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Kitchen rolls

Order the classic kitchen rolls made of absorbent paper from Franz Mensch. The kitchen rolls are wet-stable and ideal for quick cleaning in between - conveniently available here in the shop. 

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Kitchen rolls, 3-ply | cellulose
Diese weiße Küchenrolle besteht aus 3 lagiger Zellulose. Es ist sehr saugstark, nassstabil und darüber hinaus auch noch preiswert. Für diese Küchenrolle gibt es zahllose Verwendungsmöglichkeiten, die sich vom Putzen, über Abwischen, bis zum Trockenreiben erstrecken. Auch für die Verwendung im lebensmittel- und verarbeitenden Bereich ist dieses Küchentuch bestens geeignet.

Hygiene in the blink of an eye: Cheap kitchen rolls from the manufacturer

Franz Mensch is a hygiene professional and manufacturer of various hygiene papers. This also includes a range of kitchen rolls so that you as a customer can buy everything from a single source. Bundle your purchase and buy kitchen rolls conveniently here in the online shop at favourable manufacturer prices.

The range includes both 2-ply and 3-ply kitchen rolls that guarantee maximum absorbency and tear resistance. With kitchen rolls, you are choosing a product that meets the highest hygiene standards and is also environmentally friendly. The materials of our kitchen rolls are carefully selected so that you can absorb liquids, stains and dirt in one easy step. The kitchen paper towels are soft and strong at the same time. This way, they last when you need them most.

The 2-ply kitchen rolls are ideal for everyday cleaning tasks. They are very reasonably priced and offer reliable performance for everyday cleanliness in your kitchen. The 3-ply kitchen rolls are particularly absorbent and are perfect for more demanding cleaning tasks. They are the ideal choice when it comes to absorbing large quantities of liquids or removing greasy stains.


Which bin should kitchen roll go in?

Kitchen rolls are usually disposed of in the residual waste. As they often come into contact with food waste, grease or cleaning agents, they cannot be disposed of in the paper waste. This would disrupt the recycling process.


How is kitchen roll made?

The production of kitchen rolls is a complex process that involves several steps. Here is a general overview of the production phases:

  • Raw material: Kitchen rolls are mainly made from cellulose and therefore consist of renewable, environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Preparation of the pulp: The pulp is first cleaned and impurities are removed. It is then dissolved in water to obtain a pulp solution.
  • Leaf formation: The pulp solution is poured onto a sieve to allow the water to run off. As the water drains away, the cellulose fibres remain on the sieve and form a leaf.
  • Pressing and drying: The still damp paper sheet is pressed through rollers to remove as much water as possible. It is then dried to give it its final strength.
  • Embossing and perforation: The paper is embossed to make it softer and more absorbent. It is also perforated to make it easier to tear off the individual sheets of kitchen roll.
  • Rolling and packaging: The finished paper is wound onto large rolls and then cut into smaller rolls for final consumption. The finished kitchen rolls are packaged and ready for despatch.


Areas of application for kitchen roll

Kitchen rolls are very versatile. Here are some examples of typical applications:

  • Kitchen: Kitchen rolls are often used to wipe up spilt liquids, clean work surfaces or dry hands and crockery. They are also useful for degreasing fried food or cleaning the cooker and sink. Kitchen paper is also ideal for cleaning work surfaces, appliances and crockery quickly and efficiently.
  • Food preparation: Kitchen rolls can be used for dabbing washed fruit, vegetables or poultry dry and for covering food in the microwave.
  • Cleaning: Kitchen rolls can be used for dusting, cleaning windows, polishing mirrors or catching crumbs.
  • Workshop: In workshops, they can be used to wipe up oil, grease or other liquids. They are also suitable for cleaning tools.

With kitchen rolls from Franz Mensch, you are making the right choice for cleanliness and hygiene in your catering establishment, commercial kitchen or food preparation area. Discover our range now and benefit from our attractive offers.