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Glove dispensers

Glove dispensers ensure quick and clean removal of disposable gloves - centrally accessible and always ready to hand. At Franz Mensch you will find glove dispensers in many sizes, for 1 to 4 glove boxes. Also available: special dispensers for chemical gloves or for disposable gloves in bags. Click here for the products.

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Glove dispenser Single | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Single made of stainless steel by Hygostar The stainless steel dispenser is the perfect addition for anyone who works with disposable gloves on a daily basis. It can be mounted on the wall to save space and offers particularly hygienic storage for glove boxes. The Hygostar and Hygonorm dispenser boxes fit exactly into the holder. The removal opening of the box faces the front so that the gloves can be removed quickly and easily. The wall holder is made of stainless steel and is therefore ideal for all hygiene areas in industry, production and food processing.  Advantages of the dispenser for disposable gloves made of stainless steel at a glance: suitable for all standard boxes from Hygostar and Hygonorm stainless steel space for 1 box with disposable gloves easy to fill: Simply slide in flexible mounting: crosswise or lengthwise space-saving and hygienic storage for disposable gloves
Glove dispenser Triple | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Triple made of stainless steel by Hygostar You can store 3 glove boxes hygienically and space-savingly in this wall holder. It is ideal if you need several sizes of gloves for your employees, for example. The boxes are simply placed in the dispenser one after the other from the top. The front of the boxes with the removal opening faces forwards and is therefore easily accessible. The wall holder fits all standard boxes with disposable gloves from Hygostar or Hygonorm. Depending on the space available, you can mount the dispenser either lengthways or crossways on the wall.   Advantages of the dispenser for disposable gloves made of stainless steel at a glance: fits exactly for the standard disposable gloves from Hygostar and Hygonorm made of stainless steel easy to clean and disinfect space for 3 glove boxes, e.g. for different sizes can be mounted crosswise or lengthwise space-saving
Glove dispenser Power Grip | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Power Grip made of stainless steel The glove dispenser Power Grip shows a high quality stainless steel material and was manufactured exclusively in Germany. It is especially for the nitrile gloves Power Grip from the assortment. Due to its shape this hygienic wall holder is very resistant and can be cleaned easily. Therefore the glove dispenser Power Grip is optimal for the use in hospitals. It is available in two versions and can be filled either with 3 boxes or 1 box.  The features of the glove dispenser Power Grip | stainless steel: made of stainless steel, high quality made in Germany for nitrile gloves Power Grip easy cleaning permanent two versions available:  art. 889411: 1-piece wall holder for 1 box art. 889371: 3-piece wall holder for 3 boxes, ideal for different sizes or colours
Dispenser for PE-gloves | Stainless steele
Spender System für Hygiene- und Diesel-Handschuhe: rostfreier Edelstahl mit Entnahme-Öffnung Rückseite mit Öffnung für Wandmontage Platz für eine Handschuhbox (Art. Nr: 263206 oder 263602)  Schnell und einfach: In wenigen Sekunden nachgefüllt  
Glove dispenser "Quattro" | Stainless steel
Der 4er Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl und kann vier Packungen Einweghandschuhe aufnehmen. Der Spenderhalter ist in der Tiefe verstellbar und kann für Handschuhverpackungen mit einer Tiefe von 5 bis 7,2 cm verwendet werden.
Glove dispenser "Dracula Single" | Plastic
Der Spenderhalter Dracula ist aus weißem Kunststoff und eignet sich speziell für die Befestigung von Einweghandschuhe aus Latex, Vinyl und Nitril. Er verfügt über Zähne zum Halten der Spenderboxen.
Glove dispenser Power Grip Long | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Power Grip Long made of stainless steel The glove dispenser Power Grip Long is specially designed fo nitrile gloves Power Grip Long. It consists of a high-quality stainless steel material and was produced exclusively in Germany. It is extremely hygienic, durable and can be cleaned very well. Therefore the glove dispenser Power Grip Long is ideal for all hospitals. This wall holder is available in two different versions, so that one box or even 3 boxes can be stowed away. Especially for different sizes or colors the 3 glove dispenser is suitable. The features of the glove dispenser Power Grip Long | stainless steel: out of high quality stainless steel production in Germany for nitrile gloves Power Grip Long durable, hygienic easy to clean art. 889412: 1-piece wall holder for 1 box art. 889372: 3-piece wall holder for 3 boxes
Glove dispenser Extra Safe Superlong | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Extra Safe Superlong made of stainless steel from Naturestar The glove dispenser Extra Safe Superlong is made of stainless steel and is especially suitable for hygienic storage of the nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong. This is very high quality and was manufactured exclusively in Germany. It is also durable and allows for easy cleaning. Therefore the glove dispenser Extra Safe Superlong is ideal for use in hospitals. It is made for one box or three boxes and can be filled with 40cm or 50cm long gloves. The features of the glove dispenser Extra Safe Superlong | stainless steel: made of high quality stainless steel manufactured in Germany for the nitrile gloves Extra Safe Superlong easy cleaning glove lenght 40cm: art. 889413 (1 box) and art. 889373 (3 boxes)  glove lenght 50cm: art. 889414 (1 box) and art. 889374 (3 boxes) advantage 3-piece wall holder: ideal for different sizes
Glove dispenser "Single Long" | Stainless steel
Der Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt und ist für folgende Chemikalien-Handschuhe geeignet: High RiskSuper High RiskSecuritNeotycoonNeopremdetektierbare Handschuhe
Dispenser for gloves in bags | Stainless steele
Handschuhspender aus Edelstahl für Handschuhe im Beutel speziell für Handschuhe im Beutel einfach und schnell zu entnehmen sehr hygienisch, da keine Kartons notwendig praktisch an der Wand montiert Einsatz: Besonders geeignet für hygienisch sensible Bereiche, kann einfach mit Wasser abgespritzt werden, denn das Wasser fließt über Abtropf-Löcher im Boden ab. Wichtig: Mit diesem Spender vermeiden Sie Packmittel aus Papier und Karton in der Produktion - absolut hygienisch. Und Sie erfüllen gleichzeitig die Anforderungen des IFS (International Food Standard).
Glove Dispenser "Flex" | Stainless Steel
Stainless steel glove dispenser "Flex" by Hygostar The glove dispenser "Flex" is the ideal product to store glove boxes safely and hygienically. The dispenser is individually adjustable, since the different widths 200-260mm and depths 40-95 mm can be selected. Finally, the glove dispenser "Flex" does not require much effort for wall mounting. The features of the Stainless steel glove dispenser "Flex": made of stainless steel  for glove boxes safe and hygienic storage widths 200-260mm and depths 40-95 mm selectable no much effort for wall mounting
Dispenser for PE-gloves in bags | Stainless steele
Stainless steel dispenser for PE gloves in bag from Hygostar Hygiene starts with hand protection. After all, hands are the main carriers of diseases and germs, which is why systematic wearing of disposable gloves effectively prevents their spread. This applies, for example, in food areas, in the kitchen, at the fruit stand, in the vegetable section in the supermarket or even at the gas pump at the gas station. Everywhere, food or objects are only briefly touched with the hands. In order to avoid contamination here and to create more hygiene, disposable gloves made of PE are an ideal solution - especially together with the matching stainless steel dispenser. Franz Mensch has developed a hygienic stainless steel dispenser especially for this application. It is compact and can be mounted directly on site on a wall or free-standing on a column to save space. Thus, the PE gloves are directly in view, neatly stored and can be removed hygienically. The features of the stainless steel dispenser at a glance hygienic dispenser system for PE gloves stainless steel, robust and durable hygienic, smooth surface front side with convenient removal opening compact size that finds a place everywhere refilled in a few seconds back side with holes for wall mounting space for 200 gloves (2x 100 bags) suitable for food areas, kitchens, self-service counters or supermarkets ideal also for diesel gloves at gas stations tip for supermarkets: in many European countries already commonplace, in Germany still too little used more service and hygiene for your customers The matching PE disposable gloves: art.-no. 2551: smooth LDPE gloves Softline art.-no. 2645: hammered HDPE gloves Polyclassic Strong, Diesel gloves Why stainless steel for hygienic areas? Stainless steel has many advantages from a hygiene point of view. For one thing, stainless steel is rust-free and therefore ideal for sensitive manufacturing and hygiene areas. During production, foreign substances such as aluminum or sulfur are removed, resulting in a particularly pure steel. Secondly, stainless steel is extremely robust, stable and hard. It permanently withstands high temperatures and chemicals used in disinfection measures, cleaning or sterilization. Dispensers or work equipment made of stainless steel are a long-term and hygienic solution. This is because stainless steel also has a particularly smooth surface that does not become rough or cracked. This means that germs have no opportunity to settle on the surface.
very hygienic

Glove dispenser guide: How to find the right wall holder

Choosing the right glove dispenser is crucial for maintaining high hygiene standards and efficient workflows in many industries. Here are the key tips to help you choose the right glove dispenser for your needs:


1. observe the material of the glove dispenser:

  • Stainless steel: Ideal for environments where hygiene and durability are crucial. Stainless steel dispensers are robust, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.
  • Plastic: A cheaper option that is lightweight and easy to install.


2. size and capacity:

Take into account the number of people who will be using the dispenser and the frequency with which the gloves need to be changed. Choose a dispenser with sufficient capacity to avoid frequent refilling.


3. assembly and placement:

Think about where the dispenser should be installed. It should be easily accessible but not in the way. Some models can be attached to walls, while others are free-standing.


4. size of the glove boxes:

Not every glove dispenser is suitable for all types of gloves. Good to know: All standard boxes from Hygostar and Hygonorm fit into Franz Mensch dispensers.


5. user-friendliness:

The dispenser should allow easy and hygienic removal of the gloves. Pay attention to features such as one-handed operation and the avoidance of cross-contamination.


6. adaptability:

Some dispenser models offer the option of storing different glove sizes or types at the same time, which can be advantageous in some working environments.


Your selection of holders for disposable gloves at Franz Mensch

  • Stainless steel glove dispensers: durable and hygienic Stainless steel glove dispensers are the perfect solution for demanding environments. They are characterised by their durability and ease of cleaning. Thanks to the high-quality material, these dispensers are particularly hygienic and ideal for areas where cleanliness is a top priority. With their elegant design, stainless steel glove dispensers fit seamlessly into any professional environment.
  • Plastic glove dispensers - cost-effective and efficient Plastic glove dispensers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative. These dispensers are lightweight, easy to assemble and offer an efficient solution for the provision of protective gloves. They are ideal for areas where ease of use and functionality are paramount.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Hygienic handling: glove dispensers ensure that gloves can be removed quickly and hygienically
  • Easy to install and use: Our products are designed to be user-friendly and are easy to install and fill.
  • Diverse selection: Whether stainless steel, acrylic or plastic, we have the right dispenser for your specific requirements.
  • Aesthetic design: Our dispensers fit harmoniously into your working environment and enhance it visually.

At Franz Mensch, we focus on quality and functionality. Our glove dispensers offer you the ideal solution to maintain your hygiene standards and at the same time ensure smooth processes in your business.

Order your dispenser for disposable gloves from Franz Mensch today - for a more hygienic and efficient working environment!