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Use hygienic covers to close open bins, crates and containers. This keeps your food protected and fresh. Discover the different variants of cover bonnets here - many sizes, with or without elastic band, also special protective covers for large tray, tray and shelf trolleys

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Pallet covers ~22my | LDPE
Pallet covers ~22 my made of LDPE from Hygostar These lightweight pallet bonnets are made of LDPE film. LDPE is a plastic that is particularly suitable for hygienic areas. LDPE cover films are waterproof, lint-free and protect your pallet goods from contamination. Use these lightweight pallet covers with 22 my during transport or also for storing pallets.     Advantages of LDPE cover films for pallets at a glance: LDPE cover film for pallets exact fit in rectangular pallet format with side gusset waterproof, lint-free advantage of transparent pallet cover: contents are more easily visible
Covers | HDPE
HDPE covers from Hygostar The HDPE hygiene covers are available in 4 long sizes and safely cover tray trolleys, tray trolleys and all large shelf trolleys. Thanks to their length and large circumference, the trolleys are completely enclosed and your food stays fresh. The disposable protective sleeves are made of a transparent HDPE film that the contents are easily visible from the outside. HDPE is waterproof and very stable. This means that your food is reliably protected from moisture, dust and other contaminants. Thanks to an upper side gusset, the covers have the ideal rectangular shape and fit all your trolleys. Practical tip Sample service: Ask for your free product sample and test at your leisure on site which bonnet sizes you need. Features of the HDPE cover at a glance: large special size for complete wrapping transparent, lightweight HDPE film, approx. 15 my waterproof and stable very hygienic disposable cover, a fresh cover for every application in 4 sizes for trays of different heights and widths
for tray trolleys
Pallet covers ~50my | LDPE
Pallet covers ~50my made of LDPE from Hygostar These cover sheets cover pallets and protect the contents from dirt, dust and moisture. Thanks to the rectangular shape with side gusset, a very good fit is achieved. The pallet covers are made of LDPE film with a thickness of approx. 50 my. LDPE is a very hygienic plastic that is also suitable for food areas.   Advantages of LDPE covers for pallets at a glance: hygienic protective cover for pallets made of LDPE film, hard-wearing and waterproof advantage of transparent pallet cover: contents are more easily visible very good fit thanks to side gusset waterproof, lint-free
Covers, with seam | PP
Covers, with seam made of PP by Hygostar The cover bonnets are ideal for open crates and containers in the food industry that need a hygienic cover for a short time. The hygienic bonnets are made of air-permeable PP fleece and hold particularly well thanks to elastic. In addition, the bonnets are sewn on the sides to create a rectangular shape. This rectangular shape significantly improves the fit and allows the bonnet to fit tighter to the container. Properties of covers, with seam made of PP at a glance: made of PP fleece integrated elastic band with sewn height for more tightness hygienic and practical air-permeable versatile for rectangular boxes, bins, containers
Covers Light | LDPE
Covers Light made of LDPE from Hygostar The cover bonnets are unique on the market and, thanks to an all-round elastic band, a real labour-saver. The elastic band holds the covers securely on all common bins, crates or containers without slipping. Simply stretch it over them and you're done. This saves a lot of time and effectively protects the food from dust and other contaminants. Furthermore, the elastic thread is firmly welded into the cover film, so that fraying and fluffing of the thread is prevented. The covers are therefore guaranteed lint-free and ideal for use in the food industry. The covers are particularly popular in large food production facilities or bakeries. They are ideal when food has to be stored temporarily or transported within the factory. Covering bonnets with elastic band safely cover open containers and protect the food from contamination. The LDPE cover bonnets are waterproof and also reliably keep liquid splashes out. The LDPE film is transparent so that the contents are easily visible. Features of the covers Light made of LDPE at a glance: with elastic band for quick and secure covering lint-free because elastic is shrink-wrapped transparent, light LDPE film, approx. 20 my waterproof elastic and suitable for all common bins, boxes, containers very hygienic, as disposable, a fresh cover for every application
All-around elastic band
Pallet covers ~36my | LDPE
Pallet covers ~36 my made of LDPE from Hygostar Ideal for dust-sensitive products or sensitive hygiene areas: Protect your pallets with special cover bonnets. The pallet covers are made of LDPE film with a thickness of approx. 36 my. LDPE cover bonnets protect against dust, moisture and other contaminants. Thanks to the side gusset and the rectangular shape, they fit perfectly on pallets and cover them very well during a transport or storage. Advantages of LDPE cover films for pallets at a glance: LDPE protective cover especially for pallets waterproof foil, lint-free advantage of transparent pallet cover: contents are more easily visible with side gusset for improved fit
Covers Universal | PP
Covers Universal made of PP from Hygostar These protective covers are versatile and hold particularly well thanks to the integrated elastic. The covers are made of soft PP fleece and are very gentle on sensitive surfaces. As a protective cover for rims or other car parts, it protects against dust, dirt and scratches - for safe transport or clean storage. Advantages of the universal fleece covers at a glance: versatile and adaptable thanks to elastic band soft PP fleece, suitable for sensitive objects as a protective cover against dirt and scratches ideal for workshops for safe storage and transport of rims or car parts
Covers for loading trolleys | LDPE
Covers for loading trolleys made of LDPE by Hygostar The cover films quickly and safely cover loading trolleys in food areas. In this way, the food inside remains protected from contamination such as dust, germs and dirt. At the same time, nothing gets lost and falls out of the loading trolley. The covers are made of LDPE film and have sealed side folds so that they fit exactly on the Euro standard trolleys. LDPE is food-safe and impermeable to liquids. The covers improve hygiene in your business and ensure that food is transported cleanly.   Advantages of the loading trolleys covers at a glance: hygienic cover for 200-litre and 300-litre charging trolleys and Euro standard trolleys tight and stable LDPE film approved for direct contact with food fits very well and fits exactly without elasticated band with precise 115 mm folded sides circumference 1530 mm protects food from contamination
Pallet covers ~40my | LDPE
Pallet covers made of LDPE by Hygostar These extra-large covers are ideal for pallets and pallet cages in hygiene-sensitive areas. The protective covers are sewn in such a way that they have a rectangular shape and can cover pallets completely. They are made of waterproof, hard-wearing LDPE material and thus provide a reliable barrier against dust, dirt and moisture. Your packaged goods remain dry and hygienically stored. Advantages of LDPE pallet covers at a glance: Protection against dust and dirt  Improved hygiene in sensitive production areas Made from waterproof, hygienic LDPE Without elasticated band Material thickness approx. 40 my
Covers, without seam| PP
Covers, without seam by Hygostar The PP cover bonnets are a hygienic protective cover for all food containers. Whether round containers or rectangular boxes: the cover bonnets fit universally on different sizes and shapes. Thanks to the integrated elastic band, the covers hold particularly well and can be used flexibly. Properties of the PP cover bonnets, without seam at a glance: hygienic cover made of PP fleece, air-permeable with elastic band for firm hold fits on containers of different sizes for round or square containers very hygienic cover for food containers
Covers for euro boxes | LDPE
Covers for euro boxes made of LDPE The covers are made of strong LDPE film and are approved for food areas. The covers are a perfect fit for Euro boxes and cover them perfectly thanks to their stretchability. They are self-adhesive and can be used in a variety of ways for pallets or Euro boxes. This allows you to transport and store sensitive goods such as foodstuffs hygienically and safely.   Advantages of the euro boxes covers at a glance: hygienic cover for Euroboxes made of LDPE, food-safe stretchable and self-adhesive protects food from contamination ideal as a hygienic cover for transport and storage side fold 160 mm, circumference 1920 mm
Covers | LDPE
Cover made of LDPE by Hygostar These hygienic covers are versatile protective covers for containers in the food industry. They are made of high-quality LDPE and are suitable for direct contact with all types of food. The food-safe covers come without seams and elastic and are therefore significantly cheaper than other hygienic covers. The covers are easily stretchable and have welded corners. So they fit perfectly on your food containers and cutter trolleys. The edges seal very well and protect the food from dirt, dust, moisture and other contaminants. The PE cover bonnets are blue and stand out visually particularly well against the food and the bright working environment in production. Properties of the LDPE cover at a glance: hard-wearing LDPE, high quality without elastic band and therefore much cheaper than other covers made from one piece, without seams food-safe and hygienic closes very tightly and reliably as a hygienic cover for all containers or cutter trolleys that do not have a lid protects food from contamination during storage or transport time-saving: simply cover, press down and it's done Space-saving in the warehouse compared to fixed lids
Covers for big box | LDPE
Covers for big box made of LDPE by Hygostar The elasticated and self-adhesive films fit perfectly on the Big Box and protect the contents from dust, dirt and other contaminants. The stretchable cover is made of LDPE and is approved for direct contact with food. It serves as a protective cover for the Big Box during transport or temporary storage of food. Big boxes are large open containers that are mainly used in the food industry and catering trade. As they do not have a lid, a film cover is the perfect hygienic solution for the big box.   Advantages of the big box covers at a glance: cover made of LDPE self-adhesive and food-safe stretchable and therefore a perfect fit for Big Box protects food from contamination during transport and storage side fold 270 mm, circumference 2540 mm
Side gusset bag | LDPE
Side gusset bags made of LDPE from HygostarThe gusseted bags from Hygostar are a very hygienic solution for shipping and logistics. They are made of LDPE and are extremely versatile. The gusset bags line crates or pallet cages cleanly or can be used as shipping bags. The gusseted bags are ideal for transporting small parts and loose goods. Thanks to the side gussets, the bags have a large volume of 110 litres. The transparent blue bags are also suitable for lining E2 boxes and reliably protect your products from dust or moisture.Advantages of the side gusset bags at a glance:pleated bags made from LDPEwaterproof and hygieniclarge volume of 110 litres thanks to side gussetsversatile use in shipping and transportas a cover for cardboard boxes, pallet cages or freight cratesas a shipping bag for small parts or bulk goodsalso suitable for laying out E2 cratesside gusset 150 mm, circumference 1600 mm

Covers - especially for food

Covers are a simple and effective way to hygienically transport or protect food from contamination. In food production, e.g. Butchers, bakeries or large food productions, it often happens that open containers with food must be longer or need to be transported. Covers and bags are perfect protective covers for this purpose. They keep the food fresh and protect against dirt from the outside. At Franz Mensch you will find hygienic hoods and covers for single use in all standard sizes - there is also the right cover or bag for your needs.


Hygienic covers made of PE, PP or HDPE

Especially for open containers, boxes and containers without covers, there are hoods with elastic band. They are simply stretched over the container. So these hoods sit very well and protect the food excellent.


There are two versions of Hygostar:

  • PE cover : impervious to liquid, close the container particularly tightly
  • PP Nonwoven Cover : breathable and reusable

To cover tray trolleys, trolleys or rack trolleys, there is a special protective cover that ideally covers the entire trolley:

  • HDPE Cover : stable and moisture-resistant cover, various sizes available