Latex work gloves

The coated latex work gloves from Franz Mensch offer a very good grip - even in wet, oily or greasy conditions. The models with roughened and foamed latex coatings are particularly grippy. Latex work gloves are also elastic and fit your hands very well. See for yourself. 

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Fine knit gloves Skill | latex coating
Fine knit gloves Skill with latex coating from Hygostar The fine knit glove skill is made of abrasion-resistant nylon fine knit as well as a crinkle 1/4 latex coating. Thanks to the coating on the fingers and palm, the work glove is very robust and has an excellent wet and dry grip. The Skill offers a high wearing comfort as well as an excellent fit. It is particularly suitable for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work in the field of packaging sector, warehouse and for installation work. The properties of the fine knit gloves Skill at a glance: 15 gauge, durable, elastic 1/4 latex coating on palm and fingertips excellent dry and wet grip very good tactile sensitivity ideal for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work
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Fine knit gloves Wet Protect | latex coating
Fine knit gloves Wet Protect, latex coating von Hygostar The fine knit gloves Wet protect are made of nylon (13 gauge) and have an elastic knit cuff. The gloves are equipped with a liquid repellent 4/4 latex full coating and also have a sanded 1/4 coating on the fingertips and palm. Due to the sanded coating, the gloves have a very good grip on dry and wet surfaces and are very abrasion resistant. The Wet Protect fine knit gloves are very flexible and durable and at the same time offer the user a pleasant wearing comfort as well as a very good fit. The gloves are versatile and especially suitable for medium risk in mechanical and industrial work, especially in wet conditions.  Features of the fine knit gloves Wet Protect at a glance: made of nylon fine knit, 13 gauge with elastic knit cuff coated with latex, 4/4 full coating, liquid repellent additional sanded 1/4 coating on palm and fingertips very good dry and wet grip, durable and very abrasion resistant very good fitting and comfortable to wear versatile usable e.g. for handcraft, logistics, horticulture, facility management etc.
Work gloves Safety
Work gloves Safety The Safety protective glove is made of knitted cotton with a roughened, waterproof latex coating on the palm and fingertips. Due to the knitted cotton, the glove is seamless, which causes no pressure marks or friction points. The SAFETY is ideal for medium rough work with slippery or rough objects. Even in wet environments, the glove has an excellent grip. Advantages of the work gloves Safety: water-resistant Made of skin-friendly cotton Latex coating on palm and fingertips good dry and wet grip seamless, no squeezing or rubbing Ideal for medium heavy work
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Fine knit gloves Ultra Grip | latex foam coating
Fine knit gloves Ultra Grip with latex foam coating Thanks to their 1/4 latex foam coating on the palm and fingertips, these fine knit gloves are particularly grippy and thus offer a very good dry and wet grip. This makes them ideal for activities with high demands on grip and tactile sensitivity, for example for packaging and sorting work, but also for installation work. The high elasticity of the gloves makes them easy to put on and ensures a perfect fit. In addition, the Ultra Grip fine knit gloves are air-permeable and thus guarantee the user a high level of comfort.  The features of the fine knit gloves at a glance: coated palm and fingertips provide grip and good tactile feeling for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work air-permeable, highly elastic material ensure comfortable wearing

Latex work gloves from Franz Mensch

Latex coated work gloves are very grippy and ideal for working with slippery, very small or slippery objects - secure grip even in wet, oil and grease. The latex coatings are elastic and adapt very well to the movement of your hands. You therefore work quickly, accurately and safely at all times. In combination with a high-quality base material, latex work gloves are a very good choice for various activities in industry, warehousing, crafts and assembly, e.g. for packaging and sorting work.


Coated work gloves basically last longer and are very durable. Franz Mensch offers you a wide selection here and a very good price-performance ratio. Favorable manufacturer prices, different performance classes and qualities.


What is latex?

Latex is obtained from rubber trees and is a natural raw material. Latex is extremely stretchable and tear-resistant. For this reason, latex is particularly popular for disposable gloves. But latex also offers some advantages as a coating for work gloves: liquid-repellent, very abrasion-resistant and resistant to mechanical stress. Tip for latex allergy sufferers: Those who react to latex with skin irritation can switch to work gloves with a nitrile coating. These are latex-free and more compatible.


Advantages of latex coated work gloves:

  • Very grippy and safe when handling wet and dry objects
  • very elastic and tear resistant
  • protect against liquids, oils and greases
  • precise fit and sensitive


Grip safely with latex work gloves - your choice of coatings

Latex coatings are available in different variants:

  • 1. full or partial coating: depending on the activity, it makes sense to keep the coated area larger or smaller. Is a breathable back of the hand important to you and is it enough if the palm and fingertips are coated? Then a partial coating is just right. Choose between a 1/4 partial coating (palm and fingertips coated) or a 3/4 partial coating (palm, fingertips and parts of the back of the hand coated). Or do you attach importance to a high protective effect and good moisture protection? Then order work gloves with a full latex coating. Here, in addition to the palm and fingers, the entire back of the hand is coated.
  • 2. surface structure of the coating: it comes as roughened, sanded or foamed. All these processes make the latex coating of your work glove even more grippy. The goal: to prevent slipping and provide a firm grip - even when wet, oily or greasy. Choose between a latex foam coating with an embossed ribbed structure, a fine sanded latex surface or work gloves with a shrink-roughened latex coating for excellent grip.