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Disinfections & soaps

At Franz Mensch you will find a wide range of disinfectants and soaps. The products are very well coordinated so that you can use an economical and effective cleaning system. Discover here disinfectants for surfaces and hands as well as soaps and lotions for hand cleaning and hand care

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Disinfection wipes Hygowipe | PET
Disinfection wipes Hygowipe made of PET by Hygoclean The disinfection wipes Hygowipe are made of 100% PET and thus have a cloth quality with textile character. Thanks to the PET fibres, active substances do not remain in the wipe, but are released evenly onto the surface. The wipes can be individually impregnated with surface disinfection or cleaning substances and show very good absorption behavior. Furthermore, the disinfection wipes are low linting, tear resistant and solvent-resistant. The Hygowipe wipes are also very economical in use and have no wastage. The features of the disinfection wipes Hygowipe at a glance: advantage of PET fibres: active substances do not remain in the cloth, but are evenly released onto the surface can be filled with surface disinfectant or cleaning substances of your choice behavior of absorption very good solvent-resistant, low linting and tear resistant lotion soaked wipes useable within 4 weeks refillable dispenser system
Liquid soap "Soft Neutral"
SOFT NEUTRAL, Flüssigseife für die Handreinigung - während der Arbeit: sehr angenehm und mild geruchsneutral und sehr verträglich ohne Duft- oder Farbstoffe und daher ideal für den medizinischen Bereich und die Lebensmittelindustrie gründliche und hygienische Reinigung hohe Reinigungskraft schon mit geringer Menge - spart Kosten
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic The hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic is an alcohol-free disinfection. It is used for hygienic disinfection of the hands and can be applied immediately, as the hand disinfection is already ready for use. Thanks to an aloe vera content, the disinfection is well tolerated by the skin. For a moment, the hand disinfection is virucidal, bactericidal and levurocidal. That is why the hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic is suitable for all areas of human hygiene. Properties of Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic at a glance: hygienic and ready for use limited virucidal, bactericidal and levurocidal effect dermatologically tested "very good" well tolerated by the skin, contains aloe vera for all areas of human hygiene
Hand disinfection | alcoholic
Alcoholic hand disinfection by Hygoclean The alcoholic hand disinfectant is a fully virucidal hand disinfection and therefore highyl effective. It can be perfectly used for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in hospitals and the food industry and is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, incl.MRSA, TB, HBV / HCV / HIV, Rota, Noro, Corona and many more. Apply to dry hands before, after or between different work steps, especially when dealing with organic substances or food. It is important that a sufficient amount is applied so that the hands are completely wetted. Features of the alcoholic hand disinfection at a glance: RKI-listed / VAH-assessed virucidal according to EN 14476 bactericidal and fungicidal according to EN 1500
Quick disinfectant | alcoholic
Important information: This product is a hazardous material. We transport dangerous goods only within the German-speaking countries and only to addresses accessible by rail or road. Please also note our General Terms and Conditions (Section V.1).Alcoholic quick disinfectant by HygocleanThis highly effective surface disinfection has been specially developed for use in food areas. Because clean surfaces and working materials are particularly important wherever food is handled and food is prepared.This is a ready-to-use disinfection solution that is ready for use immediately after opening. It is purely alcoholic and free of anything that could contaminate food - without colorants or fragrances. The rapid disinfection is ideal for all surfaces, machines, knives or other work equipment in the food industry and in kitchens.In contrast to cleaning, where germs are only washed off, disinfection kills the germs. In hygiene-sensitive areas, disinfection therefore provides a more reliable germ stop than cleaning - for optimal, hygienic results.The disinfectant solution can simply be used directly with a cloth for wiping. Alternatively, the solution can also be sprayed onto the surface as spray disinfection with the appropriate attachment.The quick disinfection for surfaces can be used in combination with the HygoWipe system (consisting of cloth and bucket). This gives you an extremely effective and practical disinfection system, which also allows you to work very economically and economically.Properties of the Alcoholic quick disinfectant:extremely effective against bacteria and fungifood safefast-acting, effective after only one minuteresidue-freeevaporates very quickly and dries completelydegreased and disinfectedfor wiping: Simply pour the finished solution onto a cloth and wipe the dry surface (not suitable for acrylic/plexiglass)as spray: suitable attachment available, simply spray the solution on the surface with a clothRapid disinfectant: Bactericidal and levurocidal effect according to EN 1276, EN 165, EN 13697, valid for Europe-wide use in the food industry. Meets the requirements of the European food law (HACCP).three sizes available: large canister with 10l for high demand as well as 5l canister or the practical 1l bottleSpray attachment for 1l bottle available
Hartmann Sterillium® pure, hand desinfectant
Hartmann Bode Sterillium® pure, hand disinfectant This disinfectant carries the ECARF certificate and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin, asthmatics and atopics. In addition, it increases skin hydration when used regularly and does not affect the edibility of food in any way, making it a safe and reliable choice in various applications, including the food industry (HACCP assessed). Properties of Hartmann Bode Sterillium® pure, hand disinfectant at a glance: Wide spectrum of activity, including limited virucidal PLUS. Inactivates noroviruses within hygienic hand disinfection ECARF-certified: especially suitable for sensitive skin, asthmatics and atopics Increases skin moisture with regular use No impairment of the edibility of food (HACCP assessed)
Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Tissues, alcoholic disinfectant wipes
Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Tissues, alcoholic disinfectant wipes Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Tissues from the flowpack wet surfaces thoroughly and act quickly even on sensitive surfaces. It has also been proven to be particularly suitable for users with sensitive skin, as well as asthmatics and atopics.net. Properties of Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Tissues, Alcoholic Disinfectant Wipes at a glance: ready-to-use disinfectant tissues impregnated with Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam fast-acting free of aldehydes, dyes and perfumes particularly gentle on materials, also suitable for sensitive plastic materials such as: Makrolon®, Plexiglas® and polysulphone safe and easy removal of individual tissues from resealable flowpack packaging thanks to practical tissue folding system high-quality, tear-resistant fleece
Quick disinfectant | non-alcoholic
Non-alcoholic quick disinfectant by Hygoclean Ready to use and immediately effective: This disinfectant solution convinces with its speed and extremely high effectiveness. As a disinfection for surfaces, it is ideal for all medical areas. The disinfectant solution is alcohol-free. Especially in hospital and nursing care, infection protection and germ stop have top priority. The special feature of the wipe disinfection from Franz Mensch: The disinfectant solution has an active after-effect, the so-called remanence effect. This means that even after the disinfectant has evaporated, a film of active ingredients remains on the surface. In this way, new germs are killed and cannot establish themselves on the surface in the first place. Advantages of the non-alcoholic quick disinfectant at a glance: for wiping or as a foam for hygienic surface cleaning pleasant fragrance acts very quickly - already after one minute for all water-resistant surfaces of medical devices, such as seats, patient couches, medical devices, tubs or even sunbeds for all materials such as plastics, lacquers, ceramics, acrylic glass, etc.
Spray head Profi DIN 28 | plastic
Spray head Profi DIN 28 | plastic The spray head is used for hygienic product removal for bottles with DIN 28 thread. The spray head is made of robust plastic and meets the requirements of the professional association. Features of the Profi DIN 28 spray head at a glance: suitable for alcohol-based rapid disinfection compatible for art. no. 31560, 31561, 31563 for bottles with DIN 28 thread
Disinfectant wipe alcoholic | PP
Disinfectant wipe alcoholic made of PP from Hygoclean The disinfection wipes are alcoholic and are made of a polypropylene fleece. Due to this PP material they can be completely recycled. They are immediately ready for use because they are pre-soaked with a double active disinfectant solution. They reliably combat 99.9% of the most common bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms. These include gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as salmonella, listeriosis, E. coli, TB, HIV and MRSA. The wipes are also extremely absorbent and tear-resistant. Furthermore, they do not stain and are lint-free and food safe. This ensures a good skin compatibility and can also be used without gloves. Finally, Hygoclean's alcohol-based disinfecting wipes are ideal for quickly disinfecting hard surfaces, work surfaces, equipment in the food industry and medical areas. They are available either in a dispenser box with 70 or 200 wipes or in a bucket with 500 wipes. In these practical dispenser boxes, the disinfecting wipes are always ready to hand, stored hygienically and are also ideal for travel. When used properly, the disinfectant wipes are not dangerous. The wipes should be tightly closed and stored upright in a dry, cool place. The features of the disinfectant wipe alcoholic | PP: blue, PP disinfection wipe no rubbing off 100% recyclable very absorbent and tear resistant lint-free especially skin-friendly and can also be used without gloves ideal for easy and fast disinfection of hard surfaces, objects and small devices prevent contamination quickly and reliably suitable for medical purposes and food areas (food safe) User-friendly, as no spray mist is created that can be inhaled Effectiveness confirmed according to EN 1276, EN 13624, EN 165, EN 1374 and EN 14476 as dispenser box with 200 wipes (Art.31536) in 500 bucket (Art.31546) order refill pack (Art.31549)
Handwash Paste
Handwash Paste from Hygoclean This hand washing paste contains fine particles of wood flour. These ensure a very gentle and yet extremely efficient cleaning of the hands. The hand washing paste is dermatologically tested and is also suitable for sensitive skin. The features of the handwash paste: contains fine particles of wood flour Hand cleaning gentle and effective Dermatological test efficient suitable for sensitive skin
Surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU | Cellulose
Surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU | Cellulose The surface disinfection wipes BetaGuard RFU made of cellulose show are free of alcohol and aldehyde. Thanks to the production from cellulose they are 100% compostable. They are therefore suitable for disinfecting all wipe-resistant surfaces and objects. The wipes are especially used in medicine as well as in industrial and food areas. Furthermore, they are marked as ready for use and are therefore ready for use at any time. When the surfaces dry off, no adhesive residues remain, as the disinfection wipes are extra low-foaming. They also show a high material compatibility. A lockable plastic lid ensures that the wipes do not dry out. Thus the disinfection wipes BetaGuard RFU are hygienically stored and immediately ready to hand. The features of the surface disinfection wipe BetaGuard RFU: made of cellulose: completely compostable free from aldehyde and alcohol immediate application do not stick after drying good material compatibility extremely low foaming
Revitalizing hand care cream
Handpflege Creme, Nachhaltig pflegen - Hautpflege nach der Arbeit: revitalisierende Pflegecremeberuhigt beanspruchte Hautsehr mild und verträglich (Derma-Test "sehr gut")zieht sehr schnell ein - spart Zeit und kann auch zwischen Arbeitsgängen aufgetragen werdensehr ergiebig und sparsam im Verbrauch - kleinste Mengen reichen aus, einfach auf der gereinigten Haut einreiben
Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam, surface disinfectant
Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam, surface disinfectant With its special formulation as a foam, Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam is ideally suited for the rapid disinfection of sensitive, alcohol-sensitive surfaces, such as patient couches made of imitation leather, monitors, displays, keyboards and control panels of mobile and stationary devices, as well as for the gentle disinfection of sensitive medical devices. It has also been proven to be particularly suitable for users with sensitive skin, as well as asthmatics and atopics. Properties of Hartmann Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam, surface disinfectant at a glance: Application as spray foam ready-to-use disinfectant solution fast-acting particularly gentle on materials, also suitable for sensitive materials such as: Makrolon®, Plexiglas® and polysulphone free of aldehydes, dyes and perfumes  excellent wetting good cleaning properties can be used without gloves if infection control and occupational health and safety allow it
Dispenser buckets Hygowipe | PP
Dispenser buckets Hygowipe from Hygostar  Hygowipe is a hygiene system for extremely economical surface disinfection or cleaning in hygiene-relevant facilities such as restaurants, canteen kitchens, clinics, laboratories or food processing plants. It consists of several components that can be individually combined as required: high quality plastic dispenser bucket extremely absorbent cleaning wipes made of PET fleece on a roll, which you soak with your own disinfectant solution or cleaning agent coloured lids that can be used as a colour system: 1 colour = 1 area optional: wall bracket for the bucket Whether disinfection or cleaning: The bucket can be individually filled with your own solution and the cloth soaked in it. This gives you full flexibility. The PET wipe absorbs the cleaning or disinfecting agent and is quickly ready for use. Cleaning cloths made of PET are solvent-resistant, absorbent, lint-free, tear-resistant and, above all, they release the solution almost completely and evenly onto the surface during cleaning. This is also referred to as adsorption behavior. The better the liquid is released to the surface, the better the disinfection effect. At the same time, a single Hygowipe wipe in this way creates a higher coverage than comparable wipes and thus significantly reduces the consumption of cleaning agents. Advantages of the Hygowipe cleaning system: individual production of ready-to-use disinfectant wipes according to requirements less consumption of disinfectant fillable with all disinfectants or cleaning agents for a high standard of hygiene with daily cleaning and disinfection protects cloths from drying out service life of the ready-to-use wipes: maximum 4 weeks A transparent lid completes the system and ensures an airtight seal of the bucket. You can use the soaked wipes for approx. 4 weeks - no more daily wetting necessary. Hygiene with colour system: There are 5 colours available for the caps, which can be used for visual identification of different applications. Advantages of the Hygowipe dispenser bucket at a glance: large capacity with 6 liters made of sturdy plastic can be cleaned hot, dishwasher safe refillable and usable in the long term with carrying handle safety label for labeling when and with which solvent you have filled the bucket transparent lid so that the contents and filling level are visible when the lid is closed standard with blue cap, order other cap colours separately also available as a compact bucket in the 1.7 liter size Depending on the desired moisture of the cloth, approx. 2 to 2.5 liters of application solution are required. Suitable disinfection solutions and cleaning agents for the Hygowipe system: art.-no. 31561: Recommendation for food areas: alcohol-based rapid disinfection art.-no. 31566: Recommendation for medical areas: alcohol-free rapid disinfection Matching wall bracket to mount the bucket within easy reach: art.-no. 88955: Matching wall bracket to mount the bucket within easy reach:
3 in 1 solution
Desinfectant non-alcoholic | PP
Desinfectant non-alcoholic made of PP from Hygoclean The disinfection wipe is alcohol-free and consists of a polypropylene fleece, also called PP. Thanks to this material it can be completely recycled. The disinfection wipe can be used immediately, as it is ready to use and pre-soaked. It complies with the effectiveness according to EN 1276, which means it is effective against gram-positive and negative bacteria and micro-organisms. The disinfectant wipe is most effective at low temperatures (5-10°C) and extreme soiling. Due to the low salt content there is a low risk of corrosion for surfaces. After disinfecting, this cloth leaves no residues and does not require rinsing. It also proves to be extremely absorbent in case of cross-contamination. This makes the alcohol-free disinfection wipe made of PP particularly suitable for medical areas as well as in kitchens and food industries. The range offers the disinfection wipe in the small dispenser box with 200 wipes or as a bulk pack in a 500 bucket, so that the wipes are immediately ready to hand. The refill packs are also available from Franz Mensch. The features of the desinfectant non-alcoholic made of PP: made of PP, alcohol-free completely recyclable immediately ready for use, pre-soaked kills gram-positive and negative bacteria and microorganisms high efficacy at lower temperatures and dirty conditions fulfilled EN 1276 minimal risk of corrosion extreme suction power as small dispenser box with 200 cloths bulk pack in a 500 bucket refills  ideal for medical areas as well as in kitchens and food industry
Hygowipe Bucket Dispenser "Compact" | 1,7 litre
Spendereimer in kompakter Größe für Desinfektionstücher und Reinigungstücherkleiner, kompakter Eimer aus Kunststoff - ideal für den mobilen Einsatz, z.B. für Putzwägen oder in Rettungsfahrzeugenplatzsparendspülmaschinenfest, wiederbefüllbarmit TragegriffEtikett für individuelle Beschriftungen, z.B. wann und mit welchem Desinfektionsmittel Sie den Eimer befüllt haben.blauer Deckel inklusive - für optimale Abdichtung und dosierte Entnahme der TücherDer handliche Spendereimer ist befüllbar mit dem PET-Tuch HYGOWIPE COMPACT und einem Reinigungs- oder Desinfektionsmittel Ihrer Wahl. Das Reinigungstuch HYGOWIPE ist aus 100% PET-Fasern, extrem saugstark und fusselfrei. Das Reinigungstuch sorgt für eine sehr gleichmäßige Verteilung des Desinfektionsmittels auf der Fläche. Somit reinigen und desinfizierenSie sehr sparsam und äußerst wirksam!TIPP: Wenn Sie verschiedene Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsmittel im Einsatz haben, können Sie die Eimer mit verschiedenen farbigen Deckeln kennzeichnen. Die Deckel für die Eimer gibt es in den Farben Blau, Gelb, Rot, Weiß und Grün.
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Gel
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Gel The hand disinfectant "Lotio Sept Gel" is an alcoholic gel that is used for hygienic hand disinfection. It is ready to use and can be applied immediately. With an exposure time of 30 seconds, the gel is characterised by its rapid effectiveness. It is therefore bactericidal and levurocidal against common bacteria, viruses and fungi. It has limited effectiveness against enveloped viruses. As the hand disinfectant gel does not contain any colourants, it is also well tolerated by the skin. Finally, the hand disinfectant "Lotio Sept Gel" is particularly suitable for all hygiene-sensitive areas in clinics, surgeries, care facilities, emergency services as well as industrial, commercial and laboratory areas. Your advantage: In contrast to liquid preparations, a gel is easier to dose. Properties of the Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Gel: Gel contains alcohol Hygienic disinfection of the hands Ready to use: can be used immediately has a bactericidal, levurocidal and limited virucidal effect good skin compatibility: dermatologically tested: "very good" Free from colourants VAH-listed Fast effectiveness (30 seconds) suitable for all hygiene-sensitive areas in clinics, surgeries, emergency services, care facilities, industrial, commercial and laboratory areas
Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin cream
Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin cream Baktolan protect has been specially developed for prophylactic protection against occupational skin damage and is used before contact with water-soluble substances such as solvents, alkalis or acids as a supplement to protective gloves, as well as before starting work, after breaks and as intensive after-work care. Baktolan protect provides long-lasting moisture to dry skin and makes the skin noticeably more supple. The natural ingredient urea has been proven to provide noticeable skin moisturisatio Properties of Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin protection cream at a glance: reinforces the natural protective function of healthy skin provides long-lasting protection against water-soluble harmful substances effective prophylaxis against cracked and chapped skin Targeted skin protection with urea and beeswax free of silicone and preservatives long-lasting protection without parabens
Hartmann Bacillol® Tissues, alcoholic disinfectant wipes
Hartmann Bacillol® Tissues, alcoholic disinfectant wipes The ready-to-use disinfectant wipes are the solution for effective hygiene. They work quickly and comprehensively to thoroughly disinfect surfaces and eliminate germs. Thanks to their broad material compatibility, they are ideal for alcohol-resistant surfaces in various environments. The disinfecting wipes are aldehyde-, dye- and fragrance-free. They are easy to remove from the practical dispenser box, which makes them convenient to use. Not only are these wipes effective, they are also refillable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for your disinfection needs. Features of Hartmann Bacillol® Tissues, alcoholic disinfectant wipes at a glance: ready-to-use disinfectant wipes fast and comprehensively effective broad material compatibility with alcohol-resistant surfaces free of aldehyde, dyes and perfumes easy to take out of the practical dispenser refillable
Hand Protection & Barrier Cream
Handschutz F, fettende Schutz- und Barriercreme - vor und während der Arbeit:fettende und silikonfreie Handschutz- und Barrierecremeideal, wenn Sie häufig mit Einweg-Handschuhen arbeitenbildet Schutzfilm auf der Haut und verringert Hitzestau und Aufweichen der Haut während des Handschuh-Tragenseinfach vor dem Anziehen des Handschuhs auftragen - besonders zwischen den Fingernmit pflegenden Substanzen, die das Verschließen kleiner Wunden förderneinfach direkt auf die offenen gewaschenen Hände auftragenEinsatz: vor der Arbeit in Nassbereichen oder vor der Benutzung von Handschuhensehr ergiebig - sparsam im Verbrauch und kostengünstig