For over 50 years, the Hygostar brand has stood for excellent quality and optimal price-performance ratio.
Its wide assortment ranges from work gloves to protective equipment and hygiene articles.

Highlight products of the brand Hygostar

LDPE gloves Softline
LDPE gloves Softline by Hygostar The LDPE glove Softline shows the perfect inner or outer glove made of strong LDPE. It has a smooth and robust surface and is waterproof. Thus, the Softline hygienic glove offers its wearer ideal protection for short-term work, especially in food processing, meat industry or for flushing and cleaning work. In order to be able to store the gloves hygienically, the matching dispenser (art. no. 888933) for the LDPE glove is also available here. The features of the LDPE gloves Softline at a glance: made of strong LDPE waterproof, hygienic perfectly as inner or outer glove ideal protection for short-term work ambidextrous fit and non-sterile free from latex allergenic proteins
Nitrile gloves Extra Safe | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Extra Safe, powder-free from Hygostar The powder-free and non-sterile nitrile glove Extra Safe convinces with its particularly strong nitrile material. It proves to be elastic, very robust as well as durable, which is why it is suitable for heavy use and long periods of use. Furthermore, it is resistant to grease and oil. The disposable glove has a rolled cuff and a textured surface for extra grip. The Extra Safe offers the wearer sufficient resistance to chemical and biological dangers and can be ideally used in the fields of industry, laboratory, food processing as well as for medical purposes. The features of the nitrile gloves Extra Safe at a glance: extra strong nitrile, powder-free, non-sterile resistant and hard-wearing elastic and very robust with rolled cuff, textured surface for optimal grip ambidextrous fit resistant to chemical and biological dangers free of latex-allergy causing proteins for heavy duty use and long operating times
Nitrile gloves Safe Long | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Long, powder-free by Hygostar The nitrile glove Safe Long is made of resistant, extra heavy nitrile. It has an extra length of 30cm to provide additional wrist protection. This disposable glove is oil and grease resistant and also offers resistance to chemicals and solvents. Thanks to its textured surface, it provides a good grip. In addition, the nitrile glove gives its wearer a good sensitivity and fits ambidextrously. The Safe Long is versatile and can therefore be used in industry as well as in food areas or for medical purposes. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Long at a glance: robust, extra strong nitrile, powder-free extra length protects wrists additionally resistant to chemicals, solvents, oil and grease textured surface for good sensation with rolled cuff, fits ambidextrous free of latex-allergy causing proteins
Nitrile gloves Safe Premium | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Premium, powder-free by Hygostar The nitrile glove Safe Premium is a powder-free, disposable glove that offers the wearer multiple properties. The strong nitrile of the Safe Premium is grease and oil resistant and exhibits durability as well as resistance to chemicals and solvents. Its textured surface ensures a secure grip, and the glove's high tactile sensitivity allows it to be used for precision work. The Safe Premium is available packed in a dispenser box or in a hygienic PE bag. The Safe Premium is generally very comfortable, as it has a rolled cuff and can also be worn ambidextrously. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Premium at a glance: strong nitrile,free of latex-allergy causing proteins resistant, oil and grease resistant resistant to chemicals and solvents good grip due to textured surface high sense of touch for precise work with rolled cuff, non-sterile, fits both hands
Vinyl gloves Classic | powdered
Vinyl gloves Classic, powdered by Hygostar The powdered vinyl glove Classic is made of heavy vinyl and highly recommended when gloves need to be changed frequently. Thanks to the powder, it allows easy donning even with wet hands. The glove fits both the right and left hand and has a rolled edge. In addition, the vinyl glove Classic withstands biological hazards and solvents. The vinyl glove Classic is particularly suitable for food processing, catering, industry and care. The features of the vinyl gloves Classic at a glance: made of heavy vinyl, non-sterile lightly powdered, therefore easy to put on even with wet hands can be worn on both hands glove has a rolled edge resistant to biological dangers and solvents not suitable for use with fatty foods
Vinyl gloves Ideal | powder-free
Vinyl gloves Ideal, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free vinyl glove Ideal is made of a strong vinyl material. It is ideal for use in jobs where gloves need to be changed frequently due to high usage. The Ideal is resistant to biological dangers and is ideal for use with non-fatty foodstuffs. The vinyl glove has a comfortable and practical rolled cuff and can be worn on both the left and the right hand. The features of the Vinyl gloves Ideal at a glance: strong vinyl, powder-free and non-sterile recommended for high glove consumption solid against biological dangers not suitable for greasy food with rolled cuff, can be worn with both hands
Heat protection gloves Flamestar | canvas
Heat protection gloves Flamestar made of canvas by Hygostar The heat protection glove Flamestar is made of canvas, which is very durable and robust. It is provided with a special coating. The inside, on the other hand, is fully lined with cotton. The glove is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. In addition, it is characterized by its good fit. Thanks to a long cuff, the heat protection glove protects the forearm of the wearer. In addition, it is wipeable and can be worn on both hands. The Flamestar is therefore perfect for use in the kitchen or in the gastronomy. The features of the heat protection gloves Flamestar at a glance: made of canvas with special coating, filled with cotton-polyester mixture  inside lined with 100% cotton robust, wipeable, durable resistance to contact heat up to 250 °C long cuff protects forearm of the wearer good fit, can be worn ambidextrously
Oven gloves Heattec | silicone
Oven gloves Heattec made of silicone by Hygostar The Heattec glove shows the ideal oven glove for the kitchen. It is made of silicone and resistant to contact heat up to 50°C. Since it is lined with cotton on the inside, it is very comfortable to wear. A structured surface provides a firm grip. These features make the Heattec not only hygienic and easy to clean, but also durable. To provide its wearer with protection beyond the wrist, the Heattec oven glove is also available with a cotton cuff. The features of the oven gloves Heattec at a glance: made of silicone, very durable and liquid-tight comfortable to wear thanks to cotton lining resistant to contact heat up to 50°C firm grip thanks to full-surface ribbed profile ambidextrous carrying possible easy to clean, hygienic for private use
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand, PU coating by Hygostar The fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand are made of nylon (13 gauge) and are coated with an air-permeable PU on the palm and fingertips. Due to the 1/4 coating, the gloves have a good dry grip and are abrasion resistant. As the name suggests, the Ultra Flex Hand fine knit gloves are very flexible and offer the user a very good fit as well as a comfortable feel. The Ultra Flex Hand is ideal for precise work, as the gloves ensure excellent tactile sensitivity. Thus, the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand can be used in a wide variety of industries, such as crafts, construction, automotive, etc. Ultra Flex Hand fine knit gloves can be used for medium risk in mechanical and industrial work with high demands to tactile sensitivity. Features of the fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand at a glance: is made of nylon, 13 gauge and an air-permeable 1/4 PU coating coating on palm and fingertips for good dry grip and abrasion resistance ideal for precise work, because of excellent tactile sensitivity very flexible, very good fit and therefore comfortable to wear ideal for a wide range of applications, e.g. in the craft and automotive industry
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand 3/4-coated | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Ultra Flex Hand 3/4-coated by Hygostar The Ultra Flex Hand gives the wearer an excellent sense of touch due to the PU coating on the palm as well as 3/4 of the back of the hand. This makes the fine knit glove ideal for precise work like craft, construction industry, fair construction, automotive industry, engineering, steel industry, glass industry, agricultural industry. Furthermore, the nylon fine knit material is air permeable and abrasion resistant. A good grip in dry conditions as well as a good fit ensure that the work glove can be used very flexibly and guarantees ideal comfort for the wearer. The Ultra Flex is particularly suitable for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work with high demands to tacticle sensitivity. Properties of the Ultra Flex Hand fine knit gloves at a glance: 13 gauge, abrasion resistant nylon fine knit 3/4 PU coating, air permeable, optimum dry grip excellent tactile feel, ideal for precise work adaptable for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work

Your benefits

The premium brand Hygostar stands for high-quality products that keep a high promise of quality and at the same time offer good value for money.

Advantage of Hygostar products: you benefit from favorable manufacturer prices. For over 50 years, a strict quality procedure has guaranteed consistent quality at all times. Top products from Hygostar are disposable gloves, protective and hygiene clothing as well as consumables for the kitchen, medicine and industry.

The disposable nitrile glove Safe Light is the best example of the high quality workmanship of Hygostar products. The glove is robust, has a good tactile sensitivity and is, among other things, resistant to chemicals. The Hygostar glove offers the best price-performance ratio. .

Application areas

Hygostar products offers a wide range of disposable and work gloves,
hygiene products and protective clothing for various industries: