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Coffee cups

Whether in the coffee shop, at the petrol station or at the bakery, coffee to go is part of the game. Order all your coffee cups and accessory needs from Franz Mensch - also available in organic quality here. The coffee mugs from Franz Mensch are made of a very high quality paper and can be printed individually on request.

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Organic coffee cups Mocca | kraft paper/PLA, FSC®-mix
Organic coffee cup Mocca made of kraft paper/PLA, FSC® mix by NatureStar Organic from A to Z: The Mocca coffee-to-go cups are an all-round sustainable product. Both the cups themselves and the packaging are made from renewable and industrially compostable materials. The 1-walled organic paper cups are made of kraft paper - the most stable type of paper. Only FSC® Mix-certified paper from environmentally friendly sources is used to produce the coffee cups. To make the organic coffee cups leak-proof and wet-proof, they are equipped with a vegetable coating made of corn starch on the inside. This so-called PLA is plastic-free and the sustainable alternative to PE coating. In addition, the cups are packed in a hygienic organic bag made of PLA material. Advantages of the organic coffee cup Mocca made of kraft paper/PLA at a glance: Compostable according to EN 13432 FSC®-certified, high-quality paper cups in natural kraft paper look extra strong and stable made purely from vegetable materials with organic PLA coating on the inside, wet-strengthened packed in a bag made of PLA/corn starch for all hot or cold drinks to go
Organic coffee cups Only Paper | paperboard
Organic coffee cup Only Paper made of paperboard from Naturestar Drink, recycle, protect the environment. The sustainable organic coffee cup Only Paper belongs to a new generation of disposable cups made purely from natural materials. Now make your coffee to go business much more environmentally friendly and consciously offer your guests organic cups without plastic coating. The special feature: The organic coffee cups Only Paper are completely recyclable via waste paper - no residues, no plastic - just paper. The inside of the cups is sealed with a water-based protective coating so that the paper remains stable for a long time. The organic cups to go are made of renewable, fresh paper fibres that are particularly strong, dense and food-safe. The coffee cup Only Paper is a single-walled paper cup with good insulating properties. You can also find matching accessories such as sustainable lids, cup sleeves, drinking straws and napkins in the Franz Mensch online shop. Features of the organic coffee mug Only Paper at a glance: pure natural product made of paper sustainable recyclable material completely recyclable from waste paper water-based seal on the inside stable, leak-proof and food-safe made from renewable raw materials single-walled coffee mug standard printing with food-safe inks (flexo printing) good insulation ideal for sustainable coffee-to-go business for hot and cold drinks Recyclable waste paper: recycling instead of incineration The biggest problem with conventional paper cups is the plastic coating on their inside. This coating makes the cups leak-proof and food-safe. Unfortunately, however, it prevents the paper cups from being disposed of sustainably. Alternative organic coffee cups with a plant-based PLA coating are also produced in an environmentally friendly way, but have a similar disposal problem due to the lack of composting facilities. With a total annual consumption of 2.8 billion* cups in Germany alone, a better solution is needed. Products made from renewable raw materials are good and absolutely the right way to go. But sustainable action must not stop with the last sip of coffee. We have to think the process through further and enable environmentally friendly disposal. With the organic coffee cups Only Paper, this has been achieved for the first time. After use, they can be fed into the recycling loop via waste paper. This makes the coffee to go market much more environmentally friendly. *According to the Federal Environment Agency, source: Reusable instead of disposable for coffee and co. | Federal Environment Agency
plastic free
Coffee cups Riffle | paperboard/PE, FSC®-mix
Coffee cups Riffle made of paperboard/PE, FSC®-mix The Riffle coffee mug is a three-walled paper cup with PE coating. The coffee mug is made of FSC®-certified hard paper, which makes the mug very stable and absolutely leak-proof. Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, your hot drinks can be enjoyed for a long time. The matching lids are also available separately. The coffee mug owes its elegant look to flexo printing with food-safe inks. The SUPD logo on the coffee mug is available in 10 languages. The coffee mug is often used in coffee shops, bakeries, espresso bars and bakeries, but also at airport and railway station kiosks as well as at service areas, trade fairs and events. Properties of coffee cups riffle made of paperboard/PE at a glance: PE coating in three-walled paper cup excellent insulating properties very stable and absolutely tight FSC®-certified hard paper flexo printing 10-language SUPD logo matching lids available separately for out-of-home consumption of hot beverages
Coffee cups To Go | paperboard/PE, FSC®-mix
Coffee cups To Go made of paperboard/PE, FSC®-mix by Hygostar The single-walled paper cup with PE coating is made of FSC®-certified hard paper. This makes the coffee mug very stable and absolutely leak-proof. The cup owes its clean look to the standard printing with food-safe inks, also called flexo printing. The SUPD logo on the coffee mug is printed in 10 languages. The coffee mug is particularly suitable for hot drinks consumed outside the home, as the paper cup is well insulated and the contents of the mug do not cool down immediately. The matching lids for the coffee mug are available separately. The coffee cup is often used in coffee shops, bakeries, espresso bars and bakeries, but also at airport and railway station kiosks and at service areas. Properties of the Coffee cups To Go | paperboard/PE, FSC®-mix at a glance: made of FSC® certified hard paper printed paper cup with food safe inks tight and good insulating ideal as to-go cup for hot drinks
Organic coffee cups | bagasse
Organic coffee mug made of sugar cane by NatureStar These eco-friendly, industrially compostable organic cups are the sustainable alternative to traditional disposable coffee cups, making them a great option for the environmentally conscious coffee lover. The coffee-to-go cups are made from natural sugar cane fibres called bagasse. Bagasse is a residual product that is produced during industrial sugar production. The fibrous bagasse is then processed into a pulp and can be pressed into different shapes. This is how beautifully shaped organic cups, plates and bowls are created.The organic coffee cups are therefore made exclusively from plant residues and are compostable according to EN 13432. They are extremely stable and leak-proof and therefore ideal for coffee to go. The organic cups are temperature resistant up to 100 °C and ideal all hot drinks and also approved for heating in microwave and oven. In addition, the organic coffee cups made of sugar cane are designed to be stackable. This way, you can store and transport the cups in an extremely space-saving way. Advantages of the organic coffee-to-go cups made from sugar cane at a glance from sugar cane fibres, bagasse industrially compostable and sustainable heat resistant up to 100 °C very dense and ideal for hot drinks stackable and space-saving order matching organic lids at the same time suitable for refrigerator, oven and microwave
Organic flat lids for paper cups with drinking opening | paperboard
Organic flat lids for paper cups with drinking opening made of paperboard by NatureStar These organic flat lids for coffee-to-go cups come completely without plastic. They are made exclusively of cardboard and are particularly stable. An additional PE coating as with other cardboard lids is no longer necessary. The organic lids with drinking opening seal your paper cups tightly and leak-proof. They are therefore super for coffee shops, bakeries, espresso bars, bakery stores, airport and train station kiosks, rest stops, events and anywhere there are hot drinks to go.  Properties of organic flat lids for paper cups at a glance: plastic-free and without coating made from sturdy cardboard and thus from renewable raw materials sustainable alternative to plastic lids with drinking opening leak-proof, ideal for hot beverage cups tasteless and odorless matching, plastic-free paper cup: coffee cup Only Paper (art.no 403083)
Cup lid with drinking opening | PS
Fit: - Lid 40033 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter - Lid 40053 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter - Lid 40036 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter - Lid 40056 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter
Lid with drink opening | sugarcane
Lid with drink opening by NatureStar The lid with drink opening is made of sugarcane - a 100% renewable raw material. The lid is compostable and thanks to its opening it is perfect for take-away. Furthermore it is compostable and is certified for coming in contact with food. Fit: article 401101 is perfect for cup article 401100 article 401201 is perfect for cup article 401200 Properties of the lid with drink opening: made of sugarcane - a 100% renewable raw material food safe compostable
Organic cup holder Double | bagasse
Organic cup holder Double made from sugar cane by NatureStar The organic cup holders made of sugar cane fibre are industrially compostable. Order the cup holders in the "Double" or "Quattro" versions for transporting 2 or 4 coffee-to-go cups. The compostable cup holders are suitable for both cold and hot beverage cups due to their heat resistance up to 100°C. Cup holders made from sugar cane are the sustainable alternative for coffee-to-go. Advantages of the 2-cup holder made of sugar cane at a glance: safe transport for 2 to-go cups ideal for all cold and hot drinks compostable according to EN 13432 from renewable raw materials
Biodegradable lid covers for cups | CPLA
Biodegradable lid covers for cups This disposable lid by NATUREStar is particularly environmentally friendly because it was produced from renewable raw materials. The disposable lid is fully compostable. It consists of C-PLA. C-PLA is colloquially referred to as organic plastic, since it looks like conventional plastic at first glance. C-PLA is produced in contrast to plastic particularly environmentally friendly - 60% less CO2 emissions! Because C-PLA consists of corn starch. The abbreviation PLA stands for polylactides (lactic acid from corn starch). The "C" stands for "crystallized", i. PLA, which has been made particularly stable and heat-resistant by a special crystallization. The organic caps made of C-PLA are therefore ideal to cover hot drinks. They can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.   Fit - Lid 40076 suitable for cups with 6,2cm diameter (0,1l/4oz) - Lid 40026 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter (0,15l/6oz - 0,3l/12oz) - Lid 40046 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter (0,3l/12oz - 0,4l/16oz)   Properties of the compostable lid white C-PLA fully biodegradable with convenient drinking opening no spilling, no smudging keeps hot drinks warm longer perfect for on the go very stable and tasteless suitable for all cups with 6,2cm , 8cm and 9cm diameter
Cup lid for drinkings straws | PS
Lid for drinking cup with perforation These drinking cup lids are particularly practical. They have an opening for drinking straws and are ideal for all to-go areas where disposable cups are used. Fit: - Lid 40031 suitable for cups with 8cm diameter - Lid 40051 suitable for cups with 9cm diameter Advantages of the lid for cup with perforation: practical protection for drinks Slit for straw Diameter: 8 cm or 9 cm made of polystyrene plastic food safe

Coffee-to-go: So delicious and so good if you have the right cup
All about coffee cups, lids and sustainable alternatives

At Franz Mensch, you have the option of ordering all your coffee mug and accessory needs. Bundle your purchase and save a lot of money in the process. Whether disposable coffee cups, paper cups or transparent cold drink cups: the to-go cups are stable, durable and can also be printed with your logo.


The coffee mug world of Franz Mensch

  • Organic coffee cups made from environmentally friendly materials and free of PE coatings: Yes, it's possible at Franz Mensch. Order sustainable organic coffee cups made of paper, sugar cane or kraft paper here and make your to-go business much more environmentally friendly.
  • Paper cups made of sturdy kraft paper or cardboard are the classic to-go cups for takeaway coffee. You have the choice between different designs and sizes. Buy paper cups 1000 pieces at a great price from the manufacturer Franz Mensch.
  • Matching lids for coffee mugs to go in different variants: Choose lids with a drinking opening or with a cross slot for straws. Tip: Many lids fit different cup sizes because the diameter at the top is the same. So save on different lid sizes and make it easy for yourself. Pay attention to the accessory information in the product descriptions in the shop.
  • Cup holders are ideal for transporting several drinking cups at the same time. They function like a small tray, on which the coffee cups are placed in the designated recesses. The cup holders at Franz Mensch are made of sugar cane and thus consist of renewable raw materials. The environmentally friendly holders are available in trays of 2 or 4.
  • Mug sleeves protect your fingers when handling hot coffee mugs. The clever cardboard sleeves are a targeted additional layer with a good insulating effect. Simply place the hot mug in the sleeve and grip the mug normally with your hand.


Product highlight: Coffee mug Only Paper made of paper - nothing else

The coffee-to-go cups Only Paper solve the disposal problem that many paper cups have. They do not have an artificial PE coating and are therefore suitable for the waste paper bin. In this way, the coffee cups can be disposed of properly and, above all, completely recycled.

The inside of the cups is sealed with a water-based sealer to keep the paper stable for a long time. No PE, no residue - just paper. Buy the most sustainable coffee mug on the market here.


The materials: This is what disposable coffee cups are made of

  • Paper cups for hot drinks are made of so-called hard paper. Paper is a natural and renewable raw material. At Franz Mensch, many cups are available as environmentally friendly variants made from FSC®-certified materials.
  • Coffee mug made of kraft paper with PLA coating (corn starch) - renewable and natural. Kraft paper is a particularly stable paper and very sustainable due to its properties. Visually, kraft paper is immediately recognisable by its typical brown colour.
  • Organic coffee cups made of sugar cane are the more sustainable alternative to standard cups made of cardboard or paper. They are biodegradable and heat-resistant up to 100 °C.
  • Disposable cups made from PLA (corn starch) are ideal for cold drinks. They are transparent and the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cups. PLA is an organic plastic made from corn starch and is biodegradable.


Versatile uses for your coffee to go

Disposable coffee cups are the ideal companion for on the go. Whether you run a bakery, manage a coffee shop or work in the catering industry - the coffee cups are suitable for every use.


Practical and environmentally friendly: coffee-to-go cups from Franz Mensch

Disposable coffee cups impress with their functionality as well as their hygiene and sustainability. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly materials that conserve resources.


Your individual statement: coffee mug printing

Turn your drinking mugs into a unique brand ambassador! At Franz Mensch, you have the option of having your coffee mugs printed with your individual design. Use this opportunity to prominently present your logo, slogan or design. This way, every sip from your coffee mug becomes a small advertising moment. Ask for your print quote now: verkauf@franz-mensch.de.


The advantages of our paper cups at a glance:

  • High quality materials for hot drinks
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, petrol stations, gastronomy, takeaway, events and catering
  • individually printable
  • Hygienic and stylish for enjoyment on the go
  • Everything from one source: versatile accessories available

Trust in the quality of Franz Mensch and make coffee to go a distinctive experience for your customers.