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Cover your hotel needs at Franz Mensch and score points with your guests with loving details. With high-quality hotel accessories, you will remain in their positive memory for a long time. Whether soft slippers, fragrant lotion or loofah sponge: small, coordinated attentions create a feeling of home and warmth.

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Slipper Classic, open | polyester
Slipper Classic, open made of polyester from Hygonorm The hotel slippers Classic are the ideal disposable clogs for hotels, swimming pools, wellness and beauty areas. They have a favourable price and are made of soft polyester. The hotel slippers are packed in pairs in a bag and can thus be distributed very hygienically to your guests. The toe area is open and thus offers good wearing comfort. The disposable slippers also look great as an advertising medium and guest gift. Ask for your quote for printed hotel slippers at verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Advantages of the hotel slippers Classic at a glance: hotel slippers with open toe hygienic white for single use made of polyester, sole made of EVA attractively priced and individually printable packed in pairs in a bag different versions: in standard length with 28.5 cm, in extra large with 31 cm length or as sales tray for retailers and C+C markets
Slipper Dots, open | cotton
Slipper Dots Cotton from Hygostar These disposable slippers have a very high quality finish and are fully covered with PVC studs on the sole. The studs support walking and improve grip. The white hotel slippers Dots are made of a high-quality material mix of cotton and polyester. This means that they offer a high level of comfort and are soft and pleasant to wear at all times. They can be used as guest slippers and disposable slippers in the hotel, but also for cosmetic treatments, wellness and massages. Advantages of the open loafers Dots made of cotton at a glance: sole with PVC studs cotton polyester blend very high quality open front for single use individually embroiderable and printable with your logo In addition, the slippers can be personalized with your logo or advertising message. You have the choice between a noble embroidery or an imprint. Inform yourself here. Mix of cotton and polyester: combination with many advantages A mixture of cotton and polyester combines the properties of both materials and especially in the field of clothing many advantages. Gloves, aprons or even hotel slippers made of a cotton-polyester blend very easy to clean, elastic, durable, and absorbent. The cotton content ensures that the clothing can absorb moisture such as sweat well and also release it again. The integrated polyester content makes the fabric durable, robust and ensures a long service life. Polyester fibers are particularly durable and withstand mechanical stress very well.
nubby sole
Hand soap, round
Hand soap, round from Hygostar The small, round bars of soap are ideal for hotels and for display in the hotel bathroom. They clean hands thoroughly and smell pleasantly fresh. The hand soaps for hotels are available in two versions: either in the flowpack ( tube bag) or in the stylish pleated packaging (pleat). Both versions are hygienic for your guests and easy to open. All hotel soaps are also suitable for a sales-boosting presentation on the sales shelf in the wholesale trade. They are packed in 50 pieces in an attractive tray.   Advantages of the hotel hand soap at a glance: hand soap for hotels smells pleasantly fresh and cleans reliably individually packed in flow pack or pleat pack 50 pieces in an attractive sales tray
Shower caps | PE
Shower caps made of PE by Hygostar These shower caps are made of transparent, water-repellent PE. The shower caps are each individually and hygienically packed in the bag. The latex-free elastic band is soft and does not pinch - ideal for patients and guests in hotels, wellness and other hygiene areas. Features of the shower caps at a glance: transparent PE, water-repellent with soft elastic band latex-free hygienic single packs
Slipper Light, closed | PP
Slipper Light, closed made of PP from Hygnorm The Hotel Slippers Light are made of light PP fleece and are very comfortable to wear. The light weight and the soft material make the disposable slippers the ideal guest gift for a stay in hotels, at the pool, in the spa or during beauty treatments. They are air-permeable and have the classic slipper shape with a closed toe area. The hotel slippers are hygienically packed in pairs in a bag and can be printed with your logo. Advantages of the hotel slipper Light, made of PP at a glance: air-permeable and soft favourably priced material: light PP fleece ideal for hotel guests, wellness areas and cosmetics closed at the front sole made of EVA packed in pairs in a bag individually printable with logo
Laundry bag "Classic"
Der Wäschebeutel CLASSIC wird aus einer ca. 30my starken, umweltfreundlichen Polyethylen-Folie hergestellt. Der weiße Wäschebeutel ist mit einem blauen Aufdruck versehen. Zudem ist er verschließbar durch ein eingearbeitetes Zugband aus Kunststoff. Der Wäschebeutel CLASSIC ist der ideale Wäschebeutel für trockene und feuchte Schmutzwäsche.
Slipper Classic, closed | polyester
Slipper Classic, closed made of polyester from Hygonorm The favourable hotel slippers Classic are made of polyester and are closed at the front. The sole is made of EVA plastic. The slippers are designed for single use and are packed in pairs in a bag. This means they can be handed out to your guests hygienically and cleanly. The hotel slippers Classic have a very reasonable price and are usable in many ways in hotels, guesthouses and wellness areas. With an individual logo print, they become an effective advertising ambassador. Ask for your quote for printed hotel slippers at verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Advantages of the hotel slippers Classic at a glance: disposable slippers, classic shape closed at the front simple design at a reasonable price made of polyester, EVA sole packed in pairs available in two sizes: standard length with 28.5 cm or XL length with 31.5 cm individual print possible
Shower caps | PE
Shower caps made of PE from Hygostar The transparent disposable shower caps from Hygostar are made of PE. The material is waterproof, hygienic and reliably covers the hair. The shower caps are equipped with a soft elastic band and are therefore very comfortable. Each shower cap is individually packed and can thus be handed out to hotel guests in a hygienic way. In addition, the caps are versatile and can be used for cosmetic treatments, hair care or in the wellness area. The timeless and minimalist packaging design also matches the interior design of your hotel.   Advantages of the shower caps for hotels at a glance: made of PE, waterproof with elastic band, elastic and soft individually packed suitable for hotel guests as well as wellness and cosmetics
Laundry bags Care | PVA
Laundry bag Care, PVA from Hygostar The Care water-soluble laundry bag makes handling contaminated or infectious laundry much more hygienic and quicker. The laundry stays in the bag and it is washed directly in the machine. During the washing process, the laundry bag dissolves completely from 45 °C because it is made of a special, water-soluble thermoplastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). This saves you the inconvenience and unhygienic task of decanting or touching the dirty laundry. The water-soluble laundry bag is ideal for critical laundry in hospitals and nursing homes. But it also prevents cross-contamination in rescue services, fire brigades, epidemic control and asbestos removal and protects your employees from the risk of infection. Instructions for an optimal wash cycle: Place dirty laundry in the laundry bag and close tightly with the integrated strap. Important: Wrap damp laundry or damp spots inside so that the bag does not dissolve prematurely. This way the contaminated laundry is ideally prepared for the wash cycle. Thanks to the closure tape, the contaminated laundry is reliably packed and can be transported safely. The closure tape is also water-soluble and disappears without leaving any residue during washing. Put the sealed laundry bags directly into the washing machine and wash as usual. The bags dissolve completely after a washing time of at least 30 minutes at 45 - 90 °C. Features of the Care water-soluble laundry bag at a glance: made of water-soluble film: thermoplastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) for hygienic handling of dirty and infectious laundry dissolves completely during the wash cycle water-soluble from 45 °C, wash for at least 30 minutes at 45 to 90 °C no need to transfer and handle contaminated laundry protects against the spread of contamination with sealing tape: contaminated laundry securely packaged saves time, put laundry bag directly into the machine completely biodegradable two sizes available: 60 l and 100 l eye-catching red colour to distinguish from other laundry bags
water soluble
Slipper Relax, closed | cotton
Slipper Relax, closed made of cotton from Hygostar The high-quality disposable cotton slippers are true feel-good slippers. Thanks to the waffle structure, they are particularly soft, airy and comfortable to wear. The soft heel cushion and the soft toe section of the hotel slippers additionally ensure a high level of wearing comfort. They are ideal for your guests during a stay in the hotel, at the pool or in beauty areas. The skin-friendly, natural cotton material allows the skin to breathe and offers a particularly pleasant foot climate. Advantages of the hotel slipper Relax, made of cotton at a glance: disposable cotton slippers, skin-friendly and soft upper material with soft waffle structure, air-permeable very comfortable thanks to heel padding light EVA sole closed at the front, padded toe area one size fits all packed in pairs in a hygienic bag individually printable with your logo
Shaving kit
Shaving set from Hygostar The shaving set consists of a disposable razor with three blades and a tube of shaving cream. The razor and cream are in a hygienic, classic white individual packaging. The set is ready for immediate use and ideal as a service for hotel guests and wellness areas.   Advantages of the shaving sets for hotels at a glance: complete set with razor and shaving cream ideal for hotels disposable PET razor with 3 blades nourishing shaving cream included each set individually packed in a convincing tray for your sales shelf
Slippers Waffle, closed | cotton
Slipper Waffle, closed made of cotton from Hygostar The high-quality hotel slippers Waffle are ideal as a guest gift: Noble optics combined with high-quality material make these disposable slippers a great gift that your guests will remember for a long time. Especially beautiful printed or embroidered with your individual logo. The hotel slippers are made of cotton and have a flexible sole made of EVA plastic. The special feature: The inside of the slippers is fully padded and offers a gentle as well as pleasantly soft footstep. The ribbed waffle structure also makes the hotel slippers a visual highlight. Order disposable slippers for hotel, wellness, cosmetics, spa or pool here. Advantages of the hotel slipper Waffle, made of cotton at a glance: skin-friendly and high quality made of cotton softly padded inside especially soft for highest wearing comfort closed toe area ribbed upper for a beautiful look flexible PVC sole ideal guest gift - stays with your guests for a long time one size fits all, packed in pairs in a bag
Bath mats | cotton
Hygostar Cotton Bath Mat The bath mats are made of pure cotton and are therefore particularly soft. Cotton is a natural material and is characterised by its high absorbency. The cotton shower mats therefore absorb moisture quickly and prevent you from stepping on the floor with wet feet. In this way, stepping on them is less slippery and much more pleasant. The cotton bath mats are long-lasting, washable and designed for frequent use in hotels or wellness areas. In addition, the white bath mats can be embroidered. This means you can have your own logo or advertising message applied to the bath mats. Advantages of cotton bath mats at a glance: rectangular bath mat 100 % cotton, natural fibres comfortable and soft absorbent for dry feet washable at 60°C can be personalised with your logo embroidery
Dental kit
Dental kit from Hygostar Our two-piece dental kit set consists of a manual toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. The set is hygienically packed individually. It is also possible to receive this hygienic dental care set in a convincing sales tray. The features of the Dental kit: two-piece contains  a manual toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste hygienically packed individually
Holder for squeeze bottle | plastic
Holder for squeeze bottles made of plastic from Hygostar These wall holders are a hygienic and economical system for all hotel cosmetic products in squeeze bottles. Squeeze bottles are pressed with a single movement to dispense shower gel, shampoo and co. in the desired amount - economically, hygienically and without dripping. The wall holders can be mounted in the hotel bathroom or directly in the shower to save space. They are suitable for 450ml bottles and can be used for hotel shampoo, shower gel or "Hair & Body". The bottles are stored in a thief-proof way. The holders can only be opened with the supplied magnetic key to replace the bottles. Advantages of the holder for squeeze bottles for hotels at a glance: economical, space-saving and drip-free plastic wall holder for all hotel shampoos and shower gels in squeeze bottles from Hygostar dosed and economical dispensing bottles can only be changed with magnetic key wall mounting: either screw on or stick on with the adhesive strips included in delivery: adhesive strips, screws and magnetic key available in black or white matching squeeze bottles from Hygostar: shower gel (art. 556305), hotel shampoo (art. 556304) and hair & body (art. 556303) Note: The magnet is equipped with a sealing cap that must be unscrewed before opening.
Shampoo | tube
Shampoo, tube from Hygostar The hotel shampoo comes in a small tube with 30 ml. The tube itself is made of plastic and has a flip-top cap. The hotel shampoo with its pleasant fragrance will please your guests. It gently cleanses and cares for the hair. The transparent tube with a light blue shimmering shampoo makes this product look very attractive.   Advantages of the hotel shampoo in the tube at a glance: hotel shampoo, 30 ml plastic tube with snap closure pleasant fragrance cleanses mildly and cares for the hair in an attractive tray for a great presentation on the shelf matching tubes of shower gel, body lotion and conditioner available for hotels
Shower gel | bottle
Shower gel, bottle from Hygostar Shower gel in the space-saving mini bottle is ideal for hotel guests during their stay. The shower gel has a pleasant scent and cares for the skin. The hotel shower gel is packed in a small 25 ml bottle with a screw cap. So it can be dosed and easily taken out. Also discover shampoo, body lotion and conditioner from the same product range here in the shop and equip your hotel with matching care products.   Advantages of the hotel shower gel in a bottle at a glance: hotel shower gel bottle, 25 ml transparent plastic, fill level visible pleasant fragrance for body cleansing while showering in an attractive sales tray
Body lotion | bottle
Body lotion, bottle from Hygostar Nicely caring and pleasantly scented: Offer your hotel guests a body lotion in addition to the standard care products. The special hotel body lotion is filled in small 25 ml bottles. The bottles have a screw cap and are made of transparent plastic. In this way, the fill level of the contents can be seen at any time. The hotel lotions are packed in an attractive sales tray - ideal for a sales-boosting presentation in the wholesale and hotel trade.   Advantages of the hotel body lotion in a bottle at a glance: hotel body lotion in a bottle 25 ml, ideal for hotel guests transparent plastic bottle pleasant fragrance, cares for the skin in an attractive sales tray perfectly matched: Buy the matching hotel shampoos, shower gels and conditioners.
Hair & body, 2in1 | bottle
Hair & body, 2 in 1, bottle from Hygostar This 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel is ideal for all hotel bathrooms. It cares for and cleans both hair and body. Thus, it saves a lot of space because only one bottle is needed for both applications. The hotel shampoo and hotel shower gel "Hair & Body" is hygienically stored in a small bottle with screw cap - as a small pack with 25 ml ideal for your hotel guests. Advantages of the Hair & Body Shampoo for Hotels at a glance: 2 in 1: shampoo and shower gel for hotels cleans and cares for hair and body bottle with screw cap small size with 25 ml ideal for hotels
Shampoo | bottle
Shampoo, bottle from Hygostar This pleasantly scented shampoo for hotels comes in small 25ml bottles. It cleanses and conditions the hair and is ideal for hotel guests. The small bottles are made of transparent plastic and have a screw-on cap. The shampoo has a light blue shimmer. Thanks to the attractive bottle, this product looks very classy.   Advantages of the hotel shampoo in the bottle at a glance: hotel shampoo, 25 ml in a plastic bottle with screw cap pleasantly scented and cares for the hair advantage for specialised trade and hotel wholesalers: packed in an attractive sales tray Tip: Buy the range and order matching bottles of shower gel, body lotion and conditioner
Disposable bib for Guests "Elegant"
Das Gästelätzchen ELEGANT wird aus einem weißen Polypropylen-Vlies hergestellt und ist zweifarbig bedruckt. Dieses Gästelätzchen ist vielseitig verwendbar. Zur Befestigung wird ein Band um den Hals gelegt und verknotet. Das Gästelätzchen ELEGANT gewährleistet optimalen Schutz für die darunterliegende Kleidung.
Disposable briefs Man | PP
Disposable briefs Man made of PP by Hygostar These disposable briefs are made of soft PP fleece. The elastic bands on the sides ensure a good fit. The briefs are available in one size. Disposable underwear like the briefs Man by Hygostar are especially hygienic for massage applications and therefore ideal for wellness, cosmetics, hotels.  Features of the disposable briefs Man at a glance: single packs, hygienic for your guests air-permeable, soft PP fleece comfortable to wear stretch elastics on the sides universal size ideal for massage, cosmetics, spa
Shampoo | pump dispenser
Shampoo in pump dispenser from Hygostar Ideal for hotels: The shampoo with aloe vera fragrance cleanses and cares for the hair during washing. It is filled in a particularly practical pump bottle. In this way, your guests take out the shampoo hygienically and sparingly in the desired amount. The hotel shampoo fits perfectly into the wall holder for pump bottles. It is best to order it at the same time. Advantages of the Shampoo for Hotels at a glance: nourishing shampoo with aloe vera fragrance in pump dispenser, 400 ml hygienic and economical dispensing Wall holder for pump bottles available here: 3-piece wall holder art. 556309 (black) and art. 556308 (white) or as single dispenser art. 556307 (black) or art. 556306 (white)
Bathrobes with shawl collar | cotton
Bathrobes with shawl collar in cotton from Hygostar The long bathrobes are particularly fluffy and comfortable to wear. The soft cotton and the wide shawl collar make them extra comfortable to wear. Bathrobes made of cotton absorb moisture very well and are pleasantly warm. The dressing gowns are universally suitable for ladies and gentlemen and are available in several sizes from S to XL. The high quality is durable and designed for frequent use in hotels, wellness, spas, thermal baths or cosmetics. Use the bathrobes as advertising ambassadors and have them embroidered with your own logo. Ask at verkauf@franz-mensch.de. Advantages of the cotton bathrobes with shawl collar at a glance long bathrobe for ladies and gentlemen wide shawl collar, can be folded over 100% natural cotton: absorbent and soft washable at 60°C 2 sewn-on pockets at the front, tie belt hanger in the neck request individual stick with your logo!
Slipper, open | PP
Slipper, open made of PP The disposable slipper is made of white non-woven fabric with blue stitching. This slipper has a simple design, which makes it particularly inexpensive. The disposable non-woven slipper can be used in hospitals, old people's homes, hostels and at doctor's appointments. Properties of Slipper, open at a glance: Polypropylene fleece simple quality blue stitching one size
Body lotion | pump dispenser
Body Lotion in pump dispenser from Hygostar The body lotion in the pump bottle is ideal for all hotels. It moisturises the skin and smells pleasantly of aloe vera. The body lotion is filled in a pump dispenser and is therefore particularly easy to use. With one stroke, your guests take out the desired amount - hygienic and economical in use. Order the matching wall holder for hotel cosmetics in pump bottles from Franz Mensch for a particularly space-saving and economical system. Advantages of the body lotion for hotels at a glance: body lotion for hotels in pump dispenser, 400 ml very user-friendly and hygienic pleasantly scented with aloe vera universally applicable for skin care fits into the following wall holders for pump bottles: single dispenser art. 556307 (black) or art. 556306 (white) or large 3-piece wall holder art. 556309 (black) and art. 556308 (white)
Conditioner | bottle
Conditioner, bottle from Hygostar The minimalist design and the noble golden lid make these conditioner bottles a little highlight in your hotel bathroom. The conditioner cares for the hair, smells good and is an ideal complement to hotel shampoo and hotel shower gel. The bottles contain 25 ml and have a screw cap. The conditioners for hotels are also suitable for the sales shelf in the wholesale trade and are therefore packed in an attractive tray of 50 pieces.   Advantages of the hotel hair conditioner in a bottle at a glance: conditioner for the hair, 25 ml for hotels and hotel guests pleasantly scented in a transparent bottle with screw cap 50 bottles packed in an attractive sales tray