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Decorate seasonally appropriate, festive or modern with table linen from Franz Mensch: fabric-like and individually customisable tablecloths made of PP fleece, matching placemats and table runners. The table linen can be ideally combined with our napkins and cutlery bags.

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Professional table linen for gastronomy, catering, events and more

Learn all about tablecloths, placemats, washable tablecloths, table runners and disposable tablecloths. Make your dining tables stylish and hygienic with disposable tablecloths.


Disposable tablecloths: comfort and hygiene

Disposable tablecloths are the ultimate option for stress-free events. You don't have to worry about washing or storing them. Disposable tablecloths are available in an impressive variety of colours and designs. Whether for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, in a restaurant or outdoor catering, disposable tablecloths are a practical choice that looks stylish at the same time.


Your choice of gastro table linen

Franz Mensch has been supplying the catering industry with everything they need to work hygienically for over 50 years. This includes tablecloths and tablecloths, which ensure a clean appearance and offer high quality.


Why tablecloths on a roll?

A tablecloth on a roll offer the freedom to adjust the size of the tablecloth as needed. They are ideal for large events or unusually shaped tables. Simply cut the length you need and design your table in no time at all. You can buy tablecloths on a roll from Franz Mensch either made of pure PP fleece or with an additional PE coating. The coating makes the tablecloths wipeable, waterproof and robust.


Tablecloths for every occasion

A high-quality tablecloth is the centrepiece of an attractive table design. It adds character and style to your dining table. From festive dinners to relaxed brunches, tablecloths are versatile and can set the tone for any event. Choose between classic white tablecloths or colourful versions depending on the occasion.


Placemats as an accent

Placemats are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your dining table. Not only do they serve as a decorative element, but they also protect the tablecloth from stains. Place placemats under plates and cutlery to add a personal touch to each place setting.


Table runner: Elegant accents for the table

Table runners are narrow, long fabrics that are laid across the centre of the table. They are a wonderful way to add a subtle yet elegant touch to your dining table. A table runner can serve as a stylish base for decorations such as candles or flowers.


Which materials are best suited for tablecloths?

The choice of material depends on your personal taste and occasion. For Franz Mensch, hygiene is a top priority and therefore you will find disposable tablecloths made of PP. These are wipeable as well as durable and can be disposed of after use. So every guest receives a hygienically fresh tablecloth. The tablecloths have a high-quality finish and are a much more elegant alternative to paper tablecloths. This means they are colourfast, opaque and velvety soft.