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Patient underlay

Underpads are particularly absorbent and trap liquids securely. This keeps the bed and mattress protected - also suitable for use as incontinence underpads.

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Underpads for beds | PP/cellulose/PE
Underpads for beds made of PP/cellulose/PE by Hygostar These medical pads are particularly absorbent because they are equipped with a special absorbent core made of cellulose. Cellulose can absorb large amounts of liquid and seal it tightly. Therefore, the bed pads are often used as incontinence pads for patient beds, wheelchairs or seating furniture. The soft outside is made of PP fleece and is very skin-friendly. The incontinence pads are hygienic suction pads and support you in daily patient care. The pads protect against both moisture and unpleasant odors. The underside of the pads is covered with a waterproof PE film to protect against leaks. Advantages of incontinence pads with a cellulose core at a glance: absorbent incontinence pad various sizes with the following liquid absorption values:  art.-no. 52781 approx. 900 ml art.-no. 52784 approx. 700 ml art.-no. 52785 approx. 400 ml as bed protection and medical pad with absorbent core made of cellulose protects against moisture and odor soft top made of PP fleece, skin-friendly and comfortable tight bottom made of PE for hospitals and care facilities
Absorption of liquids
Underpads for beds, 12-ply | PP/cellulose/PE
Underpads for beds, 12-ply made of PP/cellulose/PE by HygostarThanks to the strong absorbent core made of 10 layers of cellulose, these bed underpads offer a high level of safety and protection. The cellulose absorbs moisture safely and prevents leakage. The incontinence underpads are also equipped with a waterproof PE underside. The top is made of PP fleece, which is very soft and skin-friendly. This makes the 12 layers of bed underpads ideal for reliable protection against moisture and odours. They are suitable as patient underpads and incontinence pads for patient beds, seats or wheelchairs.Advantages of incontinence pads, 12-ply at a glance:incontinence pads with absorbent core made of 10-ply celluloseart.-no. 52791: liquid absorption approx. 850 mlart.-no. 52793: liquid absorption approx. 520 mlart.-no. 52798: liquid absorption approx. 350 mlstrong incontinence underpad12-layer construction: 1 layer of PP fleece as a soft top layer, 10 layers of highly absorbent cellulose and 1 layer of waterproof PE filmextremely absorbent and safeprotects against moisture and odoursas a patient underpad and high-quality bed protectionavailable in various sizes
Absorption of liquids
Underpads for beds, 8-ply | PP/cellulose/PE
Underpads for beds, 8-ply made of PP/cellulose/PE by HygostarWith their 8 layers, the bed underpads from Hygostar are highly absorbent and safe. As incontinence underpads and bed protection, they safely absorb liquids and prevent leakage. The underpads have a skin-friendly top layer made of PP fleece, a waterproof underside made of PE film and 6 layers of cellulose in between. Cellulose is extremely absorbent and keeps moisture in so that skin and bed remain dry. The incontinence underpads are ideal for hospitals and care facilities. They can be used both as bed underlays and as underlays for seats or wheelchairs.Advantages of incontinence pads, 8-ply at a glance:incontinence pads with absorbent core made of 6-ply celluloseart.-no. 52794: liquid absorption approx. 400 mlart.-no. 52795: liquid absorption approx. 270 mlart.-no. 52797: liquid absorption approx. 660 mlunderside is waterproof as it is made of PE filmsoft upper side made of PP fleece, pleasant on skin contactbed protection against moisture and odourideal as a patient pad and underpaddifferent sizes available
Absorption of liquids
Underpads for beds, 6-ply | PP/cellulose/PE
Underpads for beds, 6-ply made of PP/recycled tissue/PE by HygostarThe 6-ply bed underpads are made of high-quality materials and a highly absorbent recycled tissue. They are ideal as incontinence underpads for hospital beds or for seats and wheelchairs. They have a waterproof underside made of PE film and a soft upper side made of PP fleece. In between, the bed underpads are equipped with 4 layers of cellulose. Recycled tissue is particularly absorbent and safely absorbs liquids and odours. Order the 6-layer incontinence underpads conveniently here in the shop and in various sizes.  Advantages of incontinence pads, 6-ply at a glance:incontinence pads with absorbent core made of 4-ply recycled tissueart.-no. 52790: liquid absorption approx. 600 mlart.-no. 52792: liquid absorption approx. 360 mlart.-no. 52796: liquid absorption approx. 660 ml6-ply: 1 layer of soft PP, 4 layers of highly absorbent recycled tissue, 1 layer of waterproof PEideal as bed protection and incontinence underlayabsorbent and secureskin-friendly top layer, pleasantly softavailable in various sizes
Absorption of liquids

Patient underlay: dry and comfortable for sure

Underpads and incontinence pads are more than just a hygiene product. They offer important protection in various areas of patient care. These underpads are particularly absorbent and securely trap liquids so that beds and mattresses always remain dry and hygienic.


High-quality materials for maximum comfort

At Franz Mensch, we attach great importance to the quality of our products. The underpads are made from materials that have proven themselves over many decades. They are both effective and comfortable for patients: gentle on the skin for a high level of well-being.

Incontinence underpads consist of several layers that work together to provide maximum protection:

  • Top layer (topsheet): This layer is in direct contact with the skin and is often made from a soft, skin-friendly material. It is designed to quickly wick moisture away from the skin and transport it to the layers underneath to prevent skin irritation.
  • Absorbent core: The core of the incontinence pad is the centrepiece of the product. It usually consists of a super-absorbent material such as cellulose, which is able to absorb and contain large quantities of liquids. This part is crucial for the high absorbency and ensures that fluid does not leak out even under pressure (for example when sitting or lying down).
  • Bottom layer (underside): The bottom layer is waterproof to prevent liquid from seeping through. It consists of a water-repellent film. This layer protects beds, chairs or other surfaces from moisture.


Easy to use, great in effect

The handling of underpads in everyday life is very simple. They are quick and easy to use, making everyday life easier in any professional environment.

Discover the benefits of our underpads in our online shop now. Invest in quality and safety - for a more hygienic and comfortable environment in your business. Order today and see the efficiency and reliability of our products for yourself!