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Eco-friendly company

Sustainably built – The Franz Mensch company building

When constructing the company building, we paid attention not only to economic efficiency but also to sustainability. With a 3,000 sqm photovoltaic system, very strong insulation and an electricity-powered groundwater pump, we are well positioned in terms of energy efficiency. However, we do not want to rest on our laurels.

Using the sun

In the course of the new construction in 2017, a 1,500 sqm PV system with an output of approx. 240 kWp was installed. This plant already enabled us to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency of about 25 to 30% and an annual electricity generation of up to 50% of our total electricity demand.

In 2022, these values could be improved by adding another 1,500 sqm and 300 kWp of plant capacity.

An extension of the PV plant by approx. 140 kWp is already in planning.

Fill up electricity

In our fleet, we rely on electric vehicles or, if this is not possible in some cases, plug-in hybrids to reduce the CO2 emissions produced by our fleet.

All employees can charge their private vehicles free of charge at one of our 24 charging stations.

CO2-free by 2030

Our declared goal is to be CO2-free at our company headquarters in Buchloe by 2030. This means that no carbon dioxide is released and therefore no CO2 emissions are produced.

Today, we are already 85 % CO2-free, but we want to do even better.

What is the difference between "CO2-free" and "carbon neutral"?
This lies mainly in the approach and the extent to which emissions are reduced. "CO2-free" means that no CO2 emissions are produced at all, while "carbon neutral" means that the resulting CO2 emissions are offset by compensation measures.

Certified sustainability

Franz Mensch was awarded the bronze medal as part of the EcoVadis "Sustainability Rating". This honours our commitment to sustainability.

Criteria such as environmental protection, working conditions and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement were assessed.

Climate neutral transports

We transport our goods carbon neutrally from A to B. By supporting important climate protection projects, Franz Mensch was able to offset a total of 195 tons of CO2 in Q1 2023 alone.