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Bio bamboo skewers

Discover the large selection of decorative finger food skewers made of bamboo. Here you will find the right skewers for your creations and turn them into a real visual highlight. A nice side effect: our organic bamboo skewers are sustainable and fully compostable.

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finger food skewers Flag | bamboo
Organic finger food spit Flag made of bamboo from Naturestar This decorative pick is made of bamboo and is therefore extremely stable. In addition, bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, that is why the skewers are very environmentally friendly. The skewers are therefore completely compostable and tasteless. The finger food skewers are available in numerous lengths, from 7 cm to 25 cm. Because of this, the skewers are ideal for almost any type of finger food. In addition, bamboo gives the spit a smooth and beautiful look. At the end of the skewers are provided with a handle, which facilitates the gripping considerably. The skewer is particularly suitable for catering, caterers and events. Benefits of the Organic Fingerfood Spit Flag tasteless very stable and environmentally friendly suitable for finger food good to grab Use: catering, caterers, restaurants (Asian)
Fingerfood skewers "Ring" | Bamboo
Bio Bamboo Fingerfood Spit Ring by Naturestar The Naturestar fingerfood spit is made from eco-friendly bamboo. This makes the spit 100% compostable. The bamboo provides a stable hold and a neutral taste. The finger food spit is food safe and has a decorative ring at the end of the spit. It is ideal for decoration of finger food at parties, events, catering, or barbecues. Advantages of Bio Bamboo finger food skewer Ring with decorative ring at the end tasteless & food safe extremely stable completely biodegradable
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop | bamboo
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop made of bamboo by Naturestar Surprise your guests with these strikingly beautiful finger food skewers made of bamboo. The knotted loop at the top and the natural look present your food in a particularly stylish way. The bamboo skewers are among the best-selling skewers at Franz Mensch and are available in many sizes as well as two different colours. Buy these eco-friendly skewers conveniently here in the shop and use them, for example, as pickers for sushi, canapés, desserts, buffets and much more. The Loop finger food skewers are made exclusively from bamboo. Bamboo is a very economical and inexpensive organic material because it grows back particularly quickly. Furthermore, bamboo is tasteless and stronger than wood. Finger food skewers made of bamboo are therefore very stable and pleasant to the mouth. Especially at buffets or events, bamboo skewers help to grip appetisers and finger food in a hygienic way because the food does not have to be touched with the hands. The bamboo skewers are particularly easy to grip thanks to the knot at the top end. Therefore, especially for finger food buffets, work with hygienic and at the same time sustainable skewers made of bamboo. More sustainable: art.-no. 389661: Organic fingerfood skewers Loop in practical dispenser box Advantages of the organic finger food skewers Loop at a glance: pure natural product made of bamboo made from renewable raw materials biodegradable extremely stable and tasteless with knot end for hygienic gripping stylish presentation of food for parties, events, catering or barbecues 250 pieces packed in a hygienic bag True or not: Is bamboo harder than oak? Yes, that's right. In fact, bamboo is harder than the wood of an oak. There is a special measuring method that determines the degree of hardness of a wood. A steel ball is pressed into the wood with a certain force. The pressed-in area is then measured and it is calculated how hard the wood is. All tree species and also bamboo can be classified and compared in this way. The result: bamboo is harder than oak and many other woods. Bamboo is not even a tree. From a botanical point of view, it belongs to the grasses and has amazing properties. Bamboo is elastic and stable at the same time, which is why there are more and more products made of bamboo. These include, for example, parquet flooring, furniture, kitchen utensils and even bicycle frames. Furthermore, bamboo is ahead in terms of sustainability. It is the fastest growing plant in the world. What takes a tree decades to grow, a bamboo cane takes just 4 years. Bamboo grows up to 35 metres high in its first year and then hardens. This makes bamboo so ecological and also cheap to buy. Franz Mensch has had a versatile bamboo range in its programme since 2009: art.-no. 38971: bamboo skewers art.-no. 38922: fingerfood skewers art.-no. 38975: bamboo tongs There are always new product ideas made of bamboo.
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Shashlik skewer | Bamboo
BIO natural bamboo spits by Naturestar: These shashlik spits are made of bamboo and therefore extremely stable. They are also tasteless and food safe. The bamboo spits are very environmentally friendly, as bamboo grows very fast. In addition, they are fully compostable. The spits are ideal for barbecues and are ideal for butchers and gastronomic companies. BIO Bamboo shashlik spits characteristics food safe extremely stable made of eco-friendly bamboo 100% biodegradable tasteless
Fingerfood skewers Herz | Bamboo
Bamboo finger food spits Heart made of bamboo by Naturestar The party pickers with their black colour and the wonderfully curved ends in heart shape are a real eye-catcher for every buffet. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the decorative picks are very eco-friendly and 100% compostable. Thanks to the bamboo, the spits are very stable and tasteless. Furthermore, they are food-safe. The bamboo spits are available in numerous lengths and therefore individually tailored to your needs. Characteristics of the bamboo spits Heart in decorative heart shape extremely stable tasteless available in various lengths food safe fully compostable
Fingerfood skewers Kugel | Bamboo
Bio Bamboo spits Kugel red by Naturestar Bamboo decorative picks are particularly eco-friendly. In addition, these finger food spits convince by their great red colour. The spits are made of eco-friendly bamboo. This makes them extremely stable and environmentally friendly. The party pickers are fully compostable and suitable for handling food. Properties of Bio Bamboo spits Kugel very stable tasteless food safe Ideal for Decoration for parties, events or catering 100% biodegradable
Fingerfood skewers Kreis | Bamboo
Bio Bamboo Fingerfood Spit red Kreis by Naturestar Give your decorative picks an elegant look with these bamboo deco spits. In addition, the spits are very environmentally friendly and very stable due to the structure of the bamboo. The finger food spits have a handle in the form of a red ring, which offers an attractive appearance and on the other hand a good grip. Especially for the areas of party, event, catering, kitchen and barbecues, these pretty spits are suitable for finger food. Advantages of the Bio finger food spits Kreis extra stable 100% from renewable raw materials fully compostable tasteless
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop in dispenser box | bamboo
Organic fingerfood skewers Loop made from bamboo by NatureStar The bamboo skewers are ideal for finger food and the stylish presentation of your food. The loop knot at the top is particularly decorative and makes it easy and hygienic to grab the snacks. The organic bamboo skewers are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic picks. Bamboo is a natural material and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. These properties make bamboo very sustainable and economical at the same time. In addition, the bamboo pickers are very stable and tasteless. They are also packed in a particularly environmentally friendly way in a cardboard dispenser box. Advantages of the organic finger food skewers Loop made of bamboo at a glance: pure natural product made of bamboo sustainably packed in a cardboard box biodegradable, stable and tasteless with knot end for easy gripping highlight for finger food and buffets available in 2 lengths
Foodmarker | bamboo
Foodmarker made of bamboo from NatureStar These decorative picks are specially designed to mark dishes, making it easier for service staff and guests to recognize them. The skewers are made of bamboo, which makes them very stable, environmentally friendly and tasteless. At the end of the skewer, the decorative picks have a grip piece with the inscription Veggie. Especially in this day and age where the trend is to go vegetarian and vegan, these skewers are great for use in restaurants, party services and catering. Features of the food markers at a glance made of bamboo ideal for marking dishes handle piece with the inscription Veggie environmentally friendly and tasteless
Steakmarker | bamboo
Organic Steak Markers Rare made of bamboo Naturestar The steak markers are great for labelling steaks with their cooking levels. The skewers were made of bamboo, which makes these party pickers very environmentally friendly, food-safe and unbreakable. At the end of the spit, the product bears the inscription rare, which stands for the popular cooking stage of the meat. The food markers, each 250 pieces, are packed in small boxes. Organic Steakmarker properties Rare 100% bamboo fully compostable tasteless & food safe stable & shatterproof with imprint "RARE"
Bamboo skewers Nature
Organic bamboo spits by Naturestar These organic decorative picks are made of bamboo and therefore very hard and stable. They are also tasteless. The bamboo spits that are suitable for finger food are also very environmentally friendly, as bamboo grows back very quickly. Furthermore, they are 100% biodegradable and tasteless. These versatile spits are great for caterers, catering, butchers and kitchens. Features of the bamboo skewers Nature made from eco-friendly bamboo very hard & stable food safe tasteless fully compostable
Fingerfood skewers Loop gedreht | Bamboo
Finger food skewers loop twisted bamboo from Nature Star Surprise your guests with these eye-catching party pickers made of bamboo. The twisted stem and black colour make them effective finger food skewers for sushi, appetizers, desserts and much more. Being made of bamboo, the skewers are also especially eco-friendly and sturdy. Furthermore, thanks to the bamboo, the skewers are tasteless and fully compostable. The use of these special bamboo party skewers makes their finger food guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at any event. In addition, the skewers are available in different lengths, which makes them particularly suitable for finger food of any kind. Advantages of organic finger food skewers Loop environmentally friendly and stable tasteless  great decoration for party, event, catering, kitchen, finger food and barbecue with knot end for easy gripping Bamboo party picker, twisted handle
Fingerfood skewers "Art" | Bamboo
Bio Fingerfood skewers Art made of Bamboo Naturestar With their colourful shapes and colours, these decorative picks are ideal for celebrations with children. The spits are made of fully compostable and food-harmless bamboo. This makes the finger food spits very stable and tasteless. Advantages of the bamboo finger food skewer Art with colorful shapes very stable tasteless Environmentally friendly & fully compostable food safe  
Fingerfood skewers Rad | Bamboo
Fingerfood skewers Rad made of Bamboo Nature Star The decorative picks are made of bamboo and have a decorative circle. The bamboo skewer is very stable and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for decorations at party, event, catering, kitchen and barbecue. In addition, it is tasteless. Advantages of Fingerfood skewers Rad with decorative ring at the end tasteless & food safe extremely stable completely biodegradable
Fingerfood skewers Doppelspitze | Bamboo
Doppelspitze Bamboo spits by Naturestar These party pickers are characterized by a practical double tip. So also elongated snacks e.g. shrimps. Bamboo decorative spits are particularly environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. This natural resource is the fastest growing plant in the world- and harder than oak. Benefits of the bamboo spits Doppelspitze at a glance tasteless extremely stable food safe 100%compostable easy to grab
Fingerfood skewers Kordel | Bamboo
Bio Bamboo spits Kordel by Naturestar Decorative picks made of bamboo are particularly eco-friendly. This natural resource is the fastest growing plant in the world - and harder than oak. Thus, the finger food skewers are particularly stable and very environmentally friendly. In addition, the skewers are 100% biodegradable and tasteless. They are ideal for catering, events or parties. Advantages of the Bio Bamboo skewers Kordel with decorative cords at the stem end tasteless very stable food safe Environmentally friendly & fully biodegradable  
Fingerfood skewers Ring gebogen | Bamboo
Bio Fingerfood Spit Ring by Naturestar With these curved and elegant decorative picks, you can surprise your guests. The spits are made of tasteless bamboo. Due to the used material, the finger food spits are 100% biodegradable. In addition, the material offers an attractive appearance and high strength / stability. Through the ring at the end of the spits, there is a better grip to handle them. The spits are especially recommended for use at parties, events, catering and cooking. Advantages of the Bio Fingerfood spits Ring tasteless extremely stable fully compostable 100% from renewable raw materials (bamboo) easy to grasp food safe

Bio bamboo skewers and finger food skewers: everything you need to know about these versatile pickers

For environmentally conscious restaurateurs and caterers: buy sustainable finger food skewers and food markers made of bamboo here in the shop. The selection of shapes and colours is huge, so you can choose the right look for your food. All organic bamboo skewers are made from renewable raw materials, are CO2 neutral, fully compostable and free from harmful substances and plasticisers.


What are bamboo skewers?

Bamboo skewers are thinly cut sticks of bamboo that have many uses in the kitchen and in food preparation. They are also known as finger food skewers, party pickers or flag skewers. These small, handy pickers are often used to skewer various ingredients and present them in an appetising way. They are a visual highlight for buffets and finger food of all kinds.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, sustainable raw material that is environmentally friendly. In the kitchen, bamboo skewers are often used to prepare finger food, party snacks and barbecue skewers. They are ideal for presenting small appetisers in an appealing way. In addition, the small dishes are then easier and more hygienic to grip. Popular applications are cocktail skewers, cheese skewers, fruit skewers, vegetable skewers and meat skewers.


Versatile: your choice of organic bamboo skewers at Franz Mensch:


Bamboo finger food skewers - skewering is "in

The term finger food comes from English and stands for finger = finger and food = food. This means that the delicacies are eaten with the fingers, without cutlery. The rules of the international cooking competition "Bocuse d'Or" state that finger food must be eaten standing up with a maximum of two bites and with only one hand.

However, it is easier and more hygienic not to hold the food in your fingers, but to grasp it with a skewer. In this way, canapés can be arranged in a wonderfully appetising way for a cocktail party, champagne reception or on a buffet.

Whether with meat, vegetarian or sweet, hot or cold, when the delicacies are arranged on a skewer, they are a special eye-catcher and taste twice as good. With organic bamboo skewers, you can decorate your finger food dishes in a particularly creative way. They are a highlight for both small and large buffets! That's why there is a large selection of skewers that are ideal for finger food, barbecue and fruit skewers, roulades, rollmops, or shashlik. There are no limits to the use of bamboo skewers. Snacks for in between or for noble dishes at a finger food party: The extremely decorative finger food skewers make you want more.


In summary: Advantages of bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that belongs to the sweet grass family. It is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials nature has to offer. The plant has a hollow, cylindrical stem called a culm. Culms can reach different heights, from a few centimetres to several metres, depending on the type of bamboo and environmental conditions. Bamboo comes in different colours, including green, yellow, brown and even black.

Bamboo is known for its remarkable growth rate. Some bamboo species grow up to one metre per day in just a few weeks. This makes bamboo an extremely sustainable material, as it grows back much faster compared to conventional wood resources.

The versatile use of bamboo ranges from building and construction materials to furniture, tools, food and medicine. In the construction industry, bamboo is used to make scaffolding, flooring and wall cladding. Bamboo also enjoys great popularity in furniture manufacturing due to its stability and aesthetics.

Bamboo is also ideal as small finger food skewers and pickers. Bamboo is food-safe, tasteless and stable.


Buy bamboo skewers - quality and sustainability

Bamboo skewers are available in different lengths and designs, depending on the intended use. When buying bamboo skewers, it is important to pay attention to quality and sustainability.


Bamboo cheese skewers

For cheese lovers, cheese skewers are a real treat. With bamboo skewers, you can skewer different types of cheese and fruit artfully and arrange them in an appealing cheese skewer arrangement. These delicious creations are not only outstanding in taste, but also a feast for the eyes on any cheese platter.


Finger food skewers - Creative ideas for your party

Finger food skewers offer endless possibilities for culinary creativity. With bamboo skewers you can create mini burgers, marinated vegetables, grilled chicken and much more. Let your imagination run wild and create unique finger food skewers that will delight your guests.


Cocktail skewers - colourful works of art in glasses

Cocktail skewers are not only practical for holding pieces of fruit in refreshing cocktails, but also colourful works of art in your glasses. These decorative skewers add a playful touch to your drinks and are an eye-catcher at any cocktail party.