Pastry tubes & nozzles

Disposable piping bags from Franz Mensch fit snugly in the hand so that not a single drop is missed. So you can work quickly and precisely. Discover the versatile range of piping bags including matching accessories such as nozzles, dispensers and piping bag stands for easier filling.

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Pastry bags "Cool" 3-ply | LDPE
Pastry bags "Cool" 3-ply made of LDPE by Hygostar The disposable pastry bags for cold fillings: The pastry bag "Cool" is made of a 3-layer special film and is available on a roll in a practical dispenser box. Each roll contains 100 pastry bags, which can be torn off individually thanks to a practical perforation. The material is optimal for cold and whipped fillings and can also be used for heavy masses, as the bag is sealed very stably. Thanks to the smooth inside, the pastry bag can be easily filled and the non-slip outside allows precise work. The piping bag can also be used with or without a nozzle.  Your advantage: The pastry bag "Cool" is a disposable piping bag that does not need to be washed. So you can use a new hygienic bag every day! Features of pastry bags "Cool" 3-ply at a glance: made of special foil, 3-ply on roll with perforation in dispenser box (100 pieces per roll) suitable for cold, whipped fillings and also heavy masses, because of stable sealing easy filling thanks to smooth inner side non-slip outside for precise work can be used with and without nozzle
Dispenser for use with pastry bags on core
Spender aus  Aluminium für praktisches Abrollen von Spritzbeuteln: Passend für Spritzbeutel auf Rolle HYGO GRIP mit Kern.