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Protective goggles & visors

Safety goggles and safety visors prevent injuries in the eye area and are part of personal protective equipment (PPE). They protect against UV rays, dust, chemicals, germs and flying objects. At Franz Mensch, you will find both general-purpose safety spectacles and full-vision safety spectacles in accordance with EN 166 as well as protective visors.

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Multipurpose glasses "Fit"
Multipurpose goggles "Fit" | Hygostar The multipurpose googles with a large field of view : These all-purpose safety goggles "Fit" are lightweight and, thanks to their optimal fit, are still comfortable even after prolonged wear. lightweight safety goggles with large field of vision scratch very good and comfortable fit Strap adjustable in length for many areas such as drilling, milling, assembling, grinding, laboratory extra cheap thanks to direct import
Safety goggles, ventilated | PVC
Safety goggles ventilated, PVC This is made of transparent, pleasantly soft PVC with polycarbonate lenses. Thanks to the integrated air valves, they are ventilated and thus offer a high level of wearing comfort. In addition, the safety goggles are very suitable as over-glasses for spectacle wearers. They are particularly comfortable and fit snugly, and thanks to the elastic band, the safety goggles sit close to the face. The safety goggles reliably protect your eyes from dust, non-corrosive liquids and splashes. Important properties of the safety goggles ventilated at a glance: ventilated, integrated air valves very comfortable to wear elastic headband, individually adjustable against minor mechanical shocks (F) suitable for wearers of glasses
Safety glasses "Standard Clear"
The lenses of the goggles "Standard clear" are made of smoke colored polycarbonate. The hanger is extremely stretchable and executed twice. The front part is made of polycarbonate, the rear part of softer TPE. This goggle has a comfortable fit, as it is very light. It also has a soft nose bridge and the discs sit nicely. The integrated shock absorber provides additional protection. The Goggles Clear transmits 92% of the light and absorbs 99.9% of the UV rays up to 385 nm. It is particularly suitable for indoor use as protection against common, known hazards. In addition, it ensures good color recognition
Safety goggles, non-ventilated | PVC
Safety goggles, non-ventilated | PVC These premium level safety goggles protect your eyes reliably during working with dust, liquids and gas. The goggles are non-vented i. e. there are no air valves and therefore the goggles are particularly tight. Nevertheless the safety goggles are fog free (N) for a perfect view at any time. An elastic headband provides a tight fit. It is individually adjustable to any size. These safety goggles are so-called full-vision goggles and meet the demands of the PPE regulation: EN 166 (K = anti-scratch; N = anti-fog). Important properties of the safety goggles, non-ventilated | PVC at a glance: high quality materials reliable protection for your eyes and clear view at any time anti-scratch (K) lenses made of polycarbonate anti-fog (N) 99% UV protection applicable during heat or cold: -5 °C to +55 °C no air valves can be worn with glasses
Multipurpose glasses "Fit Plus"
Multipurpose goggles "Fit Plus" The all-purpose "Fit Plus" safety goggles are a fashionable lightweight plastic goggle with an easily interchangeable panorama disc made of hard-coated polycarbonate and integrated side protection. The disc is colorless, but the frame is blue. The bar is adjustable both in length and in height. The coating makes the disc very resistant to scratching and many chemicals. The general-purpose goggles are very light and provide very good protection for the entire field of vision. These goggles can be used in laboratories, working with compressed air, fine mechanical work, turning, drilling, milling and wood and plastics processing. It provides good protection against fine-grained dust, small splinters or even sparks.
Protective visor, 3S | PET
Protective visor 3S made of PET by Hygostar This protective visor is made of transparent PET and has an optimum view, due to the double-sided antifog and non-reflecting shield. The plastic visor protects against splashes of liquids and can also be completly desinfected. An other advantage is, that the protective visor offers enough space for the easy change of face- or respiratory masks and is also comfortable for several hours. It also has a soft foam cushion (PU) on the forehead and an elastic rubber band for an optimal fit. Hygienic side effect: The visor operates like a barrier and stopps touching the face with hands. Therfore another risk of contamination is reduced. Features of the protective visor 3S at a glance: can be perfectly used by glasses wearers enough space for changing face- or respiratory masks with an antifog and non-reflecting shield comfortable fully disinfectable additional protection for your eyes less touching your face with your hands
Full view safety goggles Universal, ventilated | PVC
Full view safety goggles Universal, ventilated made of PVC Thanks to integrated ventilation holes, these full-face goggles have direct ventilation, which prevents the goggles from tarnishing when worn and increases wearing comfort. The transparent lenses are made of polycarbonate and are therefore particularly scratch-resistant. Features of the full-layer safety goggles Universal, ventilated at a glance: made of PVC, glasses resistant to scratches ventilation holes prevent tarnishing very comfortable to wear

Protective goggles and visors

Protect your eyes effectively with our safety spectacles and safety visors. These essential components of personal protective equipment (PPE) are indispensable in areas such as medicine, the food industry and various industrial environments. Safety spectacles offer reliable protection against UV rays, dust, chemicals, germs and flying particles.

The all-purpose safety spectacles and full-vision safety spectacles fulfil the strict requirements of the EN 166 standard and therefore guarantee the highest safety standards. Regardless of whether you work in a laboratory, in food processing or in an industrial operation - safety spectacles offer optimum protection and comfort.

High-quality protective visors are also available here in the shop. They offer additional protection for the entire face and are particularly indispensable in areas where splashes or particles pose a risk. Their lightweight design and easy handling make them ideal for long-term use. Thanks to the soft forehead padding, they are particularly comfortable to wear and can be combined very well with marine goggles or face masks.


Ventilated or non-ventilated: safety spectacles with air valves

Ventilated safety spectacles offer several advantages that are particularly important in working environments with high demands on protection and comfort:

  • Less fogging: The ventilation valves allow air to flow, which helps to reduce the formation of condensation on the lenses. This is particularly important in environments with changing temperatures or when the glasses are worn for long periods.
  • more comfortable: ventilated safety spectacles are often more comfortable to wear, as the air circulation prevents heat from building up under the spectacles. This makes them cooler and more comfortable to wear, especially during long work shifts.
  • Less moisture: The ventilation also helps to reduce moisture under the glasses. This is particularly beneficial in humid working environments or during physically strenuous activities that lead to sweating.
  • Protection against particles and dust: Despite the ventilation, these goggles still offer reliable protection against dust, particles and other harmful influences. The ventilation slits are designed like a valve to prevent particles from entering and at the same time allow air to circulate.


To summarise, ventilated safety spectacles offer an optimal combination of protection, comfort and functionality, making them a preferred choice in many industrial and commercial working environments.


Frequently asked questions about safety eyewear and eye protection

When should you wear eye protection?

Safety goggles should always be worn when there is a risk to the eyes. This includes situations where particles, dust, chemical splashes, vapours or hazardous radiation (such as UV or laser radiation) are present. In many professions, such as in the construction industry, in laboratories, in medicine and in manufacturing, the wearing of eye protection is mandatory.


Which safety goggles for the lab?

Full-vision safety goggles or tight-fitting safety goggles with side protection are ideal for laboratory environments. They should protect against chemical splashes and be made of a material that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. It is also important that they fit well and do not fog up to allow clear vision.


What eye protection is available?

There are different types of eye protection, including

  • Safety goggles: Standard goggles with side protection.
  • Full-vision spectacles: Offer more comprehensive protection around the entire eye.
  • Protective visors: Protect large parts of the face, including the eyes, but are not close-fitting.
  • Special goggles: For specific requirements, such as laser safety goggles or welding goggles.


Why are safety goggles important?

Safety eyewear is important to protect the eyes from injuries that can be caused by physical, chemical or radiation exposure. Eyes are particularly sensitive and injuries can be serious and permanent. The right eye protection can protect against permanent damage and blindness.


How long do safety spectacles last?

The durability of safety spectacles depends on various factors, such as the material, the type of use and care. There is no set lifespan, but it is important to check the goggles regularly for scratches, cracks or other damage. Damaged safety spectacles should be replaced immediately to ensure optimum protection. As a rule, it is advisable to replace safety spectacles if there are visible defects.

At Franz Mensch, we attach great importance to the quality and functionality of our products. Our safety spectacles and safety visors are made from high-quality materials that are both robust and durable and offer the highest level of wearing comfort. This means you can concentrate on your work without having to worry about your safety.

Order now in our online shop and benefit from our wide selection of safety spectacles and safety visors.