Kitchen yarn

Heat-resistant kitchen twine is part of cooking, frying and grilling. Order your kitchen twine here on a spool for easy unwinding - also available as a variant in the dispenser box. 

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Kitchen yarn

Franz Mensch specialises in hygiene products and consumables for the kitchen that help professionals prepare food hygienically and save time. A good kitchen yarn is one of them. Whether it is a single spool or in a dispenser box: buy high-quality kitchen yarn and butcher's yarn conveniently here in the shop.

The kitchen yarn is food-safe, tear-resistant and heat-resistant. It withstands the high temperatures in the oven, grill or cooking pot very well and is therefore ideal for frying, grilling, baking. The food yarn consists of a strong hemp-flax mixture. This natural material is tasteless, residue-free and approved for direct contact with food of all kinds.

Buy heat-resistant butcher's yarn from Franz Mensch and choose from the two standard sizes: small 100g spool or large 200g spool in the box. Our aim is to offer you high-quality products that will help you perfect your culinary creations.