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The Hygostar brand has stood for excellent quality and an optimum price-performance ratio for over 50 years. It offers a wide range of high-quality products for a wide variety of industries. You will find everything from gloves and protective clothing to catering supplies.

Our top sellers in the Hygostar nitrile gloves range

Nitrile gloves from Hygostar are versatile and offer you first-class protection for various areas of use. You can also discover bestsellers such as the best-selling Safe Light nitrile glove and many other Hygostar disposable nitrile gloves here.

Chemical protection gloves Super High Risk | nitrile
Chemical protective gloves Super High Risk made of nitrile by Hygostar When handling chemicals and biological hazards, you need protective gloves you can rely on. The nitrile gloves Super High Risk they are tested Cat 3 protective glove strong, resilient and safe. At the same time, they fit very well on the hand and offer a lot of sensitivity for precise work. Here you buy high quality chemical protective gloves made of strong nitrile for single use. Nitrile is chemical resistant, resistant to oils, greases and tight against microorganisms and other biological hazards. With the extended cuff, the gloves are approximately 30 cm long overall, providing protection beyond the wrist. This provides even more protection when handling splashes or liquids. The chemical protection gloves are elastic and fit like a second skin. In addition, the textured surface facilitates gripping so that you simply work more quickly and accurately. Thanks to these features, the Super High Risk gloves are best suited for laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, emergency services, hospital, nursing, food industry and industry. They are the top seller among chemical gloves at Franz Mensch and have proven themselves for over 15 years. The properties of the chemical protective gloves Super High Risk at a glance: strong nitrile, very robust and tight powder-free, no contamination of samples or food by the powder non-slip thanks to textured surface 30 cm long, protection beyond the wrist very robust, durable good sense of touch, suitable for fine work flexible and elastic for a very good fit food safe with rolled edge that catches run-off drops latex free left-right portable
top seller
Nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong, powder-free by Hygostar These disposable nitrile gloves save a lot of time and money in your daily work. They have extra long cuffs and are available in 40 cm or even 50 cm length. Your advantage: you don't need additional sleeve protectors or protective sleeves. The nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong cover the hand, wrists and the entire forearm. Ideal when working with liquids and as protection against spills, e.g. during cleaning work, in the food industry or in the laboratory. Thanks to the high-quality, strong nitrile, the disposable gloves Extra Safe Superlong can be used in many applications - such as third-party protection in the medical field. They are resistant to chemical and biological hazards and endure heavy strain very well. The textured, grippy surface also makes these nitrile gloves a good choice for delicate or precise tasks. In sensitive hygiene areas such as medicine or the food industry, the sleeves of the gown are tucked into the gloves cuffs. This is even easier with the Extra Safe Superlong nitrile gloves. The long cuff of the gloves prevents them from slipping out and the sleeves are safely tucked in. Info: You can find product videos of our nitrile gloves here. The features of the nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong at a glance: also protects the forearm available in 40 cm or 50 cm length made of extra strong nitrile 2 in 1 advantage: additional forearm protection not necessary suitable for heavy duty use grippy surface protects against chemical and biological hazards resilient, oil and grease resistant powder-free, rolled cuff, non-sterile, ambidextrous fit free of latex allergenic proteins
protected forearm
Nitrile gloves Power Grip | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Power Grip, powder-free by Hygostar With the nitrile gloves Power Grip every grip fits and you always work safely, quickly and accurately. Thanks to the double-sided, non-slip surface, even small or oily objects can be handled safely. At the same time, the disposable nitrile gloves are snug-fitting and elastic. Therefore, with the nitrile gloves Power Grip you have maximum mobility and sensitivity. So even fine work is concentrated and done quickly, no slipping, less effort. The surface: secure grip thanks to fish scale structure The Power Grip nitrile gloves have a special surface. Both the palm and the back of the hand have a special fish scale structure. Thanks to the double-sided structure, the nitrile gloves can be worn on both sides/left-right. Franz Mensch has been working on this type of surface for years. The goal: to bring disposable gloves to the market that offer truly safe gripping - even under difficult conditions such as wetness or oil. The small elevations and depressions in the fish scale structure make this firm grip possible. The higher sections are always in contact with the work object and thus prevent your hands from slipping. The material: delicate and resilient The Power Grip nitrile gloves are premium gloves and made of very high quality, resilient material. The nitrile is tough and withstands mechanical stress well. It is also durable and protects you from biological hazards. At the same time, nitrile is a very elastic material and the Power Grip disposable gloves fit your hands exactly. Thanks to the very good fit, the nitrile gloves offer a high degree of sensitivity - ideal for precision work. In addition, nitrile is free of latex proteins and more skin-friendly than comparable disposable latex gloves. Another advantage: Power Grip nitrile gloves are food-safe and approved for direct contact with food. They are powder-free, making them ideal for product protection and protection against contamination in food areas. Colours: Power Grip disposable nitrile gloves are available in blue, orange, yellow, red, green and black. Tip: Use the orange or yellow Power Grip gloves specifically for work in poorly lit areas. The eye-catching orange signal color is always easy to spot. The blue Power Grip nitrile gloves are ideal for food areas. The blue color contrasts very well with food and work surfaces. This is because there is no such thing as blue food by nature. The black gloves also provide a nice contrast in light environments and are ideal for industrial use. Info: You can find product videos of our nitrile gloves here. The features of the nitrile gloves Power Grip at a glance: particularly strong, high-quality nitrile, powder-free palm and back of the hand: full-surface, grippy fish scale structure firm grip in wet conditions, oil and grease secure wet grip even with small objects for precise work elastic, durable and robust protection against biological hazards resistant against oil and grease with rolled cuff, non-sterile, latex-free, fits both hands   Our tip for even more protection: The nitrile gloves Power Grip Long with a length of 30 cm additionally protect the wrist.
grip safely
Nitrile gloves Safe Light | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Light, powder-free by Hygostar Our best: Safe Light nitrile gloves have proven themselves for almost 20 years and are used millions of times every day. As true all-rounders, Safe Light disposable gloves are versatile for professional use in the kitchen, food industry, industry or medicine. Your big advantage: At Franz Mensch, you buy nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer and benefit from a very good price-performance ratio.  The Safe Light nitrile gloves are made of lightweight nitrile material. The disposable gloves are non-sterile and powder-free. Thanks to the very good fit, it offers a very good sense of touch and finger splash feeling - even for fine work. The surface is textured and non-slip. The nitrile gloves Safe Light are grease and oil resistant and therefore suitable for working with oily or greasy food. These disposable nitrile gloves also reliably protect your hands when working with chemicals, solvents, viruses, bacteria or fungi.  *Your advantage: The nitrile glove Safe Light in the colour blue has a pharmaceutical central number (PZN): Art.2702 - PZN 17160883, Art. 2700 - PZN 17160908, Art. 2701 - PZN 17160914, Art. 2705 - PZN 17160920, Art. 2706 - PZN 17160937, Art. 2707 - PZN 17160943 Short and simply explained - learn everything you need to know about the nitrile glove Safe Light in our product video: The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Light at a glance: High-quality all-round glove protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi resistant to chemicals and solvents robust, resistant to oil and grease proven for years and versatile Sizes XS to XXL (Help for choosing the right glove size can be found here) available in 12 colours - also suitable for your colour system powder-free, non-sterile, made of lightweight nitrile very good sense of touch thanks to very good fit textured surface for improved grip Intended purpose For third-party protection (protection against germ transmission) in the hospital and care sector Functional range for food and medical purposes
top seller
Nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch, powder-free by Hygostar With the disposable gloves Safe Super Stretch you work faster, more precisely and protect the skin of your hands. The disposable gloves are made of a new type of lightweight nitrile that is extremely stretchy. After years of development, Hygostar now offers nitrile gloves that are as elastic as latex. In concrete terms, this means that the Safe Super Stretch nitrile gloves fit like a second skin, follow every movement of your hands and offer you maximum wearing comfort. In addition, the particularly elastic disposable gloves are quicker and easier to put on because the material is so flexible.The disposable gloves Safe Super Stretch are universally applicable and ideal for example for industry, kitchen, laboratory, food industry and medical areas. Another advantage: The nitrile gloves are free of accelerators and therefore particularly compatible for your skin - important when gloves are worn a lot and for a long time. Get a detailed overview of the product videos of our different nitrile gloves. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch at a glance: extremely stretchable, especially flexible material first-class fit and tactile feel very skin-friendly, as free of accelerators quick to put on and take off  high wearing comfort powder-free, latex-free with rolled edge, left-right wearable 
maximum stretch

Your selection of Hygostar disposable gloves

Hygostar gloves are suitable for different areas of application. Whether nitrile, latex or vinyl - there is a suitable material for every requirement. Discover a large selection of certified disposable gloves in numerous sizes and colors at Franz Mensch.

CPE gloves Allfood
CPE gloves Allfood by Hygostar The CPE glove Allfood shows an especially embossed surface and thus guarantees more comfort for the user. The glove has a good fit and is also odorless and tasteless. The CPE glove is suitable for contact with all foods, which is why it can be used especially for food processing and gastronomy. Especially for short-term work, the Allfood is the ideal protection. The features of the CPE gloves Allfood at a glance: specially embossed CPE for more wearing comfort leaves no odor or taste good fit, with rolled cuff suitable for contact with all foodstuffs protects ideal for short-term work