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Resealable bags

Resealable bags made of LDPE are hygienic and versatile. Thanks to the quick-release fastener, they can be resealed as required. The ziplock bags are food-safe and keep their contents safe and, above all, hygienic. Discover the numerous sizes and formats here.

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Resealable bag | LDPE
Resealable bag made of LDPE from Hygostar Resealable bags are important everyday helpers. Their quick-release fastener provides a flexible storage of many different things.  Your special advantage: Resealable bags from Hygostar are food-safe. Therefore they are suitable for any food areas and for the storage of food. The bags are resealable as often as you like and they keep their content safe and in particular hygienic. Important properties of the resealable bags | PE at a glance: versatile - also for food! economic and recyclable LDPE safely and easy due to quick-release system hygienic storage transparent, content visible at any time

High-quality resealable bags for maximum hygiene and efficiency

How can you protect remote controls in hotel rooms from contamination during a pandemic and thus prevent the transmission of germs? Simply pack them in a hygienic PE bag. Thanks to this idea, which quickly proved its worth for everyday hygiene in hotels, you can now find a range of ziplock bags that are of course also suitable for many other applications.

Ziplock bags are transparent film bags that are specially designed for easy and secure storage of various items. The characteristic feature of this bag is its sealing mechanism: a press-stud seal consisting of two interlocking plastic strips. By pressing these strips together along the edge of the bag, the bag is sealed airtight. This makes it ideal for storing small items such as materials, components or even food.

The bags are usually made of LDPE (low-pressure polyethylene). This material is hard-wearing, tear-resistant and flexible. LDPE is also transparent, which allows the contents to be seen quickly. Pressure seal bags can be opened and closed several times without the sealing mechanism losing its functionality. They therefore offer a practical solution for storing and transporting a wide variety of items.

Discover an extensive selection of ziplock bags in our Franz Mensch online shop, which have been specially developed for professionals in the catering, medical, hospital, food and industrial sectors. Our LDPE ziplock bags offer you a hygienic and versatile solution for storing and protecting your products.


Advantages of ziplock bags

  • Hygienic storage: ziplock bags are food-safe and ensure the safe storage of your contents. They are ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as food processing and medicine.
  • Reclosable quick-release fastener: The practical snap fastener enables the bags to be reopened and closed quickly and easily. This saves time and increases efficiency in your business.
  • Versatile use: Our ziplock bags are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from food to small components or medical utensils.
  • Different sizes and formats: We offer a wide range of sizes and formats to meet all your specific requirements. Discover the ideal size for your individual needs.


Areas of application for ziplock bags

Franz Mensch ziplock bags are indispensable in various industries. They are an ideal choice for:

  • Catering establishments: For the safe storage of food.
  • Medical facilities: For the hygienic storage of small medical instruments and materials.
  • Industry and trade: For protecting small components and tools.

Benefit from the advantages of our ziplock bags and find the perfect solution for your requirements. Experience quality that convinces - at Franz Mensch, your expert for hygiene products and protective clothing!