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Day labels

With day labels, you can mark prepared dishes or portions quickly and easily. At Franz Mensch you will find labels for days of the week as well as labels for allergens, refrigerator, dry storage and other labelling. Tip: Use the matching label dispenser for more order.

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Day labels for professional kitchen organisation

Simply put, daily labels are self-adhesive stickers with the days of the week from Monday to Sunday printed on them. With these labels, you can mark ready-to-eat portions of food for communal catering, canteens or hospital kitchens in a particularly time-saving way. Franz Mensch supplies you with a large selection of daily labels for days of the week, for allergens, refrigerator, dry storage and other labelling. The labels are available either as a permanently adhesive version or as a removable version. All day labels can also be individually inscribed.


The range of day labels at a glance:

  • Weekdays with unique colour codes: Each day of the week has its own colour - for a better overview and uniform labelling.
  • Day labels on a roll: Either individual weekdays or in a set with the 7-chamber label dispenser 
  • removable or permanently adhesive


Further labelling labels for food portions and dishes:


Why daily labels from Franz Mensch?

1. Quick and easy labelling:
Our daily labels enable easy and clear labelling of prepared food or portions. The clear labelling allows you to keep track of the freshness of your products.

2. A wide range of labelling options:
Discover daily labels for days of the week, allergens, refrigerator, dry storage and more. Targeted labelling not only ensures transparency, but also efficient organisation in your kitchen.

3. Optimal food storage:
With our daily labels, you ensure precise labelling of food to avoid mix-ups. This not only preserves the quality of your products, but also ensures that you meet the highest hygiene standards.

4. Order thanks to matching label dispenser:
Use the matching label dispenser to make application even more efficient. Order and speed go hand in hand - the dispensers ensure that you always have the right label to hand.


Discover the advantages of day labels:

  • Time saving: clear labelling with day labels saves you valuable time when preparing and serving food.
  • Hygienic standards: Daily labels help maintain the highest hygiene standards in your kitchen and protect the quality of your food.
  • Strengthen customer confidence: Transparent labelling creates confidence. With daily labels, you show your customers that quality and freshness are your top priorities.
  • Efficient organisation: Thanks to the wide range of labelling options, you can keep control of your stock and minimise the risk of losses or mix-ups.

Order your daily labels today and optimise your everyday kitchen life!