Discover the wide range of food-safe bags for the preparation, storage and presentation of food here. Whether vacuum bags, portion bags, sealed-edge bags or freezer bags: Franz Mensch offers you bags made of high-quality, stable materials. Order conveniently online here.

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Side seal bag | PA/PE
Side seal bag made of PA/PE by Hygostar The sealed edge pouches are particularly high quality. They are made in Germany and consist of a multi-layer PA/PE film. The sealed edge pouches are tear-resistant and puncture-proof for particularly high aroma and freshness protection of your food. The sealed edge pouches can be used for all types of food, e.g. also for fatty products such as cheese, meat or fresh pasta such as noodles and gnocchi. Properties of side seal bag made of PA/PE at a glance: sealed rim pouches made in Germany for sealing, vacuum sealing, storing and freezing foodstuffs made of high quality multilayer film (PA/PE) tear and puncture resistant aroma protection and freshness for food
Tubular bag | PA/PE
Tubular bag made of PA/PE from Hygostar The professional tubular bags are made in Germany and consist of a particularly stable PA/PE film. They are tear-resistant and suitable for use with all common chamber vacuum devices. The tubular bags nestle over the food like an invisible skin and make for a very attractive presentation on the sales shelf or in your display. With the slaughter bags, you can keep your food and its aroma fresh for a long time. The bags are ideal for vacuum packaging cheese, fresh meat, sausage, fish, snacks, but also fresh pasta such as noodles or gnocchi. The tubular bags are very tight and without side seams. This means they can also be used for liquid foods such as soups or sauces. The tubular bags only need to be sealed on one side, which saves a lot of time in practice. Features of the Tubular bag at a glance: made in Germany puncture and tear resistant hygiene and aroma protection three sides closed, fewer welded seams for more stability and better film conformability space advantage: less sealing edge, full volume of the bag can be used very hygienic and stable, inside does not have to be touched like an invisible second skin for an attractive presentation
Freezer bags
Freezer bags Our odorless and tasteless freezer bags are made of extra strong (approx. 30my) and particularly tear-resistant elastic LDPE film. They have a labeling field as well as a closing clip.   The freezer bags are suitable for temperatures from -70°C to +70°C. The bags are available in the sizes 1L, 3L and 6L.
Pastry bags | LDPE
Pastry bags made of LDPE from Hygonorm The transparent pastry bags are made of LDPE and are approved for use in food areas. They have a size of 120 l and can be used in many ways on production lines in the food industry or in the bakery trade. Pastry bags can be used to hygienically freeze or refrigerate blanks and doughs. The dough bags are transparent so that the contents can be seen. Advantages of the pastry bags at a glance: dough bags 120 litres 25 pieces on roll hygienic LDPE, approx. 45 my for cooling and freezing dough pieces food safe transparent so that contents remain visible ideal for bakers and food production
Side seal pouches | OPA/PP
Side seal pouches made of OPA/PP by Hygostar The premium sealed rim cooking bags are "made in Germany" and offer you a professional solution for preserving as well as preparing your food. They are made from a robust barrier film of OPA/PP that offers a particularly high oxygen barrier to keep your food fresh for a long time. Whether hot or cold: thanks to the temperature resistance from -40 °C up to +121 °C, the cooking bags are versatile. They are both freezer-safe and boil-proof. This makes the sealed-rim cooking pouches ideal for pre-prepared dishes, convenience foods or sous-vide dishes. Sealed rim cooking bags save a lot of time in everyday kitchen use. The bags are extremely resilient and can withstand even heavy mechanical loads. Properties of side seal pouches made of OPA/PP at a glance: sturdy OPA/PP film with very good barrier properties - for more food freshness high quality and strong against mechanical stress, approx. 90 my hot or cold: temperature-resistant cooking bags from -40 °C to +121 °C suitable for cooking can be optimally sealed with chamber appliances saves a lot of time in the kitchen, especially at peak times high oxygen barrier food-safe
Dispenser for portion bag
Dispenser for portion bags The dispenser is made of acrylic and is particularly suitable for the use of weekday portion bags. As the dispenser is self-standing and the bags hang from the dispenser, hygienic filling is possible without touching the work area. Like the portion bags, the dispenser is certified according to the LME regulation. You can find the matching portion bags in our range.
Tubular pouches | PA/PE
Tubular pouches made of PA/PE by Hygostar The boil-in-the-bag pouches are ideal for preserving prepared dishes, freezing them or presenting them in a high-quality way on the sales shelf. At the same time, the tubular cooking bags are suitable for cooking, so that dishes can be prepared in a particularly time-saving way. The tubular bags are "made in Germany" and are especially suitable for vacuum chamber devices and can be used for all types of food. The bags are made of a highly transparent and very durable PA/PE film. The film offers reliable protection against germs or moisture and preserves both freshness and aroma of the food. Vorteile der Schlauchkochbeutel aus PA/PE im Überblick: boilable and extremely robust high-quality cooking bag for vacuum sealers barrier film made of PA/PE, approx. 90 my aroma protection and freshness protection against bacteria, mould and moisture puncture-proof and leak-proof highly transparent and glossy for optimum food presentation