains are removed, plus the Trymat Ultra convinces with its excellent water hardness compatibility and low foam formation. The dish detergent tabs are gentle on the environment and have a low impact on waste water. Trymat Ultra can be ideally used with commercial single-tank and household dishwashers. The features of the dishwashing agent tabs Trymat Ultra 18g dishwasher detergent tabs made from concentrate alkaline and effective cleaning of dishes without chlorine gentle to glass removes even stubborn tea or coffee stains excellent water compatibility minimal foam production environment & waste water-friendly use for single-tank and household dishwashers

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Who is Kleen Purgatis?

All Kleen Purgatis products are developed and produced in Germany. Since its founding in 1988, Kleen Purgatis has been bringing innovative solutions and products to the cleaning market. As a result of this long tradition Kleen Purgatis is a specialist in the fields of object hygiene, kitchen hygiene and laundry hygiene.

Kleen Purgatis is characterized by a wide range of high-quality hygiene and cleaning products. The multi-faceted range stretches from products for facility cleaning to cleaners for the kitchen and catering sector and cleaning agents for laundries and textile hygiene.


Apart from extensive research, the high quality standards of Kleen Purgatis result from detailed quality control. The products and the processes are examined in all stages of production. Feedback received from customers is also integrated in the process to ensure continuous quality improvement.

As Kleen Purgatis is part of the BUDICH Group of companies, topics such as sustainability and safety can be researched using the cumulative resources of the Group's research and development departments. The result is innovative, modern and future-proof product solutions.

Innovation & Technology

The arrangement of product standards with ecological and economical responsibility has top priority in the product development process and during production. All decisions regarding transportation, energy management and packaging materials are made with the consideration of sustainability factors.