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Infoboards & noteboards

The Catchball® rail holds any paper firmly: whether notes, receipts, heavy plans or smooth, laminated paper. The Catchball® system is available in aluminium, plastic and as a Powergrip variant for an even more secure hold. Find out everything about Catchball® and its advantages compared to pinboards, magnetic boards, glue and the like.

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Catch-ball-System, Notebord
Catchball rail Notebord by Hygostar With a single movement, you simply slide your receipts, notes, copies and slips of paper under the clamping rail. Just as quickly, the paper is pulled out again without tearing. The Catchball rail is a patented development from Franz Mensch and ideal as a receipt rail in restaurants and kitchens. The secret of success lies inside the rail. There are technical glass balls that are integrated into the receipt rail and run freely, holding the paper in place by means of gravity. When removing the paper, you grab it with one hand and pull it forward, out the top. The upper edge serves as a pen tray and the front can be written on. The plastic clamping bar ensures hygienic order and is versatile as a receipt holder for the catering industry, as a universal slip holder in the office or workshop, as a bulletin board at universities, kindergartens and schools, but also for notices and duty rosters in the hospital, warehouse or kitchen. The receipt strips can be strung together as desired to hang even more papers. Choose between five different lengths and three different colors and buy exactly the terminal strips that fit your needs. Another advantage: The Catchball rail is available with your own logo upon request. Please inquire at verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Features of the Catchball rail Noteboard at a glance: perfect for papers, posters, notes, receipts and slips of paper of all kinds holding power thanks to glass balls inside the rail light weight, made of plastic notes always ready to hand clean clamping rail - also suitable for hygienic areas many sizes and colors available can be arranged in any order very neat and clear A comparison: Catchball clipboard Notebord vs. classic pinboard, magnetic board and co. Catchball rail Pinboard, magnetic board and co without further accessories       thumbtacks, adhesive strips, magnets etc. necessary operate with one handle     risk of injury due to thumbtacks one-handed removal without tearing      stuck and dirty walls clear and clean     unclear can be mounted on all surfaces    Assembly note: The Catchball rail can be attached to any surface. Either stick on the desired location with the included adhesive strips or screw to the wall, drill holes provided.
ideal receipt rail
Catch-ball-System "Infobord" - the classic one
catch-ball-System INFOBORD: Das Catch-Ball System ist ein innovatives Produkt und im Vergleich zu Pinnwand, Magnettafel, Tesa und Co. wesentlich einfacher und sauberer. Mit einem Handgriff schieben Sie Ihre Notizen einfach schnell und sicher unter die Leiste. Für die Planung und Organisation von Zeichnungen, Plänen, Postern, Großfotos, Zetteln und Papier. Die Schiene hält bis zu 10 Blatt (übereinander) normales DIN A4 Papier. Das Geheimnis: Die Kugeln aus technischem Spezialglas laufen freilaufend in den Schienen und halten das Papier aufgrund der Schwerkraft fest. Die Schienen können beliebig aneinander gereiht werden. Die Bonschiene ist aus eloxiertem (kratzfestem) Aluminium in Weiß oder Silber erhältlich.In verschiedenen Längen und Farben erhältlich.
Catch-ball-System, Infobord Powergrip
Catchball rail Infobord Powergrip from Hygostar With this aluminum catchball rail, you always have notes, posters, plans or receipts at hand, neatly tidied and visible at a glance. The catchball rail in the special Powergrip design has a unique holding force and is particularly suitable for heavy, large-format papers. Even papers with smooth or laminated surfaces are safely stored in this receipt rail. Organizer rail with ball gripping system: The patented balls made of frosted technical special glass run freely in the catchball rail and hold the paper by means of gravity. The surface of the balls is roughened, providing extreme holding power of up to 500 g. This means you can even hang the phone book or a thick Franz Mensch catalog there. The organizer rail Powergrip is made of anodized aluminum and very high quality workmanship. Due to the anodizing, the clamping bar is particularly durable, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Important for kitchens and other hygienic areas: The Catchball rail has a matt, smooth surface and can be wiped clean normally with a cloth. The clamp rails can be mounted almost anywhere and can be lined up in any order. Catchball is versatile as a receipt holder in the gastro, as a note holder and clamping bar for papers in the office, as poster rails, as a bulletin board in schools, kindergartens, for plans and notices in hospital, workshop, warehouse or kitchen. Here's how: In a matter of seconds and with just a flick of the wrist, you simply slide your notes under the clamping bar. The specially roughened balls located in the catchball rail immediately hold the papers in place. Removal is just as easy and one-handed - no tearing required. Grip the paper and pull it forward, out the top. The Powergrip clamping rail is quick and easy to use. Especially as a receipt bar in gastronomy and kitchen, this is a great advantage that saves a lot of time. Features of the Catchball rail Powergrip at a glance: extreme holding force perfect for heavy weights: large papers, posters, plans, posters, laminated paper strong thanks to roughened special balls high quality and scratch resistant, anodized aluminum notes always at hand clean clip rail instead of dirty info boards two sizes available: 50 cm, 100 cm two colors: white, silver can be lined up in any order very neat and clear also as poster rail Which is better: aluminum clip rail Powergrip or classic pinboard? Catchball rails Powergrip are particularly strong and offer several advantages compared to conventional pinboards. Catchball receipt bars are very hygienic and do not require thumbtacks, adhesive strips or magnets. You only need one hand to slide the papers under the bar and pull them out again. No annoying search for free magnets, no risk of injury from tearing nails, no tearing when removing, no strips that leave sticky and dirty walls. Terminal strip Catchball vs. pinboard, magnetic board and co.: Catchball rail Pinboard, magnetic board and co without further accessories       thumbtacks, adhesive strips, magnets etc. necessary operate with one handle     risk of injury due to thumbtacks one-handed removal without tearing      stuck and dirty walls clear and clean     unclear can be mounted on all surfaces  Quick mounting of the bon bar Either screw your Catchball rail to the desired location (drill holes provided) or use the included adhesive strips and simply stick your clamp rail to a smooth surface. Scope of delivery: small rail 50 cm, 3 adhesive strips included large rail 100 cm, 4 adhesive strips included
strong holding force
Table display, T-form | PS
Table stand, T-shape, made of PS from Hygostar The Hygostar table stand is made of plastic. The display has a smooth surface. The T-shape of the transparent display makes it extremely stable and suitable for double-sided presentation. Advantages of the table display, T-form made of PS at a glance: material: plastic transparent with flat surface  T-shape stabilised presentation possible on both sides

Organisational talents: Infoboards and terminal strips make all the difference!

Discover the variety and functionality of terminal strips and info boards in the Franz Mensch online shop. The products are specially designed for commercial customers and offer an ideal solution for clearly displaying important information in sectors such as catering, medicine, hospitals, the food industry and other industrial sectors.


High-quality clamp rails for your business

With the robust Catchball® clip rail, you can ensure that your documents are securely and visibly attached. The choice of materials guarantees durability and easy handling. Ideal for neatly storing receipts, duty rosters or notes in hectic working environments.


Innovative clip rails for efficiency and organisation

The Catchball® rails are both practical and available in different sizes and designs. The premium version made of aluminium is particularly strong and durable. The inexpensive plastic rails are available in bright colours. They are the perfect complement for a structured way of working. You can securely and clearly organise notes and information sheets in just one easy step. What's more, the organiser rails are much cleaner and more hygienic than pinboards or loose notes. No paper scraps, no sticky notes - the sheets are simply pushed into the rail and held in place by gravity by the internal balls.


Receipt rails - the practical solution for catering and retail

The receipt rail is the must-have in every catering business. Offers, orders or reservations - with the Catchball® rail you can keep track of everything and concentrate on the essentials: Your customers.


Organiser rails for professional use

With our organisation rails, you can create order in any area in no time at all. They are particularly suitable for use in environments where hygiene and structure must go hand in hand.

Put your trust in Franz Mensch, your expert for hygiene products and protective clothing, and choose clamping rails and info boards that make your day-to-day work easier and ensure optimum organisation. Browse through our online shop now and discover our wide range of products. Go for quality that impresses - for safety you can be proud of!