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Meat bags

At Franz Mensch you will find hygienic meat sacks and liner sacks for E2 crates. They are food-safe and stable. The meat sacks are ideal for food production to pack or transport meat, sausage, poultry and fish. Discover the different meat sacks made of high-quality special films here. 

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Lining bags for E2-boxes | HDPE
Lining bags for E2-boxes | Hygostar Hygostar HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) lining bag is the ideal protection for the transport of food and for keeping food fresh and moisture. It is food safe, liquid-tight and odorless and tasteless, making it ideal for handling food. Its size is optimally matched to the classic E2 boxes.
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Meat bag | HDPE
Meat bag from Hygostar The meat bag is made of transparent high-pressure polyethylen and is available in different sizes and thickness. It doesn't give off any taste or small to the content and is water- and tear-resistant. It is the perfect product to deliver safe and hygienic packing of meat products, sausage, poultry and more. The features of the meat bag   manufactured from transparent HDPE available in different sizes and material thickness does not give off taste or smell to content water- and tear-resistant perfect for safe and hygienic packing of meat products, sausage, poultry and more
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High quality meat sacks and lining bags

Hygienic bags for packaging or transporting meat, sausages, poultry or fish are indispensable in food production. At Franz Mensch you will find meat bags and lining bags for E2 boxes of first-class quality. The bags are food safe and extremely stable. So your food is fresh and safe packed.

The articles at a glance:

  • Meat bag HT : very stable, high-quality special film, extremely tear-resistant and waterproof, protects food from dirt and moisture < / li>
  • HDPE Meat Bag : various sizes and thicknesses available
  • HDPE Liner Bag fits perfectly on all E2 boxes, odorless and tasteless, keeping food fresh and safe during transport