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Packaging foils

Wrapped incorrectly? Never! With professional packaging films, you can ship and store your pallets cleanly and protected at all times. Choose between hand stretch film, machine stretch film, film blanks and other accessories such as practical hand dispensers.

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Hand stretch film | LDPE
Hand stretch film made of LDPE The elastic stretch film reliably wraps your pallets and protects your goods from dirt, dust and other external influences. The hand stretch film is made of LDPE and is very tear-resistant, puncture-proof and stable. It is supplied on rolls and is ideal for manually wrapping pallets - the most favourable wrapping option. The packaging film can be unrolled quietly and very silently and is easy to handle.   Advantages of pallet stretch film, hand roll at a glance: stretch film for manually wrapping pallets made of elastic, highly adhesive LDPE film economical and very favourable quiet unrolling tear-resistant and puncture-proof film protects pallets from dust, dirt and the effects of the weather packaging film for machine wrapping of pallets is available here (art.-no. 953007)
Hand stretch film Ulith®Öko | LDPE
Hand stretch film Ulith®Öko made of LDPEThis packaging film for pallets is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard films because it contains a high recycled content of 60%. The elastic stretch film is made of LDPE material and has excellent adhesion on one side. The hand stretch film is tear-resistant and reliably protects pallets from the weather and dirt. This allows you to transport and store your goods safely and cleanly. It is packed on hand rolls and is suitable for manually wrapping pallets.  Advantages of the packaging film Ulith®Öko at a glance:packaging stretch film for pallets made from LDPEenvironmentally friendly thanks to high recycled content (60 %)adhesive on one side insidetear-resistant and puncture-proofhand roll for manual wrappingprotects pallets from dirt and dustpackaging film for machine wrapping of pallets is available hereart.-no. 953007
Machine stretch film | PE
Machine stretch film made of LDPE The packaging films for pallets are suitable for all standard machines to wrap pallets safely and neatly. The stretch film is made of smooth LDPE and adheres very well. It is particularly stretchable - up to 150 % - as well as tear-resistant and puncture-proof. The pallet protection film can be unrolled quietly and protects your goods on pallets from dirt, dust and the effects of the weather. Whether for transport or storage, the machine stretch film is versatile and can be used in all shipping areas.   Advantages of the machine stretch film for pallets at a glance: stretch film for machine wrapping of pallets made of smooth LDPE film, adhesive on one side 60 % recycled content very stretchable, pre-stretch up to 150 % tear-resistant and puncture-proof low-noise unwinding protective film for transporting and storing pallets can be used with all standard wrapping machines hand rolls for manual wrapping of pallets are available here (art.-no. 953001)

Packaging films

Stress-free packaging - professional films make the difference

When it comes to packaging films, you need good quality. The films should be tear-resistant, stretchable and impermeable to external influences. The special film blanks and stretch films that you can find at Franz Mensch fulfil these requirements and are ideal for shipping pallets. Whether by hand or by machine: Wrap your pallets in professional shipping films and protect your products reliably.


Summarised: Advantages of packaging films and stretch films

  • Protection of goods: Packaging films protect the shipped goods from external influences such as dust, dirt and moisture. This is particularly important for products that are sensitive to environmental influences.
  • Securing the load: Packaging films, especially stretch films, are used to secure items on pallets. They hold the goods firmly together during transport, which minimises the risk of damage due to slipping or falling over.
  • Theft protection: Wrapping with film makes it more difficult for unauthorised persons to access the contents of the consignment without leaving a trace. This contributes to the security of the goods.
  • Increased efficiency: Packaging films make the logistics process easier as they enable a quick and efficient way of securing goods. This saves time and labour in the shipping process.
  • Adaptability: Packaging films are flexible and can be used for a variety of products and pallet sizes. They offer an adaptable solution for a wide range of shipping requirements.
  • Cost efficiency: Compared to other packaging materials, packaging films are often a cost-effective solution, both in terms of purchase and handling.
  • Improving hygiene: For products that require strict hygiene standards, such as in the food industry or medical sector, packaging films provide an effective barrier against contamination.

In short, packaging films are an essential part of the shipping process to ensure the integrity, safety and efficiency of the delivery of goods.


Packaging films from Franz Mensch - your benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum protection: packaging films offer optimum protection against dust, moisture and damage. Ideal for the safe transport and reliable storage of your goods.
  • Versatility: Whether hand stretch film for manual use or machine stretch film for automated processes - choose the right product for your specific requirements.
  • Quality materials: We rely on high-quality and durable materials that enable efficient and cost-effective packaging of your products.
  • Easy handling: Our practical accessories, such as hand dispensers, make packaging child's play and save you valuable time.


Buying packaging film - easy and convenient:

Here in the online shop you will find exactly the packaging film you need. Choose between different sizes, thicknesses and materials to meet your specific requirements.


Frequently asked questions briefly explained:

1. What is hand stretch film?

Hand stretch film is a type of packaging film that is specially designed for manual application. It is typically supplied on a roll and is ideal for wrapping and securing pallets. This film is flexible and stretchable. Hand stretch film can be used with or without tools such as a hand dispenser.

2. What is machine stretch film?

Machine stretch film is a special packaging film designed for use in automated packaging and palletising machines. Unlike hand stretch film, which is wrapped manually around the goods, machine stretch film is designed to be processed by a stretch film machine. These films are generally stronger and more stretchable than hand stretch films. They can stretch more without tearing, which enables pallets to be wrapped efficiently and securely. The use of machine stretch film in combination with automated packaging machines significantly increases the efficiency of the packaging process. Large quantities of goods can be packaged faster and with consistent quality. Another advantage: as the film is applied by machine, the wrapping is more uniform. This ensures a more stable and secure load during transport.