Bio garbage bags & paper bags

Paper waste sacks from Franz Mensch are very stable and tear-resistant. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and are particularly suitable for papers, organic waste and dry household waste. Discover all paper waste sacks in different sizes here.

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Organic biodegradable garbage bags | corn starch
Organic garbage bags made from corn starch by Hygostar The organic garbage bag consists of corn starch and is therefore completely biodegradable. Due to the corn starch, the bag is very soft and elastic and has a high load capacity. Properties of Organic Garbage Bag from Corn Starch from Corn Starch Fully Biodegradable Highly Viable soft, elastic
Biodegradable trash bags 120 l | paper
Organic Garbage Paper by Hygostar This garbage bag is made of paper and has a capacity of 12l. The garbage bag is very stable and tear-resistant. Thanks to the paper, the garbage bag is very environmentally friendly and ideal for organic waste. Properties of the Bio Paper Garbage Bags: made of paper very stable and tearproof environmentally friendly ideal for biowaste

Organic garbage bags & paper bags


Disposing of waste sustainably: organic waste bags and paper waste sacks

Disposing of waste is first and foremost about hygiene. Nevertheless, you should also be environmentally conscious and sustainable when it comes to this topic. Franz Mensch offers you plastic-free and environmentally friendly solutions that are made from post-washing raw materials and can either be composted or recycled. In short, with compostable garbage bags and paper sacks, you are opting for sustainable waste disposal while still maintaining hygiene standards.


What are organic waste bags?

Organic garbage bags or compostable garbage bags are made of plant-based, renewable materials such as PLA, which is derived from corn stover. Unlike conventional garbage bags, bio garbage bags decompose completely and can be composted industrially. In this way, bio garbage bags reduce their environmental impact and conserve fossil raw materials.

PLA, or polylactide, is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable raw materials such as corn plant starch. PLA is a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics because it can be biodegraded and composted under certain conditions.


Difference between organic garbage bags and traditional garbage bags

The main difference between organic garbage bags and traditional garbage bags is their sustainability. Traditional plastic garbage bags take hundreds of years to decompose. On the other hand, organic garbage bags are made of plant-based raw materials and are designed to decompose within months. This reduces landfill waste and pollution and allows for nutrient recycling and more sustainable waste management.


Paper waste bags: a green choice for large waste

Paper garbage bags are the second sustainable way to make your garbage disposal more environmentally friendly, next to organic garbage bags. The large paper bags 120 liters are made of extra strong paper and thanks to the large volume are ideal for businesses and industries. Paper bags are ideal for paper waste, garden waste, organic waste, dry household waste, recycling and general waste disposal. Their large size makes them perfect for environments that produce large amounts of waste. Paper waste bags have many environmental benefits: reduced plastic waste, recycling potential and lower CO2 emissions.


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  • Paper bags 120 liters: the standard size for versatile applications
  • Paper bags 240 liters: the size of a garbage can
  • Paper bags 80 liters: small variant for smaller quantities of waste