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Dosing aids

Dosing aids such as spray attachments, filling taps, dosing pumps facilitate the removal of the cleaning agent. At the same time, dosing aids ensure more economical consumption. This saves you a lot of money in the long run and makes cleaning more economical. Discover all dosing aids here.  

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Spray head Profi DIN 28 | plastic
Spray head Profi DIN 28 | plastic The spray head is used for hygienic product removal for bottles with DIN 28 thread. The spray head is made of robust plastic and meets the requirements of the professional association. Features of the Profi DIN 28 spray head at a glance: suitable for alcohol-based rapid disinfection compatible for art. no. 31560, 31561, 31563 for bottles with DIN 28 thread
Spray head Basic DIN 28 | plastic
Spray head Basic DIN 28 made of plastic by Hygoclean  The Basic DIN 28 spray head is particularly economical, convenient and hygienic. It fits all bottles with a thread size of 28 mm. The spray head thus complies with the DIN 28 thread standard. As a spray attachment, it is universally suitable for liquids such as disinfectants and cleaning agents. The very fine spray pattern ensures economical and uniform wetting of the surface with the liquid. Work specifically with this spray head and thus support an economical and economic consumption of cleaning agents. Features of the Basic DIN 28 spray head at a glance: very fine spray pattern for even distribution made of plastic, very economical for bottles with a thread size of 28 mm 28 cm long riser tube, cut off with scissors if necessary
Dosing pump for bottles | plastic
Dosing pump for bottles made of plastic The dosing pump for plastic bottles ensures hygienic as well as economical product withdrawal and complies with the specifications of the employers' liability insurance association. The pump fits all 1L bottles and 500ml bottles with a DIN25 thread. The dosing pump is particularly suitable for hand disinfectants, soap lotions, hand care and protective creams and cleaners of all kinds. Properties of dosing pump for bottles at a glance: meets the requirements of the employers' liability insurance association suitable for all 500ml and 1L bottles with DIN25 thread
Dosing pump DIN 45 | plastic
Dosing pump DIN 45 made of plastic from Hygoclean This dosing pump makes the removal of disinfectants, cleaning agents and other liquids very hygienic and convenient. The plastic pump is ideal for canisters and containers with a thread diameter of 45 mm. This corresponds to the DIN 45 thread standard. The DIN 45 dosing pump is simply screwed on and is immediately ready for use. For small canisters or bottles, shorten the riser tube with scissors. Approx. 20 ml are pumped per stroke. This dosage is very economical and prevents wastage of disinfectants. The withdrawal pump for canisters is universally suitable for all industries.  Features of the dosing pump DIN 45 at a glance: fast and clean withdrawal, no spillage economical and economic dosing, without wastage per pump stroke approx. 20 ml fits on all threads with 45 mm diameter too long riser tube simply shorten with scissors
Canister key DIN 45 | plastic
Canister key according to DIN 45 made of plastic from Hygoclean With the help of the canister key, canisters and bottles can be opened and closed more easily and comfortably. The opener is made of strong plastic and fits any thread with a diameter of 45 mm. The spanner lies comfortably in the hand, which enables a force-free opening of canisters. The canister opener fits all containers with a DIN45 closure. Features of the canister key DIN 45 at a glance: easier and faster opening or closing of canisters force-free and very convenient for all containers, canisters and bottles with a DIN45 thread made of black plastic
Sprayer attachment for euro bottles
Sprayer attachment for euro bottles by Hygoclean This attachment for alcoholic containers and Euro bottles was made of plastic. Since it is easy to use, it is also comfortable to hold in the hand. So you can easily apply the disinfectant to surfaces, for example. The matching bottles for this can be found in the assortment. Properties of the Sprayer attachment: for alcoholic bundles and Euro bottles spray attachment for easy application of disinfectants

Dosing aids from Franz Mensch: Precise, economical and efficient

As a full-range supplier, we offer you numerous accessories here in the shop that make cleaning and handling cleaning solutions easier - and save you money at the same time. Because with dosing aids you can work more economically and in a more targeted manner. Suitable spray attachments, filling taps, canister spanners and dosing pumps support you in your daily work and make your actions faster.

The dosing aids are designed for professional use in companies: Whether in the catering trade, medicine, hospitals, the food industry or industry: anyone who wants to clean professionally and economically is well advised to use dosing aids.


Why are dosing aids from Franz Mensch for your company?

  • Increased efficiency: Our dosing aids, consisting of spray attachments, filling taps and dosing pumps, enable the precise and even removal of cleaning agents. This not only speeds up the application process, but also simplifies it.
  • Cost efficiency: With our dosing aids, you use cleaning agents more sparingly. This results in significant cost savings so that you can clean more economically in the long term and use your budget more efficiently.
  • Environmentally friendly: Excessive consumption of cleaning agents is avoided. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on our environment.


High-quality materials for long-lasting use

At Franz Mensch, we attach great importance to quality. Our dispensing aids are made of robust and durable materials that meet the high demands of everyday professional use. They are mostly made of plastics because these are very hygienic and approved for sensitive areas.


Discover the advantages of Franz Mensch dispensing aids

Put an end to wasteful consumption and inaccurate dosing. Rely on Franz Mensch dosing aids and benefit from increased efficiency in your business. Whether you run a restaurant, work in medicine or in food production - our dosing aids are the perfect choice for more economical and sustainable cleaning.